How can a species value this unreal called money over wonder? cc by Acadie67

About the Human Species

An alien reports on human kind.

Floris Koot
Dec 13, 2018 · 5 min read

Should we save them or not?

Here we Are. Looking down upon it. Planet AGaaia, or Earth as Human Species call it now. Light magic, healing through planetary consciousness is waking up. Sadly most humans think thy are the dominant species. And thy are killing it; this Planet, thy say is thy’s*. Literally. Thy gaia-net, love, is in danger, thy animals disappear. How can thy think thy do not need nature? How can thy think one rules this planet? Thy are of this planet, not this planet of thy. The question is: must we intervene or not? Save thy or not?

What is going on on this planet? How can most humans act so against thy own interests and that of thy home? Thy world used to be so alive, so diverse in life forms, all interacting and collaborating in one huge net of life. Thy world was a high civilization of life forms all interdependent and interconnected in thousands of different and connected ways. And now thy most dominant species seem to have separated themselves from this reality. Thy seem blind to all other life forms urging thy to reconnect. Few feel thy evolutionary purpose awakening. Thy world spirit cries over it.

The Predators among thy own Kind

Among the humans is a predatory subspecies, thy have been leading for ages. Predatory warlords would conquer lands and then claim thy-selves noble, parading thy hoist of the real taken from the earth and others. Thy would find spiritual beliefs and corrupt them into power pyramids thy would lead warping the spiritual into lies. Now thy top predators are what thy call CEO’s and billionaires. Thy have perfected the robbery machine. Thy keep plundering, not knowing when to stop. Thy world spirit cries over it.

These greys, reptiles, black magicians, or in human ‘psychopaths’, find thy dark power in disconnection from the gaia-net. By not willing to be bound to it, by cutting the ties, thy become lost souls. Thy become capable of anything, because thy can’t feel what thy are hurting any more. Thy love becomes a cinder. Thy keep razing thy home for more and more unreal, because it never can be enough. Thy can never fill the disconnected empty hole within with this unreal. Thus thy continue to plunder never satisfied. Thy world spirit cries over it.

Black Magic called ‘Money’.

One huge worry is that humans have made this disastrous invention. It is a very black magic, thy call money. Money is a nothing that represents everything one can own* in a non real representation. Thy made this non real representation so important, thy do everything for this non-real. The more non-real thy have, the more access thy get to the real, thy claim. Those with more unreal may even take the real, that can be taken, from those who don’t have enough unreal. This may sound confusing. The consequences are terrible. Thy world spirit cries over it.

*Many of you will not understand ‘owning’. It means have the power to claim something as individually yours and hurt all those who think otherwise. This power is also used to keep all (animals, other humans, nature) in need, from being helped or fulfilled. It is a very disturbing madness, that thy ruling madmen have instilled as the ‘normal’. Some even say love is unreal and money is real. Thy world spirit cries over it.

The game all humans play is to get more of this unreal that proves thy may access the ‘real’. For this thy destroy the real, to make it into their preferred unreal, called this ‘money’. Thy, that rather stick to the real, are forced to believe thy are the unreal ones. Yes, such is the power of this black magic. With the unreal thy bend the will of the weak, buy soldiers and woodcutters and miners and demand they plunder their own homes and gaia-net. That’s how thy unmake thy own world. Love feels wounded. Thy world spirit cries over it.

If this makes sense, then this video from Alan Watts will add naturally.

How thy raise their young

What is worse; thy train as much pups as thy can to be like them. It makes thy keep thy soulless madness being the ‘normal’. We should not forget to mention thy young are mostly very sensitive and caring and in touch with the gaia-net or life force. But this is sadly taken from thy young. Thy turn the raising of thy young into selecting the most willing to make unreal out of real. Who fails is called too weak. And those that fail very often cry, go mad, get sick thinking it is thy who are the problem. Thy ask where love is. Thy world spirit cries over it.

And many breeders raised in the web of the unreal magic will thy young to join the ranks of the black magicians. These magicians say, “Work hard, don’t feel, to be part of our society. If one is allowed in it means thy are ‘successful’. As a reward thy may wallow in our unreality.” This unreality gives them too the black magic power to take even more real, that can be taken, from the ‘weak’. And thy, that raise up to protest, speak out, seek to change the falseness to light, the unreal to real, thy are portrayed as the ones living in fantasy. It is still confusing me. Thy world spirit cries over it.

So, save thy humans or not?

Contra saving: thy learn so very slow. This is because thy brains are too fast for thy. It will take another 1000 years before thy, as a whole culture, may be connected back into the gaia-net. I admit, some already do, but thy are rarely listened to. As a whole thy behave like an unchecked cancer, sucking the life out of what thy are part of. Thy plunder to grow their own nests, large constructions of stone and glass. These be deserts, much devoid of all other forms of life. Thy world spirit cries over it.

Pro saving thy, means we have one more intelligence species, albeit very childish and wounded, growing up in our galactic net. Yet there are those who aid for evolutionary purpose, bring light magic to heal. There are many humans that do learn too, but especially thy are preyed upon by thy own kind. As stated, thy predators see the ones that do care as weak and soft. It is these meek we’d like to save. We tried before, with a messenger. But we don’t know how this time. Our soul hurts watching. Our spirit cries over it.

We leave all decisions up to thy, council of gaia-wisdom. But I urge you to not take too long a time to consider. There is some hope. Humans most sensitive caring voices are awakening. The collective soul of spirited humans are rising in strength. Thy voices of anguish, become anger, and thy anger can become a storm; a storm of healing. Will thy be on time? Thy world spirit cries for it.

by aaAaaaeeEeeeRen, Squi Aix P’ú Noh, reconnaissance over AGaaia.

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

Floris Koot

Written by

Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

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