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Treat Yo’ Self with These 13 Smart Gadgets

Sometimes it’s not just about buying gifts for your loved ones only. There are days when you can take some treats for yourself. When it comes to shopping for ourselves, we often tend to be super picky. So, today’s roundup is entirely dedicated to those days of your life when you choose to shop for yourself. Here are 13 smart gadgets to begin with (FYI: they are so cool you wouldn’t want to buy them for someone else!) 😉

Minion HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

Add a touch of fun to your home’s security with the Minion HD Wi-Fi Security Camera. This fun home accessory is sure to make your kids smile. This security camera comes in the shape of a Despicable Me Minion. In fact, the eye of the Minion helps to disguise the lens. Your friends and family may not even realize it’s a camera.

RapidX X5 Car Phone Charger

Top up your devices while you’re on the road with the RapidX X5 Car Phone Charger. This device uses the 12v-24v outlet or cigarette lighter port in your vehicle. In addition to conveniently plugging in, the RapidX X5 offers a multitude of charging options.

iHome iSS50 Smart Home Monitor

Keep tabs on things at home with the iHome iSS50 Smart Home Monitor. This device delivers alerts to your smartphone so you can always know what’s happening at home. The iSS50 Monitor connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Passport-Global Travel Adapter

Streamline the way you travel with your gadgets with the Passport Global Travel Adapter from Zendure. This compact device has all the features you didn’t know you needed. The Passport Adapter has built-in connectors to work all over the world.

Nums Smart Glass Trackpad Keyboard

Upgrade your MacBook to unprecedented levels with the Nums Smart Glass Trackpad Keyboard. Superbly thin, this device sits right on top of your trackpad. Nums features the one bit of your keyboard that your MacBook is missing: a number keypad.

MoonSonata Wireless Charger Speaker System

Charge up and rock out with the MoonSonata Wireless Charger Speaker System. This all-in-one device sits neatly on your desk and really delivers. Featuring Qi technology, you can simply place your smartphone on the MoonSonata and it will begin to charge.

flipp Wireless Gesture Music Remote

Bring your love for music back to basics with the flipp Wireless Gesture Music Remote. Coming in a puck-like shape, this nifty remote puts all the control you need right in your hands. Working intuitively, flipp has two responsive sides.

Game of Thrones Discoloration Mug

Take your sip of coffee and watch the map of Westeros come to life from your Game of Thrones Discoloration Mug. It’s a perfect gift for any Game of Thrones fan out there. In fact, this mug is not just for GoT fans.

Hideez Secure Digital Key

Simplify your world with the Hideez Secure Digital Key. This compact device is super smart and grants you access to everything you use. The Hideez Digital Key functions as your computer login, your security card for door entry, and everything in between.

TimePorter Apple Watch Travel Case and Charger

Carry everything you need to keep your smartwatch running with the TimePorter Apple Watch Travel Case and Charger by Twelve South. With enough space to store your Apple Watch face, strap, plug, and cable, you won’t be left wondering where your accessories are.

Float360° Floating Desk Object

Add a sense of magic to your workplace with the Float360° Floating Desk Object. This gravity-defying object comes with a frame as well as the floating object. You have your choice of a cylinder, cube, or a globe.

BrightCharger — The Intelligent Design Charger

Get more out of your outlet with the BrightCharger. This handy device is complete with a USB port and works with all of your devices. In addition, it has smart technology to automatically stop the flow of energy when your battery is full. With BrightCharger you’ll never forget to unplug your charger again.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Take the headache out of travel by using the Travelmate Robot Suitcase. Incredibly, this suitcase is able to move on its own. Additionally, it can even follow you throughout the airport and on your travels. With this total upgrade, your days of lugging around your case are over.

For more such smart gadgets, check our collection here.



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