How to move from Crony Capitalism (Maniacalism) to Essence for a Future.

How to stop Corporate Power?

14 tips to make (UN) Climate Summits work.

Tips and suggestions for diplomats, Green Lobbyists, activists and anyone seeking to experience more change happening towards global warming.

Once again a climate meeting of 200+ countries ended quite disappointing. Not even the clear words of 15-y.o. Greta Thunberg made the difference it should have. How could a huge majority of countries give in to a few obstinate players? How come we always talk about CO2 regulations, and so little about the causes as to why things go wrong? And hardly a few days later and already the biggest issue for human civilization disappears behind the smoke of immigrants, Brexit, Trump, regulations in favor of industries and a local murder. What can be done different next time? Here’s 14 ideas to consider trying for more effect than the current approaches.

1. Don’t be stopped by blockers.

Be smart. Steer the Titanic away from the iceberg, before everyone fully agrees it’s really there.

When a few countries hinder progress, let them leave, rather than bend to their refusal to act towards Global Warming and the destruction of our Eco-sphere. Even when they are major players, such as the USA or Brazil (both highjacked by corporate maniacs) assume that balances can shift. Assume your own people rather see a lower number of committed countries than more of those ‘intentional-nice-but-not-really-pressing-conclusions-this-time-around-though-we-keep-hopes-up-because-it’s-our-pay-and-we-meet-again-soon-with-hopefully-more-impactful-decisions’-kind-of-meetings. Who are you kidding? When a child is drowning are you waiting until we all agree to jump? When a forest is one fire, will you wait to act until all the fire brigades have arrived? Keep the pressure up with the next item.

2. Fine eco-rule evaders

There’s more ways to prevent economic downsides, when not all countries step into the same deal.

You have a big corporation and you move your industry and or HQ to Brazil or another corporate owned dominion? We’ll fine you hugely for all costs you’ll be making for all of us in advance. And we’ll post your move all over the news and hope our peoples will no longer buy your stuff. Yes, the active countries can act. They can make rules can’t they? Their people can act. Thus make life very difficult for all corporations that seek to evade new regulations. Many many people will support you for that.

The longer the truth is repressed and the urgency ignored, the more angry and resentful the people will get.

3. When a few block the whole, ‘leave’ the meeting.

If the UN can’t do it, perhaps another setting can.

Check the US government stop just because a few small children, like Trump and Pelosi, fight over power. Or as Greta Thunberg said, “They aren’t mature enough.” See how damaging it is, that especially Trump rather ‘wins’ than helps the whole. (The interests of) very few people should not have the power, to damage everything. Same in UN Veto moments. Alternative routes must be considered.

In 1990 the Belgium government wanted to sign a new law on abortion. They needed their king to ratify it. The king however couldn’t do it, because of his consciousness, being a good Catholic and all. Thus the king, who collaborated with the trick, was relieved of his task for 36 hours. In that time the government ratified the new law. One could consider the same trick at a UN conference. Declare another big room UN free, or have a ‘break’ from the UN meeting for a few hours. All countries who do want to act, vote there whatever real action they want to commit to, into real effect. Or just organize globally sponsored (by the UN) climate summit outside the UN. It may piss of some bullies, but then should they being able to stop real measures on Global Warming? Start steering the Titanic away from collision course. Funny enough also the lives of these few, who obstruct necessary change, may depend on it.

4. Make capitalism real again.

If the unwillingness of multinationals to run any risks or take losses hinders actual steps towards progress, then perhaps the rules must be changed.

Capitalism was about taking risk, wasn’t it? Nowadays workers get all the risk, like uninsured health trouble and little to no rights at work. Millions feel caught with no option to leave, just to keep their house and food. And corporations avoid all risks, like the US prison corporations that may even fine those that hinder their profit estimation. Are you kidding me? That’s piracy & slavery. Entrepreneurship is a risk, so, when laws change they must adapt. By now all big corporations have had years of opportunity to shift to green. What did they do? They lobbied and lobbied to postpone that, corrupting lots of politicians on the go. They often invested enormous amounts in new terrible projects. I say, put down strict new rules and let them show how innovative they really are. Let them run the risk, because all solutions are already available. The big players just downplayed them for their own interests. They took a risk, now they need to lose big time, disappear like the dinosaurs they are, or adapt and be really innovative. That’s capitalism. If they don’t play, see previous item.

5. Forbid lobbying for ease of rulings

When money, rather than truth, urgency and need make up the agenda, you know corruption runs the show.

Lobbying by big corporations, even with ‘scientific proof’ of their point in hand should be massively reduced or forbidden. It’s corruption and we, the people, know it. Humans are also animals. Most will only act, when really confronted with the effects of their actions. And many just seek to avoid just that. Let politicians talk way more with activists, scientists, normal people who suffer consequences. Let senators live in Flint, Michigan for a week, use discolored leaded tap water and then ask them what they’ll do next. If they don’t want to go, demand explanations why not. Organize a world congress on the ocean amidst all the plastic for the CEO’s. And when they don’t go, fine their organizations. Then ask them how they’ll help. This all because lobbying to keep on spraying poison (Monsanto), denying climate impact (Oil), overlooking environmental impact (fracking oil) is criminal and should be treated like that.

6. Beware of the ‘Five Computers’ Paradigm

Don’t hold the interests of some big parties, that by now clearly should have known better, as ‘proof’ that things shouldn’t or can’t be changed.

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” ~Thomas Watson, president of IBM, 1943

The wah? Just invented the term. Fighting with copper against iron was once a losing idea, even though the copper industry tried to reason otherwise. Also the carriage and horses industry put up quite a fight against the car. Who’d believe, there’d be a need for all billions of computers looking at them from the current time frame? Of course alternatives that haven’t proven themselves yet, will lack funds, speakers, power. They always start meters behind established opinions, let alone (dirty) corporations that can field billions to keep their existing, but terrible practices going. “Oh look at all the jobs you’ll lose!”, they’ll whine. How can unestablished start ups, unknowns & activists offer alternatives to that? I say point at the massive undertaking that will create billions of jobs cleaning up and turning everything green. Overcome the ‘five computers’ paradigm through believing the world changed big time since 1900. Take the possible into account, not just what already is. It’s either we act, or the world will change terribly, because we didn’t act. Our choice.

Corporations & governments see a young commuter, most may see a depressed lost soul. Who wants more of them? Understand this to see why so many young people are depressed and sense lack of meaning.

7. Take away personhood of corporations

Change rules that give corporations all the wrong incentives. Make them pay for the mess they make. Make the economy work for the whole.

The idea of personhood for corporations was once sold as an idea to politicians. And for a while it seemed to bring progress. Then it all turned dark. Greed now rules he world and huge corporations seem to be above and act outside the law. Those that create the environmental damages should pay for the damages. Right now the meat industry is globally among the worst. producing it takes animal cruelty, deforestation, millions of gallons of water, pollution from both industry and transport. Yet because of the current rules hamburgers imported from Argentine are cheaper than organic apples from not 20 miles away. And you suffer the consequences of that industry, not it’s stakeholders, nor it’s CEO. Individuals and corporations whose actions damage our collective environment should be held accountable. They should be covering the costs. Give them a year tops to change. The whole of the USA could change to a war industry in 3 months after Pearl Harbor. Thus change is possible. You may wonder about the costs? Once again, many young clean organizations are waiting to jump into the gap and scale up. Invest in those. And is saving longer before you buy anything so bad? No, it makes sense and teaches responsibility. The age of consuming is over anyway, experience is key now. Check the regrets of the dying if you want to know why.

8. Make big cities self sufficient or anti-fragile.

Our societies will be much more resilient when big cities become self sufficient. And it’s good for nature on this planet too.

This may sound weird to some, but history gives us a clue why this makes sense. In old China it was the responsibility of the government to store enough rice, so in times of need everyone could be fed. Today when a big crisis hits us all, many will go hungry, while there is enough food, we have enough workers and enough industry to feed everyone. They only go hungry because there’s not enough money, read not enough of a virtual idea in the bank, or too much in the hands of too few. That is crazy. Hence with modern technology big cities should become self sufficient. With vertical gardening, rooftop farms, food forest parks and greenhouse flats they can both provide for everyone and make the air so much healthier. Also modern tech gives enough tools to win all energy needed. The only things stopping cities, are exactly the big corporations that love to keep everyone dependent on their deliveries. This is handing over power to those that have their profits in mind, not your capability to stay afloat in a crisis. And making the distance between production and delivery as short as possible is very health and cheaper too. And it helps to diminish power of large corporations over us all. All in all, also nature will be so much happier, when human society lets it in. It will help save the bees and perhaps even our whole eco-system.

9. Add the ‘Green Incentive’ clause within Unions and Labour Law.

Labour unions must shift to 21st century realities. You can’t protect laborers, if you don’t help them protect our collective future.

Whenever workers sees how things can be done much greener, they should have the freedom to implement such, at the least stand for the change. They shouldn’t be fired over this. Thus labour law should protect them, when they have ideas, healthy for us all. And Unions should fight for that right. Unions that don’t include this in their position are outdated, backward dinosaurs as well. It makes no sense they fight for my job, and my safety at work, but not for our common health. Workers, read the villagers of a company, should be safe from poisons they breath. Unions seek to help with that. So helping the same villagers making sure their own families at home aren’t poisoned by their work, makes sense too. This is much like the English ‘right to challenge’. If you think you can do a government service better than your city, provide the evidence and they must listen. Apply, or fight for it that, this idea thus to labour law and corporate regulations.

10. Discuss psychology in leadership issues.

When we can’t discuss the madness of having psychopaths in charge, and only talk on content level, we shoot ourselves in the foot.

With Trump, the whole of USA is suffering severe damages in it’s role around the world. The dollar is dumped by even current allies. At international conferences Trump and his officials get laughed at. Also many narcist, fascist, biased, corrupt, idiot leaders or delegates of countries meet in international situations. We always see them discuss the topics, yet, through Trump and other crazy people, we learn we should also be able to address aspects of their personality. If someone bullies or blackmails others than that should be addressed directly. We should stop hiding it in content discussions. This infuriates many common people, because their underbellies feel what’s going on. Many comedians live from sensing discrepanties in tone and content. If someone is known to bend over for corporate lobbies, than that should be questioned loudly and also influence outcomes. Because if we only flatter each other in language, avoid of possible conflicts of interest or weird biases we can’t move on. We are still social animals, last time I checked. We need to expose how that aspect influences outcomes and feel free to discuss it.

Tip: have a fool or jester (figure) present at such huge meetings. They are experts at pinching through ego and false arguments. Being outside the power frame they should be able to say, what no individual country can say. They expose undercurrents, often exactly what civilians also feel and angers when not addressed.

Tip: Psychopaths and other deviances should be addressed when their ‘madness’ damages progress. Thanks to Trump, we all know what a damage one man can do, when chosen in the wrong position. Refuse to deal with those that don’t know how to work, let alone feel, for the planet as a whole.

11. Basic UN income for all whistle blowers.

How can we clean up for real, when so much pollution is hidden? Create regulations that will help uncover hidden acts that damage the whole.

Many whistle blowers look beyond the tribal circle interests. They see the big picture. If and when a whistle blower makes something public that is of interest for the health of the world as a whole, then such should take immediate precedence over corporate interests. Yet our tribal attitudes often makes them a traitor. I say, those that keep their mouth shut, when they know, or are actively forced to pollute the sea, a forest, city or even clients, are the real traitors. Those that know and still work for such organizations, or help them profit as outside sources also should feel free to speak up. We must help everyone to help the whole. Thus all whistle blowers gain immediate protection and a basic income until they find an new job. It makes also sense to reward anyone who helps the world as a whole as a special emissary of the UN or country. When someone works to plant thousands of new tress, how can such a person just be a volunteer. He or she is a worker for the planet as a whole and should be valued as such. It is these people that deserve protection & pay the most, when the going gets tough. Yet those that work for the whole, are the ones we should be most grateful for. Law should provide for that.

To ridicule activists means you’re not really listening.

12. Activists are not disruptors, they’re help.

Can we see that most activists and protestors try to help, while ‘voices of reason’ in suits who point at them as disturbances, might be the problem.

Often the activists are portrayed as the bad guys. Weird, because they aren’t. Almost all protestors seek to give a signal to their government: “Do something about this! Something is wrong here!” They seek to help by speaking out. They are clear in that things are wrong. That makes them essentially collaborators in an argument with the powers that be. Often it may be the case, they’re angry about not being listened to. And also often, the ones that triggered that anger are seemingly reasonable men within the government. These ‘reasonable men’ are the corrupt politicians that accept pay to protect corporate interests. Often those best at pointing the finger are the ones most guilty to the accusation. It was the Republicans who previously shouted the loudest for action to prevent illegal voting. Turns out in the US midterms this year, they have disenfranchised so many voters through Gerrymandering, blacklisting, polling station closures and more, that they are the real crooks here. As with false flags, those that point the hardest may not want you to really look. I say listen much better to the anger of protestors and speak much more with them to learn and see what also needs attention. Our collective interests aren’t served by protecting the interests of a (powerful) few.

Looking from this consciousness, the normal becomes crazy and seeing what is essential more clear.

13. You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

How can heal our madness, when madness has become our normal?

We should see that when very few voices decide the thinking gets narrow and essential aspects are overlooked. Continuous growth? Clean Coal? A wall to stop immigrants? It is a multitude of perspectives that can help see everything and slowly offer the most real solutions in our complex society. Even I may think my political views are healthier, but I also know, if we all do exactly my view only, the results will be terrible. So how to widen our scope, how to liberate and wake up from the madness of one sided perspectives? We need to listen to very different perspectives in honesty. The views only based on interests, of ‘experts’ who may have been bought, have been pushed to sell certain truths are hindering reality checks. No, wonder the honesty of outsider can feel so true, refreshing or shocking, because they open our eyes much better, than more of the same. No wonder Greta Thunberg went viral. So start to invite and listen more to these outsider perspectives and their ideas for solutions. Because we can’t solve Global Warming with CO2 solutions alone. We have to look at all causes, those of our culture, convictions, biases, political structures, power plays, psychology and spiritual health. The mindsets that created those problems influence us all. Or as Einstein supposedly said: “You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.” We better start learn that lesson.

“I say what kind of development is it when the people live shorter lives than before? They catch HIV/AIDS. Our children are beaten in school and won’t go there. Some become prostitutes. They are not allowed to hunt. They fight because they are bored and get drunk. They are starting to commit suicide. We never saw that before. It hurts to say this. Is this ‘development’?” ~Roy Sesana, activist and leader of the Gana Bushmen (exposing the madness of ‘our kind of progress’)

Tip: Include indigenous and other outsider voices. Only with a diversity of wise voices can we move forward in a balanced way. Many indigenous leaders succeed in explaining the root causes of our over the top capitalism. They often sharper voice their suffering, the victims of industrial development that always seems to profit at the cost of untold others and our environment. They (still) may have to laws with them, our souls know this is deeply unjust and damaging.

14. Work for the long term future, not current short term realities.

Our current economy is based on stealing from the future. How long is that still viable? How crazy are we? Time to wake up!

“We are the ancestors of our grandchildren’s children. We look after them, just as our ancestors look after us. We aren’t here for ourselves. We are here for each other and for the children of our grandchildren.” ~ Roy Sesana, activist and leader of the Gana Bushmen

As I said before, we either wake up and act, or the change will impose itself on us. Anger, insecurity, fear and depression is on the rise. We should stop with loaning from the future, but focus on what needs to happen now for that future to be healthy, flourishing and safe. And we know that some people, some companies, some politicians have to be stopped for that. We know we must pay in handing over luxuries, comfort and customs. But if we don’t, all that will be taken away anyway, through war, anxieties build on scarcity, while living in abundance is still very possible, for everyone, if we share and collaborate. And we must start educating everyone as best as we can to be part of the solution. We need all talents developed into critical thinkers, engineers, creative solution finders, etc. That is preparing them for their future. And that is wealth. Not developing that wealth for our future is stealing from the future. And stealing is a crime. Thus seek to make all your work of service to the distant future, and stop fuzzing about the gritty whining dinosaur companies, who had more than enough time to adjust course. Invest in your own great grand children!


Take the best points for you of this list and get your representative on it. Use it to stimulate them towards action. Demand daily updates, because daily progress towards a clean flourishing healthy planet is key to our shared future. The days of nationalism are over. Everything has become interdependent. We must work and collaborate across boundaries to heal our planet. The time for individual, tribal, national or corporate squabbles is over. The world is at stake, lets clean it up and get it flourishing. And give you the feeling you can fly. Because you can.

One more Tip: Here’s is an idea for an item that every news broadcast should herald. Even when there doesn’t seem to be news. That news is namely news too. When the media would opt to show daily news items of all that’s already happening, then our collective shift might become the new normal. And anyone fearing their employer or country is too late to ride the wave of change mostly likely will complain them into action. Thus creating hope and ideas of the possible, over dystopian threat. Are we truly the lords of creation and the most adaptive species around? I know we can live in a garden. Be the proof it’s possible. ;)



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