Live a More Connected Life with These 16 Wearables

Using wearables in your everyday life has increased rapidly over the years. People prefer checking their fitness stats on a Fitbit before heading for a jog or navigate to work from their Apple Watch and so on. The reason why mankind has adapted to wearable technology is because of its simplicity. The way these wearables blend with your lifestyle is unbelievable. But now that we have so many of them out there, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Here are 16 wearables we think you need in your daily life, for sure.👌🏻

The LEAF Fitness Tracker Jewelry by Bellabeat

It’s not a fitness tracker but a beautiful piece of jewelry. So why not wear one?

Sensoria — Smart Socks to Track Your Running

It blends so easily with your everyday attire that you won’t even know it’s there.

LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor

Some say eight glasses of water is essential per day. Some think it’s not. This sleek monitor will finally end the game and tell you exactly the amount of water you need to drink and when.

Quell — Innovative Wearable Tech to Manage Chronic Pain

Say no to pain killers. Go for this wearable instead.

iBand+ EEG Lucid Dream Headband

Higher stress levels are making it difficult for us to get our sleep. So you know why you need this headband.

Mevics Wearable Posture Tracker

Because a bad posture can spoil your entire personality.

TOKK Smart Wearable Assistant

Accessing music should be as easy as listening to music.

HELIX CUFF — The First Wearable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sounds like headphones have a new home now.

HelpyHero Personal Safety Device

Asking for help in emergency situations just got easier.

ALTRUIS X Smart Notification Bracelet

Checking your phone for notifications is so 2016.

Flow Air Quality Wearable

You do need to know if you’re breathing the right amount of oxygen or not.

Spire for iOS — Wearable for Mind & Body

Who knew a little wearable like this can actually calm your mind.

ZIKTO Walk Fitness and Activity Tracker

A stylish wearable to keep your body in good shape.

KEID Interactive Digital Necklace

Wear your thoughts!

NeoMe Mini Wearable Video Camera

Capturing those shots just got a better method.

LEMFO Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Heart-rate monitors are not that bulky after all. 😏

For the rest of the wearables we have discovered so far, go check our collection here.