Bold new brand for The Markitects empowers marketers to be the champions of their own future success.

The Garden Agency
Jan 14 · 2 min read
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A dynamic brand for today’s ever-changing business landscape.

In 2019, Murray Howe created The Markitects — a business consultancy that gives companies and marketers the tools to adapt to the changing needs of modern business.

“As an experienced marketing leader, I knew first-hand the challenge of shifting an organisation to become more digitally adaptive and experience-focused. Here was an opportunity to help teams realise the full potential of their investment in Martech platforms,” said Murray Howe, Founder of The Markitects.

Howe had The Markitects name and the know-how, but he needed a bold yet simple brand to match his ambition to build better marketers.

The Garden Agency developed a brand story and identity that positioned The Markitects as a trustworthy source of strategic solutions in a frenzied corporate landscape.

“It was vital that The Markitects’ story quickly connected with time-poor marketers and CMOs struggling to keep up with a fast-paced digital economy. Our goal was to express the gravitas of The Markitects by presenting the consultancy as a positive, forward-moving force that enables marketers to put their success in their own hands,” said Jodie Metaxiotis, Founding Partner of The Garden Agency.

After clarifying The Markitects’ purpose — to empower marketers to be the champions of their own future success — The Garden Agency went to work bringing the brand story to life.

“We took the name of the company — The Markitects — and shifted it from being a description of what the business does to becoming synonymous with taking action, reinforcing Murray’s expertise and setting an active challenge for clients to be part of the solution — to Markitect their future,” said Metaxiotis.

Visually, The Garden Agency installed a lively design language and colour scheme built on lines and shapes of business strategy diagrams and charts. These lend themselves to an infinite number of combinations to keep the look fresh for years to come across a diverse range of service offerings.

Howe was able to quickly and easily implement this strategy into the new business, across everything from consulting to coaching, to hit the ground running.

“I was looking for a fresh approach and The Garden Agency knew exactly what to do, getting to the heart of the brand and positioning very quickly. And the results have really paid off with my target audience,” said Howe.

“The Garden Agency has been the single biggest impact on my business so far,” he added.

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The Garden Agency

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