Under Zero (is my opinion of this game)

Before I start, here’s a little history. The Unity Asset Store is a place where you can purchase assets (models/sounds/code/etc.) to use in your game if you can’t make it yourself, i.e. a great programmer with no artistic talent. The buyer is supposed to take the asset and create their own game with its use. But some are sold as starter kits/asset packs, which contain all of the above to create a bare bones game, the most commonly known one being UnitZ (a blocky zombie survival game). And that concept was a terrible mistake: people buy the 50-dollar asset (or a bunch of unrelated ones), put it up on Steam Greenlight, say it’s gonna be cheap, wait for the inexperienced to upvote, sell enough copies to make up for the asset and Greenlight submission fee, profit. Why am I talking about this, exactly? Because Under Zero is one of those abominations.

When I got this game from Orlygift (I was young and stupid, okay?) and went to its Steam page, I thought “Is this just a snowy UnitZ?”. But it was not. It was still an asset flip, sure. But it was much worse. But how was it worse? Well, first of all, it’s not even a survival game, but just a walking sim with elements of pressing “e” to pick up items (most of which are completely useless, by the way). The fact that this is an asset flip also couldn’t be more obvious, too: Minecraft-esque buildings, objects and some trees, other trees are stylish and low-poly(and walk-through) and realistic landscape and wolves. Not just that, but pressing “t” will make a pink bonfire silhouette appear in front of you, which is totally unrelated to UnitZ bonfires. Ok, I won’t even waste your time with a long review, let’s get to the pros and cons.

The pros

  • The Alt + F4 keys work just fine.

The cons

  • Costs five euros, which is a bit too overpriced for this kind of “game”.
  • Despite the awful graphics, it still manages to run at around 10FPS.
  • Part of the trees are walk-through.
  • Made by Dagestan Technology (the Bloodbath Kavkaz guys), so that’s an instant con.
  • The mouse locks on to the window after clicks in the pause menu.
  • When a wolf gets you, you don’t die but lie down for all eternity.
  • Everything is an eye-piercing blue, as seen on the image above.

Under Zero gets 1 out of 10. There won’t be a joke in the score, as the game doesn’t deserve it

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