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Take These Gadgets with You On Your Next Trip ✈️

Planning a vacation sometime soon? You need to make sure that you have the right gadgets with you to make the trip easy and hassle-free. While there are loads of travel accessories available on the web, we prefer to go for the ones that are smart and independent. Here are some of our recent travel favorites you might consider adding to your bucket list.

MICRO — The World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Travel light wherever you go with Micro, the World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter. This adapter works in over 150 countries around the world, and it weighs under 1.5 ounces. Micro has built-in surge protection to keep your gadgets safe, even in the most remote places on Earth.

POQIT Trackable Smart Charging Wallet

With the POQIT Trackable Smart Charging Wallet, your phone battery will never die again. It has classic leather looks, but POQIT is filled with technology. Firstly, it has a backup battery hidden away inside, which lets you recharge your phone wirelessly. You simply place your phone on top of the wallet to start the process.

Wurkin Stiffs Dopp Bag

Simplify the way you pack with the Wurkin Stiffs 100% Silicone Dopp Bag. Coming in ten stylish colors, this ain’t your dad’s toiletry bag. With a 100% silicone construction, the Dopp Bag holds up to spills, dirt, and grime like a pro. In fact, it’s resistant to leaks both inside and out. For this reason, you can “double down” using the Dopp Bag beyond just stashing your necessities.

Mu Tag Loss Prevention Device

Keep track of even the smallest items with the Mu Tag Loss Prevention Device. This compact electronic tag is an intelligent flexible chip. Pairing with an app, it lets you always keep an eye on your gear. The Mu Tag is extremely small yet powerful. You can put it on anything from your car to your luggage to your passport.

Powrtabs Disposable Power Pack

Top up your device anywhere you are with the Powrtabs Disposable Power Pack. Designed for a one-off use, these compact power packs really deliver. Coming in a set of 3, 6, or 12, the each of the Powrtabs provide you with up to four hours of additional battery. Thanks to their small size, you can easily toss a few into into your backpack, bag, desk, or anywhere else that you need.

Standeazy Ultra Portable Device Stand

Enhance the use of your smartphone or tablet with the Standeazy Ultra Portable Device Stand. Compatible with smartphones and tablets of all sizes, this compact stand folds down to the size of a credit card. With this design, you can stash it in your wallet or pocket so it’s always within reach. In fact, it remains just 1.2mm thick when not in use which makes it ideal for taking everywhere.

TabletHookz Universal Secure Tablet & Smartphone Mount

Get the most out of your device on your adventures with the TabletHookz Universal Secure Tablet & Smartphone Mount. With inspiration from aviation professionals, this dual-function device puts your smartphone or tablet at the perfect level. The TabletHookz Mount easily secures to the back of the seat on front of you on an airplane.

LugLoc GPS Luggage Tracking Device

Travel anywhere with total peace of mind when you use the LugLoc GPS Luggage Tracking Device. Totally compact, this system easily fits into any suitcase, bag, or luggage you have. Using Bluetooth and cell-tower technology, you get real-time updates right to your smartphone regarding the whereabouts of your luggage.

FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe

Give yourself some peace of mind while you travel with the FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe from AquaVault. As the name suggests, this safe is totally flexible so you can pack it in any suitcase. This system is perfect for anything from beach vacations to golfing. The FlexSafe features a cut-resistant nylon exterior as well as a programmable 3-digit lock with a magnetic closure.

Portable Inflatable Air Lounge

Give yourself a summer break anywhere on the go with this Portable Inflatable Air Lounge. Coming in several colors, this portable air lounge can be used everywhere. It is an inflatable design that takes few seconds to inflate.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Take the headache out of travel by using the Travelmate Robot Suitcase. Incredibly, this suitcase is able to move on its own. Additionally, it can even follow you throughout the airport and on your travels. With this total upgrade, your days of lugging around your case are over. The Travelmate Suitcase is also great for work or even school.

For more such awesome travel accessories, check our collection here.



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