Pinching Problems…

Confessions of a Plantaholic

Monica Politte
Dec 13, 2016 · 4 min read

Confession, I have an addiction. I have this unstoppable urge to fill my house with plants. Vining plants, succulents, flowering plants, you name it I want it (and probably already have it). I tell myself this is something that lots of women deal with, right???? Lately, my addiction has become a bit expensive. Stores are catching on to the fact that we love plants and they are capitalizing on it. Seriously, what am I supposed to do?!

So there I was, standing in my local hardware store searching for succulents. I had found the succulent I wanted and she was beautiful! In my mind’s eye, I saw the exact spot I would put it and the pot I would use. This baby was coming home with me. Excited and ready to go I looked down at the price. FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! WTF!! I couldn’t believe it, especially knowing how easy it is to grow succulents and how many times I could go to Menchie’s with that amount of money. (3 times!) We can talk about my addiction to frozen yogurt another time. Caught in a state of cognitive dissonance my rational side took over. I put the plant down and proceeded to drag my feet and walk away. Looking at the ground I noticed that on the floor and the surrounding shelves there were small succulent leaves everywhere. LIGHTBULB! While the wheels in my mind were still turning I quickly gathered up all of the leaves and ran to the cashier and asked if I could have all of these leaves. She looked at the contents of my hand and with a look of confusion said, “Sure?” (Honestly, it was the same look my mom gave me when I told her that I wanted to buy a fake sword to go LARPing. She never understood me…) In a state of frolic I danced out to my car determined to get home. I was on a mission to make plant babies! I rushed home excited to tell Corey, about my trip to the store. When I got home I dispelled the contents of my purse in front of him super excited to explain my plan and he asked if I stole those plants!! I got sassy and said, “The lady told me I could have them! I don’t even think it’s possible steal a leaf?? Especially one that is on the ground destined for the trash.’’ Then I gathered my bits and pieces and proceeded to start my succulent garden. A couple of weeks later BOOM! My succulents were exploding. I had a beautiful FREE succulent garden.

My loot from Lowes
and a few weeks later…. BOOM! Plant baby explosion!

After getting to see this magic I knew I needed more. I went back to the store multiple times that week and looked for fallen leaves. Over time my succulent gardens at home started to get out of control. (Ladies you know its not good any time we let anything grow out of control.) So, I started ‘pinching.’ I would find overgrown plants and with what I would call level 60 dexterity, pinch the tops off. And this is how my already plant filled home started bursting at the seams threatening to cover the entire neighborhood in a shower of (succulent) greens.

So you might be thinking to yourself, ‘This lady is crazy.’ Or maybe you are thinking, ‘Man I really need to get some plants, where are the trendy pinching spots and how do I get them to grow?’

Okay, so maybe a little crazy… P.S. The empty trays at any plant store are the best places to look!

I made a guide to answer just those questions.

My name is Monica and I am BAB at the General Root! If you like what you read send us some love💜 and we will send you some light! Light Catchers🌈

The General Root

Our goal is to create positive change in the world. Through love, connection and inspiring each other we found purpose and now we are encouraging others to do the same.

Monica Politte

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Head Honcho @ The General Root, Master of the Marketing Arts @ Entrust Direct, aspiring skoolie, dancer, tree hugging yogi, and I write about stuff 💜

The General Root

Our goal is to create positive change in the world. Through love, connection and inspiring each other we found purpose and now we are encouraging others to do the same.

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