GAME of CRYPTOS — Chapter 1 — The FiatLand Empire

Crypto Khaleesi
Nov 29, 2019 · 8 min read

“Since ancient times, those who control the issuance, storage and value of money have ruled over the people’s work.”

The Fiatland Empire is a perfect wealth extraction system. Cattle are milked with Bank money printing fraud, inflation, forced taxation and endless debt.

The Fiatland Empire is ruled with an Iron fist by Baron of RedShield. Many Kingdoms are part of the empire. Dollar Kingdom is the most important but it is followed by a myriad of other kingdoms: Euro, Yuan, Yen, Pound… All Kingdoms have a private Central Bank from where all power emerges.

Baron of RedShield resides in his castle, the B.I.S. The All Seeing Eye of banking. Very few have reached to the top and no one has ever spoken.

The B.I.S. and the Deutsche Bank Volcano with its 50 Trillion in Financial Derivatives

The All Seeing Power of the B.I.S. has three subdivisions of Power. This triangle of authority is called “The Empire of the City”:
1. “The City” State in charge of Money.
2. Vathigan State in charge of Ritual and Mind control.
3. Columbia State in charge of Army and Secret agents.

All three micro-States are inside a bigger city and all three are crowned with a white cathedral with a white dome.

They all have they own guard and their own laws, different than those who rule the Kingdom they live in.

The Fiatland Empire is ruled with an Iron fist by Baron of RedShield.

Baron RedShield, with his well equipped Army, his Secret Agent Soldiers, his economic Hit Mans and his team of Media brainwashing opinion makers has been installing Central Banking over the world for centuries.

From Central Banks he gets the source of his power: Fractional Reserve Banking, which is his ability to create money out of nothing and lend it on interest.

In order to make worthless paper fiat look like valuable money he has been suppressing the price of real historic money (Gold and Silver) and forcing population to use his Fiat paper money through Taxation. That way he has enslaved population and companies to endless paper debt.

This endless creation of paper currency is leading to an exponential growth in money supply, financial derivatives and debt which is going to cause an economic cataclysm and the biggest wealth transfer of history from the ignorant masses to the bankers.

Lets sail into the Heart of Fiatland

The Fiatland Empire is a large and ancient territory ruled at the top by a subtle but pervasive Power.

Clowns called politicians are placed on the seats of councils for the serfs to blame for their problems. However, Real power is managed behind closed doors by the Money Masters.

The Money Masters have always controlled the Secrets of Money. Fractional reserve is what gives them the ability to create as much Fiat they want whenever they need it. Servants living in Fiatland, however, have to earn their money by heavy hard work, filled with the burdens of inflation, taxation and debt.

In the old times, Kings ruled by force and wealth was extracted from the workers through slavery.
It was a very straight forward way to get the wealth from people’s work. You just needed to invade a country and get their lands, get their gold and slave the population.
But slaves need surveillance and use their intellect and imagination to try to escape, so through the years more refined ways to control and wealth extract the population were developed.

Money Masters realized free individuals are much more productive than slaves. They decided to abolish slavery and extract the wealth created by workers in a different, more subtle way. They invented the Free Serf.

One day Slaves were told they are free.

The Free Serf was an individual educated by the State schools and Media on the belief that he is free.
He could vote for a pre-selected politician, he could choose which job to do, he had a safe and protective environment guaranteed by the Authority… But at the end of the day the purpose of all that was to have the most productive worker possible. A serf that uses his strength, intelligence and imagination to create wealth, not to try to escape as an straight forward slave would do.

The important thing is to be able to extract the wealth from them, the two main ways are Inflation and forced Taxation. That way they could extract from 50% to 75% of the wealth created.

In Fiatland Servitude is subtle, but pervasive

Free Serfs are left only with what is necessary to live in order to keep them working and not thinking. They are forced with ever higher taxes , higher inflation, economic bubbles and debt while their savings and salaries are always valued less and less.

“The Money Masters rule Fiatland with the Sword of Money Printing.

Taxes must be paid in the State currency. That way people is forced to use a currency Money Masters can create, borrow, inflate and devalue until working people is fully milked.”

Information control

The double headed Powers of State and Banking always work together. They not only write the law, but also keep the population ignorant about the reasons they live in so much hardship.

Under their controlled information networks it is never called The Privilege of Free Money printing. They call it Fractional Reserve, Quantitative of Easing, Debt to GDP, Market Bubble… and any other name that can be hard to understand by the average person.

A load of tools are ready to be used to mind control Fiatland servants, the most nefarious and devastating are State schooling, Ideology and Media.

A mix of disinformation and ideology is spread through the media so population fight each other

Through Ideology they oppose the serfs to each other in endless conflict of prefabricated ideas so they don’t think by themselves and have healthy debates to realize where the root of their problems are.

In the meantime Economic Freedom is blamed as the reason of so much consumerism, poverty and unhappiness.

That way, new law enforcements that take off more and more people’s freedom are easily consented by population.

Through Ideology they oppose the serfs to each other in endless conflict of ideas so they don’t think by themselves

Old reliable forms of money like Gold and Silver are long forgotten.

It’s value in the markets is suppressed by an endless amount of worthless digital shares that they create at will to suppress the real value of precious metals.
Digital shares are given to the serfs to play in the markets, meanwhile Bankers families kept buying cheap the Real Metal by the ton. Specially since they are planning to reset the Exponential Growth Debt Based Economic system they have been using for decades.

This World Financial Crash they are ready to bring forth is about to leave the unprepared servants in utter poverty and debt.

Money masters crash economies, then buy cheap all the real assets.

That way Bankers and the Financial Companies that work for them will buy cheap all the wealth the uninformed servants will have to desperately sell to survive.

A new Economic and Financial system has long been prepared to substitute the old one. And a new form of money is going to be the backbone of it.

Money Masters want to get rid of paper money and make it digital so they can have Full Control over people’s wealth. This project is a new kind of centralized cryptographic money, easily traceable and easily manipulable.

But something went wrong

In early 2009 something is about to change.

Something went wrong. One of the Cryptographers that worked for the Money Masters in the new digital money had an idea that was about to revolutionize the world: Decentralized Cryptography.

Instead of making a central node of control, the idea was to give the power of decision making to a large amount of nodes. That way there is no central power to overcome and it becomes immutable, indestructible…

Bankers first ignored this new concept. Then they laughed at it, then they said Bitcoin was dead, then they fought it and some time after they seem to join it… But beware… It is maybe just a new trick to manipulate its market price and make it look too dangerous for the average serf in Fiatland to use…

The Game of Cryptos

Cryptocurrency Fantasy Drama

Crypto Khaleesi

Written by

I am Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen. I am the dragon’s daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming.

The Game of Cryptos

Cryptocurrency Fantasy Drama

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