Rock Your Thanksgiving Dinner with These Kitchen Gadgets

Thanksgiving is just a week away and we know all that prep you need to do before that amazing dinner. That’s where we believe these kitchen gadgets can help. From cooking the perfect meat to making craft beers at home, here’s what you need in your kitchen before the grand feast on Thanksgiving!

CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer

Simplify the way you cook your meat with the CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer. Featuring an intelligent meat thermometer, CookPerfect makes it easy to prepare meat in an ideal way. CookPerfect calculates the core temperature through multiple temperature readings.

OXO Good Grips Ground Meat Chopper

A recipe is only great when you have the right tools. Get every meal right with the OXO Good Grips Ground Meat Chopper. Featuring highly durable materials, this kitchen tool makes light work of any tedious task. The Meat Chopper is strong and sturdy to break up any variety of meat.

Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer

The Meat Tenderizer from Microplane utilizes the company’s unparalleled technology and experience in designing kitchen gadgets with extraordinarily sharp, etched blades to develop the most efficient and fast-working method of breaking down and softening the fibers of the toughest, and often the most flavorful cuts of meat — such as flank and skirt steak — with ease.

Vacuvita Home Base Food Storage Vacuum

Keep your food as fresh as possible with the Vacuvita Home Base Food Storage Vacuum. Complete with patented technology, this device removes the air from your food, bags, and containers. With this method, your food will last longer. The Vacuvita Home Base is perfect for your leftovers as well as for meal prep.

Kenyon City Grill Urban Living Grill

Achieve great flavor anywhere with the Kenyon City Grill Urban Living Grill. This must-have is designed for those who love city living as well as freshly grilled food. The City Grill is compact and super safe. In fact, it complies with city fire codes so you can use it just about anywhere you live.

Tasty One Top Smart Hot Plate

Enjoy your meals with a dose of intelligence with the Tasty One Top Smart Hot Plate. This cooking tool is developed by Tasty, the viral Buzzfeed cooking channel. It features a unique engineered crystal glass surface. In addition, the surface is complete with integrated sensors to monitor your food.

BrewQube Countertop Draft Beer System

Enjoy craft beer like never before with the BrewQube Countertop Draft Beer System. With thousands of craft beers to choose from, this technology ensures you get the best taste out of your favorite beverage. The BrewQube is designed to sit right on your countertop. The interactive system uses built-in sensors and WiFi to communicate the vitals of your beer, including temperature, beer volume, gas level, and more.

Dash Masha 2X Electronic Food Masher

Get creative in the kitchen with the Dash Masha 2X Electronic Food Masher. This convenient device literally does all the hard work for you. It uses patented rotor-cone technology to mash and smash your food. The Dash Masha 2X is compatible with a whole suite of foods.

Viva Collection Pasta Maker

Make pasta your way with the Philips Viva Collection Pasta Maker. A breeze to use, this device actually produces delicious pasta automatically. Simply add in the flour and pour in eggs, herbs, spinach, or even a juice of your choice. You can also spice things up by using different types of flour.

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