Remote Working Just Got a Whole Lot Better with These Gadgets

Statistics say that remote work can increase work productivity and drive employee efficiency. Having a remote team ourselves, we agree to that statement completely. But remote work is not as easy as it sounds all the time. Given the absence of a usual office atmosphere, this work culture needs a lot of attention in the way you plan your workspace. The gadgets you use are definitely responsible for your work productivity. So, we dedicate this roundup to all those fellow remote-workers who are in search of the ideal gadget for work productivity. Take a look:

Jabra Evolve 75 Wireless Office Headset

Taking those work calls on the go will be easier now. 😉

Logitech Slim iPad Pro Combo

To make your iPad Pro a mini work computer.

Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

Who said typing from your phone can never look professional? 😏

WD My Passport Portable SSD

RIP bulky storage drives.

Slidenjoy Dual Monitor Extender

Because you can’t carry a monitor with you. But you can carry a laptop.

701 Metal Clip For Your MacBook by Posh Projects

Just to make sure you’re able to refer notes easily on the go.

DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk

Work with a great view around. It will surely boost productivity.

Lavolta Carrying Case for iMac

Carry your iMac around like you never did before.

BetterBack Therapy Posture Support System

To ensure you don’t lose out on your posture issues.

TarDisk Pear — Double Macbook Storage

Do more with your MacBook on the go.

Think Board XL — Reusable Writing Surface

Turn any surface into a whiteboard. Wow, that means you can have meetings wherever you wish to.

Mountie — Side-Mount Clip For Your MacBook or iMac

For some in-between entertainment.

ZEIº — The Revolutionary Time Tracking Device

Managing time is a big task for remote workers. This device will help you handle that efficiently.

The Edge Desk Ergonomic Workspace

A desk you can use wherever you go.

Portable Ostrich Sleeping Pillow

Sleeping on the go or in-between work breaks will be so easy with this.

For more such innovative workspace gadgets, check our collection here.