A Thimble of Light
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A Thimble of Light

The Masks We Wear, The Lies We Tell, The Secrets We Keep

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I spent the past year a walking wound, but you’d never know it. Maybe you read a handful of sad stories I’d written or scrolled through a few Facebook status updates, but if you saw me in person you’d see someone who was assembled, stitched neatly together. Never mind the gashes beneath the surface, the cuts that failed to heal. I was fine, just fine, but let’s not talk about me. Tell me…




Personal essays on mental illness, disconnection, rootlessness, and a desire to find our way home.

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Some say I am crazy, and they aren’t wrong.

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Felicia C. Sullivan

Felicia C. Sullivan

Marketing Exec/Author. I build brands & tell stories. Work in Human Parts, OneZero, Forge, Index & Marker. Hire me: t.ly/bEnd7 Brand & Content eBooks: t.ly/ZP5v

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