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The absolute best wireless chargers you can buy in 2019

Originally published at Gadget Flow on September 04, 2019.

Although it’s been around for some time, wireless charging is still one of the most talked-about features of new smartphones. With such a wired history, we as consumers just can’t get over the fact that a device can seemingly magically charge without a connecting cable.

And, just like any other technology, not all devices are created equal. While many brands are starting to introduce style to their designs, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on functionality. To help you navigate, here’s our list of the best wireless chargers of 2019.

OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System Stackable Qi Chargers

Stackable and practical, OtterSpot is OtterBox’s answer for a truly wireless charging system. Using Qi technology, each OtterSpot can wirelessly charge your device. However, they can also stack on top of each other onto the OtterSpot Base. With this unique system, the wireless chargers all recharge simultaneously. It’s perfect for any host who wants to provide the most.

Courant CATCH:2 Multi-Device Wireless Charger

If you have more than one wireless charging device, it makes sense to have a wireless charger that can handle them all. The CATCH:2 marries style and accessibility, offering a place for two devices to simultaneously charge. Coming in superbly modern colors such as Ash, Bone, and Dusty Rose, CATCH:2 looks as great as it functions.

mophie charge stream pad+ Wireless Charger

The leaders charging technology, the mophie charge stream pad+ is compact, fast, and powerful. This small wireless charger provides up to 10W of power to your devices and works with iPhone, Samsung, and any other Qi-enabled device. It’s great to have on your desk or nightstand and provides the perfect amount of power when you need to get out the door.

totallee Wireless Charger Thin Charging Pad

If you’re a lover of all things thin, check out totallee’s wireless. This thing measures just a quarter of an inch thin, meaning you’ll hardly notice it wherever you place it. But, even with its small size, it delivers 10W of power. For the iPhone, it delivers up to 7.5W. Plus, the small footprint also includes built-in safety protocols including over-heating prevention and foreign object detection.

AUKEY Graphite Q 10W Wireless Fast Charger

Always in a rush? You need a fast charger and the Graphite Q from AUKEY totally delivers. This 10W device works with many of the thin phone cases on the market so you can drop, charge, and be on your way with as little fiddling as possible. If you’re into wired options, the Graphite Q can handle that, too, offering up to 5W of power.

Native Union Dock Marquetry Wireless Charger Fast Charging iPhone Stand

Who said technology can’t be stylish? The Dock Marquetry from Native Union defies traditional device styles with premium materials and fresh colorways. The disc-shaped charger keeps your phone upright while featuring a handmade leather design.

Twelve South HiRise Wireless 3-Way Charger

The problem with so many wireless chargers is that they put our devices in the one position we don’t want them: flat on our desks. The HiRise from Twelve South rethinks the traditional design by propping up your device vertically. Along with your smartphone, you can use the HiRise horizontally for devices like your AirPods. Finished with chrome and leather, it’s the perfect addition to your desk, nightstand, or anywhere else you want to view your device as it charges.

Moshi Symbus Q Wireless Charging USB-C Dock

Wireless chargers are great until they take up precious port space. The Moshi Symbus Q gives back what you need and then some. While your smartphone charges on top, it also gives you two USB ports, an HDMI port, and even an Ethernet port to keep you connected. Did we mention the exceptionally fabulous design on top?

Grovemade Wireless Charging Pad

You ask for unique and wonderful, and Grovemade delivers. Their wireless charging pad uses cork to add a natural touch to your workspace. At the bottom is a sleek stainless steel base while a vibrant red cable plugs into your computer or adapter. All-in-all, this Qi-enabled charger is the ideal blend of modern and elegant.



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