Deliver Product Everyday - Part 1

Hiraash Thawfeek
Beyond the Semicolon
2 min readAug 9, 2017


In today’s age and time, if your product team is focusing on anything other than building great product experiences, your competitors won’t have much trouble gobbling down your slice of the market. There are many things that can eat up the time of your product team. One of them is delivery.

Continuous Delivery is no magic. You will find many ways to learn and make CD work for you. I’m not gonna talk about that. This series is going to talk about how we adopted a scalable way of working for Delivering Product Daily.

Delivering product fast is no brainer if you are a small team of coders. You may be able to even push code instantly to production depending on the competency of your team. As your team grows and splits into multiple smaller teams composing of different skillsets and skill levels, you need to start thinking about maintaining the quality of your pushes and overall product. So here are your key concerns.

You need to deliver fast.

At the pace things happen today, you don’t have a year to build product. You need to have something in front of your customer tomorrow. And you need to keep giving them more soon after. If your delivery cycle is a month, that’s what your team is going to build for and get accustomed to building for. A larger change that gets built over a month, gets difficult to deliver. Smaller changes are easier to deliver.

Product quality is what sells.

Features don’t sell, good design don’t sell, offers don’t sell. What sells your product indefinitely is the quality of your product experience. Someone would stick with you even if it lacks a feature, if you continue to make great product. So you need to make sure it is always of high quality. You can’t compromise on quality because you have to deliver fast. You can’t break quality because you deliver fast, and then fix them later. You just need to deliver great quality, fast :)

Coders need to code.

Your engineers are your asset. They should be spending every minute of their time building great product experiences and not anything else. Everything else must be automated. Automate. Automate. Automate.

Don’t lose out over time.

As your team scales and product scales, things should only improve. You should deliver better quality product, you should deliver fast and your team should spend their time on simply building great experiences for your users.

For us this is about efficiency. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of working. Once we started reaping the benefits of this, each and every one of us wanted it more. So we cared about it more, and made sure to improve it.

In the next part I will be talking about how we work and as a result how that enables us deliver quality product everyday!