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Mind-Blowing Office Accessories You Need in 2018

Now that we are heading towards a more remote workforce, it’s essential to figure out ways to improve your productivity. It always starts from your workspace. So, instead of going back to the age-old cubicles, it’s time we upgrade our work life with some of these office gadgets.

ergonofis Ergonomic Wood Monitor Stand

Elevate your display to the right level with the ergonofis Ergonomic Wood Monitor Stand. Featuring real wood, this stand helps to alleviate stress on your neck and shoulders. In addition to the enhanced posture, the Monitor Stand elevates the aesthetic of your space.

YTech Triple Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Top up your devices as and when you need with the YTech Triple Fast Wireless Charging Pad. This device sits right on your table or desk and provides you with three ways to recharge. Using Qi technology, the Triple Charging Pad wirelessly charges your devices. All you have to do is set them down in place.

Think Board XL — Reusable Writing Surface

Think Board is a clear film that can turn any surface into a dry-erase/whiteboard writing surface! Place one on your wall, door, desk, fridge — anywhere you want to leave a message or get creative with ideas. Just peel & stick! It’s that easy.

Foot Rest Hammock

Propping your feet up during strenuous work hours will not require an extra chair anymore as long as you have this Desk Feet Hammock under the work table. It’s a specially designed desk hammock which primarily targets in letting you work comfortably by propping your feet at a level based on your preference.

Varier Zero Gravity balans Chair

Balance your life with a single piece of furniture — the Varier Zero Gravity balans Chair. This totally unique design gives this modern chair a plethora of opportunities. You can work, play, and relax all in the same place. However, the Gravity balans will feel like multiple chairs in one.

LifeLight Touch Natural Desk Light

Reap the benefits of the sun while indoors with the LifeLight Touch Natural Desk Light. This sleek and modern lamp gives you an increase in energy to power through your workday. The LifeLight Touch works with the companion app to give you the optimal benefits.

Twelve South HiRise 2 iDevice Stand

Elevate your device to all new heights with the Twelve South HiRise 2 iDevice Stand. Compatible with all Lightning devices, this stand puts your tablet, smartphone, or remote on full display. While offering a full charge experience, the stand also keeps your space tidy and clutter free.

Personal Microclimate At Your Workplace

Evapolar is the world’s first desktop personal air conditioner. It cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating a perfect microclimate on your workplace. Based on the specially developed patented nanotechnology it is both small and efficient.

SMART kapp 42 Capture Board

Streamline your next meeting with the latest technology using the SMART kapp 42 Capture Board. Although it may look like an ordinary 42-inch whiteboard, this incredible device is intelligent and connected.

AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi Router

Take your browsing to the next level with the AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi Router. Using powerful mesh technology, this device gives you total and seamless Wi-Fi accessibility throughout your home. Inside is a dual-band 802.11AC 3X3 MIMO Wi-Fi system. In layman’s terms: super fast and optimal connection.

Meeting Owl Robotic Video Conference Camera

Take your meetings up a notch with the Meeting Owl Robotic Video Conference Camera by Owl Labs. This device captures stunning 360-degree detail during your meetings. Simply place it in the center of the table and get talking.

ZenEgg Balancing Wooden Totem

Add some tranquillity to your daily routine with the ZenEgg Balancing Wooden Totem. Totally relaxing, this handmade wooden egg allows you to pause during your day and put some attention on yourself. The ZenEgg will always return to its upright position even if knocked over.

Walnut Desk Lamp from Grovemade

Enjoy the perfect lighting for your work environment with the Walnut Desk Lamp from Grovemade. Featuring a 30-watt radio tube bulb to give you ample yet warming light, this lamp also takes other similar wattage bulbs.

Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Ditch those cables and switch to a more effortlessly form of phone charging with this Fast Wireless Charging Pad. Available in black or white, this wireless charger identifies your phone as soon as you place it on the pad.

100 PERCENT Hybrid Tower Charging Station

Keep all of your devices charged and ready to go with the 100 PERCENT Hybrid Tower Charging Station. As a central hub on your desk, this device offers two outlets for easy device charging. You can plug in any an all of your devices in a single place. In addition, the base also features four different USB ports.

For more such office gadgets, check our entire collection here.



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