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Make a Splash This Summer with These Pool Gadgets

With summer comes the joy of throwing pool parties. They are fun, engaging and so relaxing at the same time. Why not make this year a bit more unique with these pool gadgets. From waterproof speakers to GoPro gimbals, these gadgets will surely pump up your pool life this summer.

WONDERBOOM Waterproof Speaker

Take your music to new depths with the Cashmere WONDERBOOM Waterproof Speaker by Ultimate Ears. Coming in six wonderful colors, this speaker is totally compact yet surprisingly versatile. Despite its small form factor, the WONDERBOOM Speaker delivers high-quality sound. It connects to your device instantly via Bluetooth for seamless playback.

Pool Basketball Slam Dunk

Heading for the pool every weekend this summer? Make the time more interesting and super fun with your kids by getting the Pool Basketball Slam Dunk. It might not help you explore the real skills of a dunk shot but will definitely enhance your pool time experience with friends and family.

FloatPro — GoPro Head Strap Mount + Detachable Floater

With FloatPro, you need not worry about losing your GoPro head strap in the water again. It is fully compatible with all GoPro cameras including the Hero 4 and can be adjusted to fit all sizes. You just have to move your head around in order to get the right fit. Whenever you’re eager to get those first-person perspective shots, you can wear it over a helmet or directly on your head if required.

Inflatable Luxury Pool Floaties By Floatie Kings

Make your pool times more colorful and super fun with the Inflatable Luxury Pool Floaties By Floatie Kings this summer. These pool floats come in various designs and is perfect for those luxury times you spend in the pool. You can choose from four designs as of now which include a Swan Float, a Pizza Float, a Donut Float in Strawberry and Chocolate.

Waterproof DSLR Camera Case

Get the shot without risking your gear with the Waterproof DSLR Camera Case from aquapac. While the thought of even using your camera in the rain may scare you, this product is the real deal. With a rating of IPX8, the Waterproof DSLR Camera Case is fully submersible. It can keep your camera totally dry even when in 30 feet of water.

WOW-SOUND Ultimate Waterproof Speaker

Take your tunes on every adventure with the WOW-SOUND Ultimate Waterproof Speaker. Complete with an IP67 waterproof rating, it can even join you in the pool. Connecting to your device seamlessly via Bluetooth, the WOW-SOUND Speaker really delivers. The speaker comes in a fantastic electric orange and offers bright 360-degree LED lighting.

PLAYBULB Solar Outdoor LED Lights by MIPOW

Use the power of the sun to light up your life with the PLAYBULB Solar Outdoor LED Lights. This portable lighting system connects to an app on your device to give you total customization. With a range of thousands of color options, the PLAYBULB Lights take just 8 hours of direct sunlight to last for a full 25 hours.

SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs by Creatures

The joy of surfing it’s just the thrill of the ride; the real adrenaline comes with your connection with the waves and ocean. The SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs by Creatures let you connect with your surroundings like never before. Designed just for surfers, these ear plugs remain connected to each other with a strong silicone leash so they don’t get lost.

Liquidseat — Patented Pool Seat

You can now add a removable seating solution to your pool in the form of Liquidseat. It is a patented pool seat which will add some extra fun to your outdoor environment. Be it any local swimming pool, you can now have that resort like swim up bar feel with Liquidseat. This pool seat has an internal weighting system which makes it ready to throw in the pool upon arrival.

King Kai Pool Float

In comparison to standard pool floats, the King Kai Pool Float ensures you withstand absolute comfort while resting on this foamy floating device. Perfectly compatible for two people at a time, this float pampers you with its soft surface which is made out of body hugging foam beads. The access drain removes any trapped water comfortably without you getting to feel the process at all.

WPS10 Waterproof Camera Case by DiCAPac

One case made to keep your camera safe at the beach or pool. Whether you’re swimming, kayaking, skiing, fishing, sailing, snorkeling or diving, the WPS10 Waterproof Camera Case by DiCAPac is going to ensure your camera stays safe and secure all the time. It includes a PVC vinyl housing and is provided with a polycarbonate lens.

Floating Hand Grip for GoPro

Now you can keep your GoPro afloat even when you are on the go with this Floating Hand Grip for GoPro. It’s perfect for those who want to capture great footage in water. The grip offers greater stability and control. It will make sure that you can frame your shots pretty well when you are in the water.

For more such pool gadgets, check our collection here.



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