Nora Gives You a Silent Night’s Sleep

Snoring is the worst. Whether you’re the snorer or the audience to the foghorn style snoring, it’s exhausting. It keeps both parties awake but can also have serious effects on one’s health such as an increase in risk of heart attack and stroke. Nora, the smart snoring solution, is here to get you to stop snoring once and for all.

Nora is a smart snoring solution for a peaceful sleep every night.

Nora is a small, two-piece device that changes your posture physically to stop your snoring. It’s gentle and unobtrusive and will go undetected in any bedroom.

To start getting a better night’s sleep, simply tap Nora, place the expander inside your pillow case, and sleep. When Nora senses your vocal orchestra of snoring with the built-in microphone, it triggers the expander to inflate, slightly and gently moving your head. It works because the readjustment of your head stimulates your throat muscles, widening the size of your airway to give you a clear passage to breath. Incredibly, Nora works no matter which position you sleep in or where on the pillow you rest your head.

The small, white egg-shaped device is elegant in design. With no bells, whistles, or buttons, and measuring only 5cm by 8cm, it can be conveniently left on your nightstand unnoticed. The smooth matte finish is clean and crisp to match your décor. The expander lays completely flat under your pillow so it too remains inconspicuous. Nora and the expander both snugly fit inside the accompanying carrying case which also houses all the electronics. The case features a rechargeable battery so you can get great sleep even on trips away.

The seamless Nora app also does wonders for improving your sleep. You can view updates, patterns and trends, and even listen to and review recordings of your snoring (maybe pass on that one if there are other people in the room). You can also set a delayed start to finish your TV program.

Nora was funded with Kickstarter and had enormous success. As of now, you can pre-order the Nora smart snoring solution for a pre-order price of $259.