In the garden

A quick tour of my early fall garden.

After this past week, I’ve found the garden to be a refuge, although I have no energy to actually work within it.

The usual tasks seem futile at this point.

I’m done with weeding for this season. You win.

I’ll reconfigure that one section in spring.

I’m ready for it to transform in color, collapse upon itself and beautifully die off in any way it chooses.

As the seed pods of the milkweed slowly open up and reveal their innards, I get joy in watching those seeds disperse on their own, with the reward of new plants in new locations arriving in spring.

Who am I to intervene?

While the monarch butterflies have packed their butterfly bags and headed south, there are still a ton of Painted Lady butterflies cruising from flower to flower.

I’ve tried to incorporate more tropical annuals into the garden as they are the perfect foil to all of my ornamental grasses. And they really shine when back lit by the afternoon sun.

Me for the win.

The fall has been slower to creep in this year with the warm temps over the past week or so but the signs are still there if you look close enough.

There is nothing better than the power of light in the garden in the fall. It almost hurts the eyes when trying to soak it in.