A shining light to drive action at Christmas.

Bringing to life the incredible services delivered by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC).

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Dec 18, 2017 · 3 min read
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When it all comes together — RIDBC ‘Life Unlimited’ Christmas campaign.

This year The Garden Agency is proud to have worked with the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) in the development of a new story and campaign for Christmas and beyond.

In Australia, around 365 children, or 1 child per day, are born deaf each year, and 120 children are born with significant vision impairment. RIDBC’s range of specialist services benefit thousands of children, adults and families each year, but as a charity, they rely on ongoing support, so they can do more for those in need.

Australia has a competitive fundraising environment with countless worthy causes launching end of year giving campaigns — and many within the children’s charity space.

So this year RIDBC needed a new approach that would cut through and connect to a modern donor, create a sense of purpose for them — and show them just how far their money can go.

“It was essential the campaign connects to the hearts, minds, souls and wallets of the donor by creating a sense of empathy and understanding around the bigger struggle before driving action,” explains Jodie Metaxiotis, Partner at The Garden Agency.

By pushing the voices of the recipients to the forefront with the creative idea ‘I’m unlimited’ (delivered as ‘I’m a star’ for Christmas), we’re aiming for donors to feel good about giving and inspired to donate as they can see the result of their generosity.

This idea speaks to the opportunities that RIDBC’s support services create for children with hearing and vision loss, but it also speaks to the donor — you are unlimited in your capacity to contribute, to make an impact.

“The Garden Agency got us immediately. They showed respect for our children and were able to present it all in a positive light, inspiring hope and encouragement with an emotional idea that is also more broadly driving engagement and inspiration throughout our organisation,” says Jackie Evans, Manager, Direct Marketing at RIDBC.

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Our hero piece for the campaign is a video sharing the story of one of the RIDBC’s beneficiary families. The star of the story is Gem, their 20-month-old daughter who was born with minimal light/dark perception.

Although overcoming enormous challenges daily, little Gem is shining bright and paving her way as an independent young person with a beautiful personality. Gem’s big sister Pip was diagnosed at birth with severe hearing loss and by three had a cochlear implant. Yet, through the co-ordinated care and support of RIDBC, they are learning to communicate in a whole new way and tackling the world together, one step at a time.

Why not give the gift of a donation this Christmas!

We invite you to step into Gem and Pip’s world. We hope it will shine a light on the wonderful work of RIDBC and will inspire you to give generously this Christmas.

Give today to a life unlimited: call RIDBC’s donor hotline on
1800 043 411 or visit

Your support will enable children across Australia like Gem and Pip to reach their full potential and live a life unlimited.

Strategy and creative:
The Garden Agency
Film production:

The Garden Agency

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