Is brand consistency the solution or the problem?

Does your organisation cultivate a consistent on-brand experience whilst also flexing to the unique needs of the customers? Think & not or.

The Garden Agency
Oct 10, 2019 · 2 min read
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Many clients tell us one of the biggest challenges they face is consistency. That they want their entire organisation singing from the same song sheet, projecting a clear and consistent story through every connection and channel.

But as customers demands change on a daily basis, how do you stay ahead? Being crystal clear about what your brand stands for and why, is vital, but at the same time, brands need to flex and adapt over time, anticipating future desires.

First, never mistake consistency for repetition. No one cares about your logo as much as you do and logo slapping is a crime!

Clever brand design is about creating coherent and flexible patterns. Lots of smaller ideas that connect and move people to action, when and where it matters most.

And please keep those brand guidelines in the bottom drawer.

The key is to bring all people and properties together by inspiring unity, not uniformity.

With an integrated brand ecosystem weaved into the very fabric of the organisation, cultivating a consistent on-brand experience whilst also flexing to the unique needs of the customer, becomes so much easier.

This short perspective on brand building, is part of our regular ‘Brand Curious’ series — opening up your thinking on how brands can inspire and drive change.

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The Garden Agency

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