Smart Workout Gadgets for Fitness Junkies

Do you workout every day but still see no proper health improvements? What you need is the right fitness gadget to help you track your workouts. You see, working out without the right data by your side is never going to give you the exact results you desire. This is exactly why you need these smart workout gadgets! Take a look:

VHOOP Smart Fitness Hoop

Add a little fun to your workout routine with the VHOOP Smart Fitness Hula Hoop. VHOOP gives you an interactive workout with noticeable results. Connecting to your smartphone, you can see the numerical value of every workout. VHOOP syncs in real time and uses sensors to detect your movements.

Hykso Punch Tracker System

Upgrade the way you train with the Hykso Punch Tracker System. These two powerful sensors attach to your wrists to offer impeccable feedback. Both of the Punch Trackers track at a rate of 1000 times per second.

This Headband Guides You Through High Intensity Workouts

Kick your exercise up a notch when you wear the Moov HR Guided Workout Wearable. Wrapping around your head, this wearable takes you step-by-step through workouts to really get you going. Each workout is designed to energize your body and increase your heart rate for maximum efficiency.

Smart Rope

Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that works with your smartphone. See your fitness data in mid-air as you workout, displaying jump count; calories burned, and interval training data right before your eyes.

Trace Action Sports Tracker

Record the metrics of your adventures with the Trace Action Sports Tracker. Totally compact, this device mounts directly to your snowboard, surfboard, or even your wakeboard and skis. Connecting to the app on your smartphone, you can view your stats instantly.

Milestone Pod Running Tracker

Hit the road and get to know your metrics with the Milestone Pod Running Tracker. This compact device easily clips onto your shoe to help you understand your physical strength. Connecting to the free app, the Milestone Pod records your foot strike, cadence, stride length, leg swing, and rate of impact.

Sensoria — Smart Socks to Track Your Running

Sensoria Smart Socks deliver what other trackers on the market can’t: real-time updates based on dynamic data and statistics. Data is gathered from an electronic anklet that attaches to the special socks with built-in sensors.

Activ5 Personal Strength Device

Work on your overall fitness at home with the Activ5 Personal Strength Device. Totally compact, this device and app give you easy to do isometric workouts. With this method, you stay active throughout the day to contribute to your fitness. Using both sitting and standing positions, the Activ5 delivers a full-body toning workout.

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