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These Smart Bulbs are a Must for Your Home

Gone are those days when bulbs had to be controlled from the switch board. Modern bulbs are different and smart. In fact, there are ones you don’t even need to control from the switch board. Sounds cool, right? Let’s take a look at some of these smart bulbs and why you must consider getting them for your home now.

Helia Smart Bulb by Soraa

The Helia Smart Bulb by Soraa eliminates the effect of the blue night once and for all. This blue light affects our sleep quality, and that’s where Helia comes in place. The night mode of this bulb is unique and extremely efficient for having a perfect sleep. The bulb uses violet LEDs instead of the blue light.

Qube Smart Wi-Fi Light Strips

Illuminate your home with intelligence with the Qube Smart Wi-Fi Light Strips. From the creators of the Qube Smart LED Bulb, these strips are great for adding ambience throughout your home. The Light Strips have 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity. With this, you can access, manage, and automate them all right from your smartphone.

C by GE LED Lamp with Alexa

Smarten up your household with the C by GE LED Lamp with Alexa. Equipped with Amazon’s super smart AI assistant, this lamp can respond to your questions and even take commands. Extending from the ultra sleek base, which also doubles as a speaker, is a circular LED structure.

SmartLamp Connected Light by Holi

Liven up your space and tap into your creativity with the SmartLamp Connected Light by Holi. Coming in an elegant square shape, this lamp is controlled with the accompanying app and can change colors to suit your mood. With a choice of thousands of colors in the app, the SmartLamp Connected Light can transform your room by functioning as the perfect up lighting.

LifeSmart Smart Lighting Kit

The LifeSmart Light Bulb is capable of producing over 16 million color schemes with adjustable brightness and preset lighting sets. It provides flexibility to create the perfect ambiance to any room. Paired with the LifeSmart App and the Smart Station, you have full control over a wide array of smart lighting solutions. As the center of the Smart Home System, the LifeSmart hub wirelessly connects all of the products you need to make your life simple, and lets you monitor, control, and even automate your home or office environment.

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Extension Set

Enjoy the power of convenience with the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Extension Set. Measuring three feet long, this strip is loaded with powerful lights to produce an incredible 1600 lumen output. Connecting to the Philips Hue app on your smartphone or tablet, the Lightstrip Plus Extension Set gives you the freedom to control and manage the amount of light in any space.

Ivy Smarter Kit LED Lighting Kit by Nanoleaf

Create your ideal lighting and get it on demand with the Ivy Smarter Kit LED Lighting Kit by Nanoleaf. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, this system of lights can be activated and controlled by using the Siri voice commands. The lights can also be managed from the app on your smartphone, or tablet. In addition to HomeKit and the rest of the Nanoleaf range, the Ivy Smarter Kit is also compatible with third party smart bulbs.

Philips Friends of Hue Personal Lighting Bloom

Achieve your ideal lighting settings any way you want with the Philips Friends of Hue Personal Lighting Bloom. This stunning device enables you to get creative with your lighting from uplighting to spotlighting with your choice of over 16 million color options. Plugging into a standard outlet and coming with a long cable, you can place Bloom out in the open for a glowing effect or tuck it behind furniture in your home to produce a stunning ambience.

Mi Lamp Smart Lamp by Xiaomi

Introducing the Mi Lamp Smart Lamp by Xiaomi. Rich in minimalist and modern style, this incredible lamp comes in all white save for a single orange cable running through the back. The Mi Lamp consists of two intersecting rods to produce a welcoming angle. Equipped with a total of four lighting settings, the Mi Lamp will always provide exactly what you need.

Socket Connected Lightbulb by iDevices

Turn your boring old lights into smart and connected lights with the Socket Connected Lightbulb by iDevices. This single device transforms your home into a smart and automated home by allowing you to control the lighting without even getting up from the couch. Simple screw Socket into your lamp, screw in the standard bulb, and voila — your lamp is connected to your smartphone or tablet and can be easily controlled.

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