Is your brand a giver or a taker?

Purpose before profit might be radical, but building a brand with authentic ‘giver’ attributes, shouldn’t be overlooked. Think & not or.

The Garden Agency
Oct 10, 2019 · 2 min read
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Purpose before profit might be a radical idea for most businesses, but building a brand that is set up to do good and return good is now table stakes for today’s empowered consumer.

Being driven by profit only can be seen as self-serving, manipulative and arrogant. In fact it’s not uncommon for bad corporate behaviour and ignoring one’s morality to be the result.

Profit is essential to drive business, innovation, marketing and unless your purpose authentically delivers impact, it’s nothing more than beautiful branding rhetoric.

We all know how common it is for one organisation after another to jump on the virtue signalling bandwagon. Not following through is just as damaging for your brand and reputation.

Purpose at a brands core + improve people’s lives = superior profit and growth.

To increase trust, goodwill and traction of your purpose as well as drive superior profit and growth, your brand must tangibly come to life in all aspects of your businesses.

A unified ecosystem (interactions, experiences, routines, events) that demonstrates (not just communicates) the impact your brand purpose will have.

This short perspective on brand building, is part of our regular ‘Brand Curious’ series — opening up your thinking on how brands can inspire and drive change.

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The Garden Agency

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