I Tested Luma’s New AI Video Generator, and It’s Mind Blowing

The days of trusting video content are over

Thomas Smith
The Generator


Still from Luma AI generated video by the author

When OpenAI announced its new Sora AI video generator, their news was both incredibly exciting and extremely disappointing.

Sora is clearly an amazing piece of technology. But it’s not available to the general public, and there’s no indication of when OpenAI will release it.

Now, a tiny San Francisco-based AI video startup just beat OpenAI to the punch.

Last week, Luma AI released Dream Machine, a free AI video generator that anyone can access and use. I spent the last several days testing it, and the results are mind-blowing.

AI video generation is here. It’s powerful, it’s free — and it will change social media forever.

How Luma Works

Using Dream Machine is incredibly simple. You go to the Luma website, create an account, and type in a textual prompt. Luma’s Dream Machine then sets about turning your idea into an AI video.

For free users, the process can take several hours — Luma is understandably inundated with requests, much as OpenAI was in the early days of ChatGPT.

The company also offers paid plans that start at $29 per month, though. These allow for…