Is your brand too emotional?

Are you using strategies that appeal to both the hearts and minds of your customers? Think & not or.

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Oct 10, 2019 · 2 min read
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Brands constantly seek to win over the heart, minds (and wallets) of customers. Are strategies based purely on selling functional benefits limiting for brands, in an ever-changing environment?

Whilst functional benefits provide credibility and appeal to our voice of reason (that logical part of our brain), emotional benefits, have a special connection to the heart, which is ever hopeful, dramatic and even unrealistic.

In fact, there are various pieces of research that indicate the ability of a brand to activate an emotional response, is crucial to influence customers, who are far from rationale and highly driven by ‘gut feel’.

Maybe your brand is just too emotional?

On the flipside a brand built entirely on an emotional promise may lose customers who feel that the brand doesn’t actually fulfil its functional duty.

Regardless of where you point your spotlight, to win the battle of the hearts and minds takes incredible storytelling built off both. Systems may create order, but deeply moving stories, inspire us to come on the journey, buy products and become brand advocates.

Think about how you want your customers to feel. What are the gaps, where’s the friction and how can your brand create a sense of wonder that drives a hunger to know more?

This short perspective on brand building, is part of our regular ‘Brand Curious’ series — opening up your thinking on how brands can inspire and drive change.

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The Garden Agency

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