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Most interesting tech gadgets of 2023-robots, smart home, AI, STEM & more

Curious about the most interesting tech on the horizon in 2023? Then check out today’s digest. We’re presenting the Samsung Display Digital Cockpit, EVAR Parky, and more.

1. The Samsung Display Digital Cockpit self-driving vehicle dashboard has a curved front display, helping with driver focus. It’s coming soon, and its price is TBA.

2. The EVAR Parky EV recharging robot automatically finds and travels to your vehicle in a parking lot. This gadget is coming soon for a to-be-determined price.

3. The Shiftall MeganeX ultra-lightweight 5.2K VR headset gives you a comfortable and realistic virtual experience. It’ll be available soon for $1,699.

4. The Ottonomy Ottobot delivery robots dispense packages automatically. They’re on their way for an unknown price.

5. The M-Pwr smart door combines a smart lock, video doorbell, lights, sensors, and more in a front door. It’s priced at $6,500 and is coming soon.

6. The Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex With Family Hub+ has a 32-inch vertical display. It’s coming soon for a to-be-announced price.

7. The Petoi Bittle STEM Kit open-source robot dog is palm-size and helps users learn Scratch/C++/Python. It costs $242.99 on the official website.

8. The Razer Project Carol immersive head support brings surround sound and haptics to your game setup. This gadget is coming soon for an unannounced price.

9. The Schneider Home integrated energy management system helps you oversee your sustainable energy. It’s coming in the summer of 2023 for an undisclosed price.

10. The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i OLED dual-screen laptop has an innovative design, switching from laptop to tablet to tent mode. It’s coming in June for $2,099.99.



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