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The first Bluetooth tracker to support Apple’s Find My network is here

Meet Chipolo ONE Spot — an item finder that works with Apple Find My network. It’s created with Apple users in mind and hopes to make you feel more relaxed when venturing outdoors with your personal items. Discover why you need the ONE Spot in today’s blog.

Chipolo is launching a Bluetooth tracker, named ONE Spot, that shares the location of any targetted item. This gadget attaches to personal items, such as keys, luggage, children’s toys, and anything that you can’t bear losing. Its portable size clips onto such possessions so you can track its whereabouts, and more importantly, return it home to you.

Works exclusively with Apple’s Find My network and the Find My apps

Chipolo ONE Spot has a huge focus on Apple users. In particular, it can connect to Apple’s Find My network and Find My app. In fact, you can pair this gadget with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac to track and find your lost belongings.

The Find My app lets you securely locate missing items. And you can make use of this Bluetooth tracker to keep track of personal items. This can help to eradicate worries about lost luggage, missing phones, and more. Once you’ve synced the device to the Find My app, you can discover a range of features:

  • Locate items: Connect this Bluetooth tracker to your chosen Apple device and see the last known location.
  • Play sound: If your Chipolo ONE Spot is close by, you can play a sound at 120 dB to easily locate missing items by ear.
  • Lost Mode: This is perhaps the most important feature of Chipolo ONE Spot. If an item is missing, you can put it in Lost Mode and Find My network will notify you when it’s been located. For example, if a stranger finds the missing item, they can use the Find My app on their iPhone to let you know they’ve retrieved it. They can then leave a personal message to you as well as a phone number and address.
  • Security: The Apple Find My network has advanced security features so no one can else can view the location of your Chipolo ONE Spot.

Overall, this Bluetooth tracker is a useful gadget for keeping tabs on your essentials without the stress. It also sports a 12-month battery life, so you don’t need to continually remove it from an item to charge. It’s also water resistant and can survive unexpected splashes, which makes it compatible with outdoor use.

Chipolo’s ONE Spot is available for pre-order on the brand’s official website, although the price hasn’t been announced yet. Is this something you can imagine using? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

By Amy Poole on Apr 8, 2021, 9:00 am EDT under Tech News



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