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The best AI gadgets in 2021 to look forward to

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world. In the coming years, we will see the emergence of AI-powered devices in every industry and part of our lives, and they will make our lives simpler, better, and more efficient. Here are the 10 best AI gadgets to look for in 2021.

Hex Home DIY Security System

Adaprox Fingerbot Smart Button Controller

Josh Micro Smart Home Control Button

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder

KODA AI robot Dog

Nobi Smart Lamp

Morebot Scout AI-Powered Smart Home Robot

Zmirror All-in-One Smart Mirror

Square Off Grand Kingdom Set Smart AI Chessboard

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

PowerVision PowerEgg X Explorer AI Personal Camera

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robotic Vacuum



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