You Must Have These Standing Desks on Your Workspace

Given the hours we spend at work every day, it becomes quite difficult to maintain a productive work life. Statistics say that a change in posture can make this process better in the long run. So, manufacturers have come up with a whole new range of standing desks that will help you change your posture at work. In fact, some of them are sit-to-stand desks that does make it easy for you to change from one posture to another pretty easily, time and again. Here are some of the best examples you can go for:

UPLIFT Standing Desk Converter

Transform your desk for your health with the UPLIFT Standing Desk Converter. Sitting on top of your table or desk, this system allows you to stand and work to keep yourself healthy. The UPLIFT fits right into your existing workplace for the ultimate convenience. Unlike any other system, UPLIFT gives you the perfect angle whether you’re standing or sitting. In addition, the keyboard tray extends from the base.

Artifox Standing Desk 01

If you’re going to take on the challenge of a standing desk, it might as well be easy on the eyes. Introducing the Artifox Standing Desk 01, the first from the brand. Available in your choice of solid walnut or maple, the Standing Desk 01 is modeled after a traditional writing desk but has been updated with modern flair.

GAZE DESK — The Smartest Standing Desk Ever

The Gaze Desk is an innovative new height-adjustable desk that is designed to make it easier for users to maintain proper posture at all times regardless of whether they are sitting, standing or constantly switching positions. What makes the Gaze Desk different from other height-adjustable desks available on the market is the fact that it features two mechanical lift mechanisms that make it possible to manipulate the front and back motors separately.

LEVIT8 — The Flat Folding Portable Standing Desk

Have a height-perfect desk anywhere you’d like with LEVIT8, the flat folding portable standing desk. With the recent studies proving that sitting at our desks for eight hours a day doesn’t help our health, it’s crucial to get up and stand when and where you can. LEVIT8, which looks more like a folder, gives you the option to stand at a moment’s notice and the freedom to stand and work at a comfortable height anywhere.

VARIDESK Soho Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Stay active during your workday with the VARIDESK Soho Height Adjustable Standing Desk. With enough surface space for a laptop on room to right, the VARIDESK Soho is just 14 inches deep and gives you a work area even in small spaces. The patented, spring loaded lifting mechanism can be effortlessly adjusted in height with up to 10 lbs of your gear on top.

Attollo — Height Adjustable Desk

Attollo Desk is possibly the best designed standing desk you can have for your workspace. It has been engineered for your existing desk and is designed to elevate your life. Attollo is equipped with an electric motor that allows you to stop the desk at any height by just pressing a button. There are no pre-set locking points, and the desk is capable of lifting 40lbs to a max height of 19.5″, both industry leading specs.

VARIDESK Cube Plus 48 Height-Adjustable Desk

Take a break from sitting during your workday with the VARIDESK Cube Plus 48 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk. Perfectly designed to fit in a cubicle, this desk maximizes your space to give you enough room for two monitors, your keyboard and mouse, and space to write notes.

Stir Kinetic Desk

Desks are more than just furniture. They are where problems are solved, ideas are created, and businesses are built. Desks are one of the most important places in the world. That’s what led to the creation of the Stir Kinetic Desk. No desk is more advanced, or more effective, than a Stir Kinetic Desk. And it comes with proof.

Oristand Fold Flat Stand Up Desk

Get the benefit of a standing desk as and when you want it with the Oristand Fold Flat Stand Up Desk. Coming in your choice of a black, white, or natural finish, this innovative desk is simple to use and weighs just 3.5 lbs making it portable to give you convenience anywhere you go. The Oristand Desk requires no screws, tools, or even any instructions to use.


StandStand is the only truly portable standing desk. Use it anywhere you work to transform a table or desk into a standing desk for your laptop. After gaining 1,836 backers on Kickstarter, you can now pre-order a StandStand for delivery in mid-January.Stand Up For Your Health! Sitting is deadly! In recent years, scientists have found that the more you sit, the earlier you die.


In 30 seconds turn any table into an adjustable standing desk. The first standing desk that folds into a stylish carry case so that you can take with you or pack away. To stop you hunching it has a built in adjustable monitor stand. Like a Macbook it is made from anodized aluminum so it can handle everything from an iPad up to a 27″ iMac.

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