Learn the Art of 3D Printing with These 3D Printers

Among all the tech industries we have seen till date, 3D printing is one that has grown big over the years. According to the Wohlers Report 2016, the 3D printing industry had surpassed $5.1B already. So, you can very well imagine the demand of this form of technology. From creative designers to dentists, 3D printers are required by anyone and everyone who wants to give shape to their ideas. If you are a part of this creative zone, here are some of the latest 3D printers you must consider trying your hands on.

G3D T-1000 Self-Leveling 3D Printer

Introducing the G3D T-1000 Self-Leveling 3D Printer. Offering a massive build area, this system is super fast and highly accurate. Great for use at home, the T-1000 3D Printer functions on either an Ethernet or a Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to this design, so you don’t need to clutter your space with wires.

Snapmaker — The All-Metal and 3-in-1 3D Printer

Introducing the Snapmaker All-Metal 3D Printer, your one-stop shop to transform your workspace into a workshop. Taking up little space on your desktop, this system is easy to use for all experience levels. The all-metal modular design achieves exact precision with your designs. With high-resolution capability, you can use the Snapmaker for 3D printing to bring your projects to life.

Robo C2 Smart 3D Printer

Create with the latest technology when you use the Robo C2 Smart 3D Printer. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, this system lets you print from your smartphone or tablet. This is achieved with the app available for iOS and Android. In addition, you can also print from cloud libraries with a touch of the button.

da Vinci Nano Compact 3D Printer

Start creating without breaking the bank with the da Vinci Nano Compact 3D Printer. The latest from XYZprinting, this condensed printer packs in the power. Fitting on virtually any surface in your home, it’s always ready to produce and create to your heart’s desire. Amazingly, this printer has plug-and-play capability with Windows 10 users.

NexD1 Multimaterial 3D Printer

Get ready, get set, and create anything you can imagine with the NexD1 Multimaterial 3D Printer. With the ability to produce anything from circuit boards to flexible materials and in full color, this device is unlike anything else on the market. The NexD1 3D Printer uses DigiJet, the most advanced industrial 3D printing technology but at consumer scale.

TEVO Tarantula I3 3D Printer Kit

Tevo Tarantula -Prusa i3 3D printer features automatic bed leveling (optional) and bigger bed (optional). The auto-leveling version uses a proximity sensor to detect the aluminum print bed where the normal version of the printer uses a microswitch to detect the end of travel for the Z-Axis movement (vertical limits). The Aluminum Print Bed plate is 200mm X 200X 200mm — the travel for the build plate is limited by the physical dimensions of the frame itself and that is around 220 mm for the X-axis (side to side), 260–270mm for the Y-axis (front to back) and around 200mm for the Z-Axis (up and down).

Desktop Food 3D Printer

Don’t just make food but create them now with this desktop food 3D printer. Promoting cooking with fresh ingredients, this 3D printer manages the difficult and time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating homemade food. It’s a new generation kitchen appliance that combines technology, food, art and design.

M-Jewelry — A Professional UV-LED, Wireless DLP 3D Printer

M-Jewelry has revolutionized 3D printing for jewelers, dentists, and professional designers. Born to help designers achieve outstanding results, M-Jewelry efficiently prints high precision designs. Jewelry and dentistry have specific 3D-printing demands. In fact, ordinary precision is meaningless to jewelers, dentists, surgeons and other professionals whose work involves intricate designs.

Cetus3D — 3D Printer With 3 Printable Projects

Cetus 3D is a plug and play 3D printer with a minimalist design and constructed with high-quality parts. The motion system is supported by precision linear rails to give smooth, quiet printing and deliver high-quality prints. It comes with an easy to use software with optimizing print parameters so first time users could start printing their gadgets on the fly.

The Micro 3D Printer

Get high-quality 3D prints with ease with the Micro 3D Printer. Using state of the art technology, the M3D system takes advantage of Micro Motion Technology. Inside is a microchip with incredibly precise movement information for extraordinarily detailed prints. Available in black, blue, orange, green, and white, the M3D has carbon fiber rods and an aerospace grade ceramic heater system.

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