Can the Extinction Rebellion stop the destruction of all human life on this planet. How to not just become another wave? Can we relearn to be part of nature?

Extinction Rebellion Go!

Tips for the most urgent global movement

This picture got forwarded over 500 times in the time this article got two thumbs up. So what is more effective? At the same time, just forwarding en believing is a start but not enough.

An Urgent Call to Action

Logo of the Extinction Rebellion

Here are some tips:

  1. Listen. It helps find tips and considerations to reach the general public and media.
  2. Actions. Concrete suggestions you might want to investigate, or consider to help push the radical change across the globe.
  3. Big Questions. We must address complex issues to make this work, otherwise the rebellion may not work at all.
  4. Point to Solutions. Panic doesn’t work when it doesn’t offer solutions.

1. Listen Carefully

Learn and investigate marketing and convincing methods

Demand Daily Updates Of Progress In The Press

Show working examples to base massive shifts upon.

Be the media yourself

2. Big Action Suggestions

Take Every Week One Corporation On.

Collective resistance to help faulty governments readjust.

Offer solutions, wins.

Important Consideration for the Americans!

Protest with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the rooms of the Corporate Democrats to wake them up.

Swarm or building a strong co-creative movement

Live, breath, show, develop solutions and make ‘m visible.

3. Big Questions.

4. Point to Solutions.


It’s like I wrote: our leaders are not our leaders any more.



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