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You want to make your home more sustainable. The trouble is, finding home devices that don’t create waste themselves isn’t easy. That’s where these sustainable gadgets for the home and kitchen come in. They work to reduce or prevent waste and feature earth-friendly materials.

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Prevent food waste at home with the mill Kitchen Bin. This nutrient-conserving bin dries and grinds kitchen scraps, even meat and dairy, into food grounds that can go back into the food system.

Then, you can cool your home with less energy when you buy the TCL Q-Series Window Air Conditioner. Featuring a Smart AI Inverter algorithm, it optimizes cooling but works efficiently.

Overhaul your home’s footprint with these sustainable home and kitchen gadgets.

1. The mill Kitchen Bin reduces food waste at home by collecting, drying, then grinding food scraps. Reserve it for $33 on the official website.

Prevent your leftovers from contributing to greenhouse gases with the mill Kitchen Bin. This stylish waste bin actually dries and grinds leftovers without any odors. What’s more, it even accepts food like meat and dairy.

2. The Schneider Home integrated energy management system helps you manage solar, EV charging, and more. Contact the company for sales inquiries.

Schneider Home informational video

Imagine managing your solar, EV charging, storage, and appliances on a single app-controlled platform. That’s exactly what the Schneider Home energy management system does. It helps you monitor and allocate your energy use.

3. The TCL Q-Series Window Air Conditioner has Energy Star certification and gives you up to 37% Energy Savings. It’s coming soon for an undisclosed price.

Cool your home with less energy with the TCL Q-Series Window Air Conditioner. Thanks to its Smart AI inverter, it lowers temperatures faster and keeps them consistent. It’s even Energy Star certified and offers up to 37% Energy Savings. It’s one of our favorite sustainable gadgets for the home and kitchen.

4. The Zendure SuperBase V gives you power independence and offers a solar input of 3,000 W. Buy it for $3,299 on the company website.

Zendure SuperBase V product video

A whole-home energy storage system, the Zendure SuperBase V uses EV-grade semi-solid-state batteries that last 10 years or more. Then, it combines AC and solar, charging at up to 5,150 W on its own or 6,600 W with a Satellite Battery.

5. The Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Soil Sensors water your lawn more efficiently. They’re coming soon for an unannounced price.

Save water and keep your lawn healthy with the Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Soil Sensors. This set works with an app, so you can control your sprinkler system from anywhere. Meanwhile, features like weather skip, independent zone control, and soil sensing help you better use water.

6. The OneThird Food Scanners minimize food waste by predicting the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. They’re coming soon for a TBA price.

Equipped with AI-powered technology, the OneThird Food Scanners help consumers buy the ripest produce and predict shelf life. That way, you know when you need to cook those veggies before they spoil. They’re among the most innovative sustainable gadgets for the home and kitchen.

7. The Click & Grow 25 smart indoor garden helps you grow healthy vegetables and herbs at home. Buy it for $599 on the company website.

Make your cooking more sustainable with the Click & Grow 25 smart indoor garden. It helps you grow greens and herbs easily, automating lighting and watering. Plus, it uses materials like natural oak and metal.

8. The House of Marley Get Together Mini portable Bluetooth speaker features bamboo and eco-friendly fabric. Buy it for $89.99 on the company website.

Enjoy big sound in a compact form factor with the House of Marley Get Together Mini. Using materials like bamboo and eco-friendly Rewind fabric, it has a reduced impact on the environment.

9. The Solpex Solar Path Lights glow for 8–10 hours as long as they receive 6–8 hours of daylight. Get them for $19.99 on Amazon.

Light your garden and pathways without spending money on electricity with the Solpex Solar Path Lights. Their efficient solar panels offer a high conversion rate, allowing them to absorb the sun during the day and glow throughout the night. They’re some of the best sustainable gadgets for the home and kitchen.

10. The Honeywell Home WiFi Smart Color Thermostat saves energy by learning your temperature preferences. It costs $139.99 on the company website.

Take the guesswork out of programming and heat and cool your home efficiently using the Honeywell Home WiFi Smart Color Thermostat. Its smart response technology learns your schedule and preferred temperatures, shutting the heat off when you aren’t home and on when you are.

Making your home greener can be as simple as rethinking what you commonly buy. And these sustainable gadgets make great alternatives. Which ones would you love to own? Tell us!

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