Make Your Kitchen Life More Awesome with These Smart Gadgets

How many hours do you usually spend in the kitchen? What if we say you can now reduce those hours without compromising on the quality of food you prepare? Sounds awesome, right? With the modern kitchen gadgets, things don’t seem that difficult anymore. From smart cookie ovens to coffee brewers, here are some of the best smart kitchen gadgets you must bring home now.

Gourmia Oil-Free Wi-Fi Air Fryer

Enjoy your favorite meals right at home with the Gourmia Oil-Free Wi-Fi Air Fryer. Helping you cook anything from rotisserie chicken to steak and even French fries and kebabs. Including 11 pieces in the kit, the Gourmia Air Fryer has 20 cooking presets for your convenience. In addition, you can use manual mode for your trusty recipes or even create your custom presets.

Smarter Connected Coffee Machine

Start your morning off right with the Smarter Connected Coffee Machine. Pairing with the app on your device, this system takes care of the grinding and brewing before you even get out of bed in the morning. The first of its kind, Smarter also allows for remote brewing from anywhere in the house. Even better, you’ll get notifications through the app for when your coffee is ready to go. The app also allows for customization to get your perfect flavor.

Desktop Food 3D Printer

Don’t just make food but create them now with this desktop food 3D printer. Promoting cooking with fresh ingredients, this 3D printer manages the difficult and time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating homemade food.

The Pot Electric Kettle by BALMUDA

Enjoy freshly boiled water with every cup with the Pot Electric Kettle by BALMUDA. With a capacity of .6L, this device quickly boils water, so your next cuppa tea is always only seconds away. Ideal for any kitchen, the Pot has a boil-dry protection function as well as an auto power off function.

Botanium Hydroponic Edible Plant Grower

Enjoy your greens fresh from the garden with the Botanium Hydroponic Edible Plant Grower. With this style of growing, this garden uses no soil yet gives you delicious herbs, tomatoes, and more. In addition to this simple system, the Botanium automatically waters the plant on its own. This means faster growth and less hassle over your plants.

Midnight Scoop Smart Ice Cream Scoop

Have your ice cream and enjoy it, too, with the Midnight Scoop Smart Ice Cream Scoop. With a total redesign, this device uses an innovative curved handle. Rather than the traditional prying motion, the Midnight Scoop actually pushes into the ice cream. Pairing the design with the strong materials, the Midnight Scoop allows for effortless scooping.

Paragon Smart Cooking System

Make your cooktop go smart with the Paragon Smart Cooking System. This system uses temperature control instead of traditional power control. The set includes a cooktop, mat, and probe. You can use Bluetooth connectivity for cooking on this system. You can control pan temperature with the mat and the liquid temperature with the probe.

DeLonghi Livenza Grill Barbecue Combination

Become a grill master with the DeLonghi Livenza Grill Barbecue Combination. This incredible system offers a total of five cooking functions. They include a contact grill, Panini press, open full grill, open full griddle, and a half and half grill and griddle. Each of these functions use the removable, dishwasher safe die-cast plates.

Inirv React Smart Stove Sensor

Make your kitchen safer with the Inirv react Smart Stove Sensor. This life-saving system comes as two units, the sensor unit and the knob unit. The sensor unit contains a smoke sensor, flammable gas sensor, and motion detector. The Inirv React Sensor enables you to monitor your stove even from afar. It contains a smoke sensor, flammable gas sensor, and motion detector. The knob unit has a timer and a motor.

Anova Nano Compact Sous Vide

Introducing the Anova Nano Compact Sous Vide. You may remember its predecessor for its ground-breaking technology. This new model is equally ground-breaking with its compact size and ease of use (and wallet-friendly price tag). The process of putting food inside a bag and simmering in hot water produces a stunningly delicious meal.

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