Take Insanely Awesome Shots with These 360-Degree Cameras

Photography is no longer confined to two-dimension anymore. Thanks to the 360-degree cameras, you can now capture your shots with ease and perfection (from all angles). There are tons of such cameras available out there. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites now.

Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera

Introducing the Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera, a lightweight camera designed to capture everything around you. Weighing just 5.39 ounces, this spherical camera is complete with two f/2.0 fisheye lenses. Between the two, the Gear 360 VR Camera captures two 195-degree photos or videos and seamlessly stitches them together to produce 360-degree footage.

360fly 4K 360-Degree Camera

Just when you think you’ve seen it all something amazing comes out. That’s exactly what has happened with the 360fly 4K 360-Degree Camera. Upgrading from the first edition camera, this sleek device is equipped with all the technology to capture even more stunning footage. Coming in the iconic sphere, the 360fly 4K Camera is outfitted with telemetry sensors as well as an e-compass to make the filming experience extremely user-friendly.

Nikon Key Mission 360 Action Camera

Improve your action footage with the Nikon Key Mission 360 action camera. The first action camera from the iconic camera brand, the Key Mission 360 captures stunning 4K UHD video with a device that can fit in your hand. Covering the high tech mechanics is a durable and sturdy housing that is both waterproof and shockproof.

Samsung Gear 360 Dual Lens Camera

Use the power of two to capture incredible content with the Samsung Gear 360 Dual Lens Camera. Both the front and rear lenses are able to get 180 degrees of the surroundings both horizontally and vertically for a true 360-degree capture. Perfect for any event from a party to tackling Everest, the Gear 360 records in 3840×1920 high resolution video as well as 30-megapixel photos.

Ricoh Theta S — 360-Degree Spherical Digital Camera

High resolution 360-degree images and video shots are about to fill up your digital library if you start using the Ricoh Theta S. This is one of the coolest 360-degree spherical digital cameras which enables you to take high-quality pictures by using a newly-developed f/2.0 lens. Continuous HD video recording of 1080p at 30 frames per second for 25 minutes is possible with this camera.

Insta360 Nano Spherical Video Camera

Change the way you relive your memories with the Insta360 Nano Spherical Video Camera. Attaching directly onto your iPhone, the incredible camera captures your world in stunning 360-degree videos. Made for the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6/6S Plus, the Insta360 Nano Camera comes with a built-in Lightning connector to easily slide into the charging port of your iPhone and remain secure as you film.

Insta360 Air Spherical Camera

Capture your memories in 360 degrees with the Insta360 Air Spherical Camera. With a powerful lens, you can capture everything around you with ease. Attaching to your smartphone, the can be used to go live for your social media audience. Additionally, the camera is super easy to use. Likewise, the management of your photos and videos is a cinch.

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