The Mighty Dinosaur, what can stand up to it?

Investing in a living future

The Dinosaur and Mouse Paradox

Floris Koot
Jun 16 · 4 min read

The success of Godzilla should have us wonder. The world destroyed by huge monsters. Is that possible? We seem to love big, bigger, gigantic. Thing is, they are dangerous. I’m talking about dinosaur corporations here, like oil, arms and billionaire investors. I will explain why we need to divest from supporting dinosaurs to investing in mouses. And why that is hard.

The Rule of Modern Dinosaurs

Governments must always choose between the known and unknown. The current known is full of dinosaurs. They rule the planet. They’re killing it, but offer work to millions and lobby as hard as they can to keep what is, currently, theirs. Then there’s the mouses. They live in the undergrowth, are way more sustainable, are inventing thousands of alternatives towards an more healthy planet, yet don’t get enough governmental support. How is that?

Well the dinosaurs, like the big oil companies, are what we know and they are big, successful and strong. They also promise protection against the meteorite that is heading for earth. “Trust us, we rule, we have the answers and the world you know will be gone if you make it difficult for us. And if you make it difficult for us, then…. your economy will suffer.” The EU government deciding on big issues, speaks to all kinds of groups. Yet during the TTIP negotiations more than 90% of that time was spend talking to dinosaur lobbyists. Not more than 7% to the (NOGO and activist) mouses. What is going wrong?

“How can we compare the existing reality to proposals by unknowns?” ~ the key question of the Dinosaur & Mouse Paradox

Why can’t we distinguish power from truth?

The mouses are unknown and small. They point to the meteorite and claim to have solutions. They are a multitude of little squeaks; so who and how to listen to them? And why would a government bet on the potential ideas of mouses, compared to the existing power of the dinosaurs? Good question. The sad thing is, mostly they’re not even trying. Also the news tends to ignore peaceful alternatives, for lack of sensation, let alone advertising budgets.

Why don’t we see the solutions in front of us?

Two things are in the way. The first is that we put trust in power. It has proven its past succes. And way too many people have vetted interests in it staying the same. But why do they seem blind to the destruction of everything they know, even when proof shows more and more it’s coming?

What is in the way to give credit to the mouses is this theorem: A proven concept of reality put into a frame (capitalism: dinosaurs must always grow bigger to survive, the infinite growth model) will make all that doesn’t collide with that frame invisible. In short, we don’t register what doesn’t fit our story or our ‘normal’ convictions. Prejudice makes blind. Yet to be seen the mouses must rattle the powers that be more, or remain unseen. This often makes us see demonstrators as a disturbance, rather than a new wise insight.

A once established frame will be defended as long as the frame isn’t shattered, read proven obsolete, totally wrong or proven a dirty lie all along. Those defending it, however, will always try to turn a blind eye, ignore and deny conflicting revelations, or frame them as conscious attacks by those who stand to gain the most from a shattered frame. Think about the end of smoking, the ongoing fights for women’s rights, racial equality, etc. The current dinosaur frame consciously distracts from the meteorite coming. Others consciously lie about its size. It seems, they prefer to experience the impact of the rock from heaven, rather than rely on scientific research and the shout outs of the mouses telling us it’s coming.

Can we learn to listen to truth over power, interests and biased convictions?

Thing is, we need to learn to listen to voices of truth, regardless of the size and power of the party voicing it. The child that saw the emperor was naked, in the fairy tale, was right. It took the veil of self-deception away. The dinosaurs are naked too. We all know it. Why then do we continue to play they’re not, with the fate of our planet at stake? Surely we are smarter than that. And if it’s lack of courage, please grow a spine. So go support the mouses, those that squeak the warnings (like Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement and many more) and squeak the solutions (Regenerative Design and many more). They are the future, as the first mammals were in the age of the real dinosaurs. And this time, when listened to, their squeaking may even save some of the very dinosaurs that attempt to trample the rise of alternatives to our current destructive system. ;)

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The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

Floris Koot

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Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

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