New James Bond movie treatment

What real world threat might 007 be able to deal with?

It seems the James Bond team is struggling with a new screenplay. What should they be telling? I have an idea. :) Welcome to a twisted tale for the new decennium. New political realities shape our world. Many of us feel terrorism is one of the biggest current dangers. Yet even a much bigger threat are the forces that shape it. How to bring that idea to the general public using Bond?

Bond deals with realistic threats in a fictional way.

STORY: Bond has to save the US president from outside terrorists, inside criminals and even his own ‘weakness’, all the wile avoiding every weaponized American Agent, good and bad, chasing him.

It starts quite cliché, with Bond needing to save the USA president from a terrorist attack. The who, what and why turns out to be way more complex than initially thought, with conspiracy written all over. The revelations hint, a playful little (Surely, we can’t have Bond to be too political, no? ;)) to current global corporate interests, unrestricted billionaire power and how they use national intelligence agencies to get what they want.

Opening Serbia scene

Thrilling action in Serbia where Bond overtakes a convoy of illegal arms, that get loaded in a plane. One scary woman boss Christine sees the plane off, while it lifts of, she notices Bond in the closing cargo space. She warns the men on board. Bond fights his way into the cockpit. After a stiff fight he dumps the weapons from the plane into the ocean; weapons that were meant to ignite violent civil unrest in South Africa.

Gail Nkoane as ‘Londi’?

Back in his hotel room he discovers Felix Leiter from the CIA in holiday clothing, inviting him for a safari. Bond agrees, as Leiter has a beautiful black South African woman Londi with him. She regards Bond with disdain. He finds her intreguing. Overhead through a satellite someone picks up their conversation.

007 in “Shadow Games”

Opening Credits

A cliché yet awesome diorama of diamonds, money, modern tech, drones, beautiful women and shadows runing around with weapons, from bearded terrorists with AK-47’s to high tech commando’s al geared up, who have eyes behind dark glasses. And a lion roars.

“Everybody believes they’re the good guy.”

Safari Scene.

Leiter and Bond leave Londi and their guide and all the electric equipment behind in their car on a road in a national park. Out under a big tree Leiter tells his story. He is here because he’s out to catch an international terrorist, who is set to kill the US president. When he found out and told his superiors, his research was stopped from above. Some people high up the Intelligence Tree, seem to protect the attack. Why? Leiter was forced to let go of the investigation and send on a holiday. Thus he wants Bond to help solve this case, as he can’t persue it. He points out Londi, who as South African has previous knowledge of the terrorist, a Somalian called Diric. He hopes Bond and Londi as unknowns can stop the attack. They are under the tree, because he fears for sattelite check ups on his position and actions, to prevent him from interfering.

They then get attacked by a lion, but chase him off without weapons. They don’t kill the beast, as Bond seems to respect wildlife. Londi wonders why. “He’s not the enemy. He just defends his territory.” Londi approves of this stance. At sundown they make love in a romantic treehouse.

London scene.

Bond is being debriefed by M. The weapons transport Bond stopped was initiated by an English Billionaire. This man, McRobert is an American styled White supramacist who wants the White people in South Africa should get back in power again, by force. Thus Bond just prevented England being embarrassed in an international scandal and a new war. M forbids Bond to help Leiter, when he tells about Leiters request. Better avoid any tricky things with allies. M orders him to find a way to stop McRobert to try such a thing again. Bond plays along. Since it’s a proof gathering operation, and not a kill operation, he doesn’t get weapons stuff from Q (played by a genius woman?). Q gives 007 some allowed geek tech, to help hack McRobert, though, and during some flirting, smuggles a helpful little thing to Bond.

“Look Bond, the rules for billionaires are different nowadays. McRobert has too much power to just arrest or even implicate him. We need absolute proof before we can act against such a powerful public figure.”

Mongolian Nightclub scene

Bond and Londi arrive in an illegal nightclub deep in Mongolia. Here Diric supposedly wants to buy a certain missile, to fire through the front lawn of the White House, when the president is home. He meets Diric in a situation with many armed thugs, among which a Chinese tech arms dealer Cong Fan, who has a code in his head to the weapon system Diric seeks. Diric too brought men, one giant black man Thenjiwe, and one very clean white man Dawie, who seems too methodic to be a thug. Bond prevents the weapons deal, by shooting the dealer. In the confusion Diric escapes with his thugs, due to a mistake made by Londi. Londi appologizes for making the mistake. Bond gets suspicious.

“Have you ever considered, Mr. Bond, that many so called terrorists might be men, who feel pressured to last resorts to defend their home from an aggressive empire that can’t take no for an answer? I feel like Luke SkyWalker, mr Bond, up against the Dark Force. That is my religion.”

Jungle Fight Scene

Bond and Londi then follow Dirics trail to the Philippines the only other place where currently the sought after weapon system is illegally available. They find, deep in the jungle, a camp full of local thugs and some European men leading them, all teched up. Londi gets Bond to attack the camp to prevent the weapon being transported away to the USA. The attack succeeds, yet what Bond believes to be the weapon system, turns out to be an advanced satellite set up, and oh surprise, it’s MrRobert live on the other end, not liking it, Bond saw his face. Bond discovers these thugs are all men from Spectre, using McRobert equipment. They too wanted to stop Diric. But why? He then needs to defend himself against the thugs and a modern heat seeking Drone. Because of Bonds intervention Diric & his men pass the camp by boat on the river and escape the Philippines by plane. Bond succeeds beating the men and Drone attacking him. Bond wonders what’s going on here, but Londi is gone. He then needs a day to get back to civilization, as Londi destroyed his phone and transport out of the jungle. What kind of game is she playing?

From London to USA scene.

Back in London Bond reports to M, that McRobert is with Spectre. When they want to arrest him, he’s gone. Bond then flies to the USA. Upon arrival he is arrested as a foreign agent. Leiter helps him escape. During this he barely misses Christine, who arrives, with a few creepy agents, to kill Bond. Bond wonders who she really is. He then discovers she’s the shadowy sister of Wally Mochier. They are twin billionaires with a lot of influence in American Politics. Main stream media doesn’t even provide pictures of her.

Chase scene

Bond now uses the hacking tech (and or Q) to find Diric. He doesn’t find him. He does find Londi. She’s in a modern illegal stolen car depot, near Detroit. There she and her team arm up a copy of a normal Washington public bus, that passes the White House daily, to fire the rocket. What Bond doesn’t realize is that he too is trailed. He is followed by satellite as he travels towards Londi.

To get her, Bond has to chase the bus with Londi and, surprise, Diric and his men, across the highway. Then a high tech commando team, a helicopter and drones attack both parties. Diric dies. Bond fights the new attackers off just enough to escape for a while to an old industrial terrain. Here he and Londi, Thenwije and Dawie get surrounded by the commando’s. Now Londi asks Bond to help save her country.

The First Revelations.

Londi tells Bond the truth. South Africa has a lot of diamonds. These are mostly in European hands, yet the price is fairer than it used to be. What no one knows is that the US president is blackmailing South Africa to hand over the diamond contracts to Spectre run companies, otherwise there will be a ‘nuclear accident’. South Africa wants to stop this nuclear threat by killing the US president. For this they used Diric, a Somalian terrorist, so no one would suspect their country. They paid his family millions in diamonds for his help. When South Africa found out that Diric was chased, they send Londi to ‘help’ first Leiter, and then Bond. Dawie and Thenjiwe are unlisted South African agents like her, men with the skills to aid Diric in his mission.

“You know, creating unrest in certain regions is a very American trick to get access to natural resources. They’ve been doing this all over the world. It turned the Middle East into a mess. I’ll never let that happen to my country.”

Bond shoots down a helicopter.

Escape scene

Bond then, with the help of Dawie and Thenjiwe, shoots down the helicopter and drones, using the rocket meant for the president. Barely escaping with Londi, Dawie and Thenjiwe stay behind wounded and covering their exit as commando’s close in. Bond also fights Christine while escaping. During the fight he finds Christine has a Spectre tattoo on one arm. How deep are the US intelligence agencies infiltrated? And why?

Vital witness scene

Bond calls Leiter, who in his turn is still not welcome in Washington, by order of the CIA. He gives Bond the name of an old friend of the US president, general Howard Groundfeet, who might have answers. This call is being overheard by unknowns through satellite.

Bond and Londi reach general Groundfeet, an old timer with a lot of gusto and raw humor, just in time to wisk him away from yet another attack. The general indeed felt something was going on, with his old friend who became president. He fears Bunker is being blackmailed and pressured into using this nuclear threat onto another country. But he knows a private way to reach the president.

Plot Twist Scene.

Bond, Londi and Groundfeet meet President Bunker in a supposedly unpregnatable secret room near the Pentagon. Here the president confesses he is being blackmailed. He, his wife and children each have injected with high tech bombs, now residing in their bodies. This happened during a private dinner with billionaires Wally & Christine Mochier, who were his super pack in the election. Wally can explode the bombs any moment, from his high tech mansion on top of a fortified tower complex in the middle of the city. The president feels he can’t do anything. The bombs will explode when touched with instruments. Also through Mochier agents within the intelligence services, Wally Mochier would surely find out, when action was taken against him. The president sweats. He feels he has no choice. He gives a signal. Doors open and Christine Mochier enters with heavily armed Spectre Commando’s. She thanks the president for his cooperation. Bond, Groundfeet and Londi are taken prisoner and transported to the Mochier fortress.

“You know mr. Bond, when you rule the US president, you rule the world. Better us, wouldn’t you say, then the terribly misinformed losers in this country, no?”

They ride up the Mochier tower in a elevator. Bond and Londi are kneeling on the floor, and loudmouthed Groundfeet lays smacked knockout, surrounded by thirteen thugs and Christine. She shows how the Spectre logo is hidden in the Mochier logo. Christine is also happy to show them how a seemingly simple tower, is really a high tech super charged fortress. From this fortress they rule the world. Wally almost never leaves the building, unlike her. But then almost know one knows her face. Thus she’s free to go out and play in the shadows.

Fighting Finale

Christina ‘flirts’ up to Bond, wanting to know why he joined the coloureds. Bond resists her supremacist madness. Groundfeet stays K.O. at the feet of two Spectre guards.

When they arrive in the penthouse Wally is angry his sister brought the prisoners home. He wants them dead. Here we also find McRobert. He is happy Bond will die. He prefers to kill him with his latest weapon technology, a weaponized robot. He believes to world is longing for a war, that his tech will win, for whomever buys it. Christine stops him. She prefers to first play with them. Bond observes how Wally has a chain around his neck with some buttons. Christine transports Londi and Bond to a torture room of her own design. Near the toruture room is even an acid bath to do away with bodies.

“You simple agents. Can’t you see our big picture? Can’t you see what’s at stake here, for us? We invested for billions in oil, and that’ll be all gone, as soon as oil is no longer essential. Thus we need to pressure the president to keep it running as long as we can. We need that time, until we dominate the access to new fundamental riches. Only then we’ll allow shift to happen.”

At a crucial moment she is distracted, because Groundfeet seems to have escaped within the building. At that moment Bond uses the small gimmick he got from Q, to liberate himself and Londi. Londi starts a catfight with Christine. Bond chases Wally. Wally threatens to blow up the president and his family. Groundfeet turns up and knocks the hanger out of his hands. Bond destroys the hanger in the bath of acids the Mochiers keep for dissolving their victims. Now Bond has to fight Wally’s biggest thugs, as Wally suggests nobody needs to ever know the threat is gone. Meanwhile McRobert seeks to start up his robot. But then Londi appears with Christines phone in her hands. She has called the president, that he and his family are safe. Behind her a very bloody and messed up Christine turns up. Londi needs to fight her a last time. McRobert meanwhile seeks to flee the building, but walks into a line of fire of his own robot.

“See, I didn’t lay a finger on you, McRobert. No license to kill you.”

At that moment in the White house many arrests start to happen and Leiter, back in grace, leads some strike teams of agents towards the Mochier building. Wally screams as he realizes his sister is dead. We see her the last bit of her dissolving in the acid bath. Wally seeks to escape, but at the last moment Bond helps him take a dive from his ‘safe’ building. In the distance helicopters approach. Wally’s last men start running for the exits, followed by the robot, now safely controlled by Bond.


CNN reports the strange deaths of the Mochier twins. Rumors of strange shadow games they played are abound. Had living in their own world as they did, inside their tower, driven them to insanity? On another tv show president Bunker talks about the need to keep powers of state and money influence balanced, perhaps better even separated.

Felix Leiter leads Bond and Londi into a very luxurous plane. “Compliments from the president.” Air Force One brings Bond & Londi home to London. They start to kiss in the presidential chair. A CIA agent, looking at them, doesn’t know where to look or what to say.

More on why movies need to address real world issues better.

Easter Eggs in names.

Londi: Zule female name from Londiszwe, meaning ‘protect the nation’.

Diric. Male Somalian name meaning ‘fearless, daring, bold’.

Thenjiwe: Zulu male name, meaning ‘the trusted one’.

Dawie: Afrikaanse male first name, derived from David.

Cong Fan: Chinese name, Cong meaning ‘lethal’ and Fan ‘intelligent’.

Note: The ‘evil’ billionaires aren’t styled after real world people. The immensity of influence, billionaires currently (can) wield however, should be a matter of concern. Certainly some billionaires do have power, and negative attitudes, that might approach that of former Bond enemies.

Storyline copyright: Floris Koot 2017

Copyrights of used pictures belong to separate owners, and are just used here to get you in the mood. If I claim rights to any picture, and want me to remove it here, let me know.

Real world acting twins Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi as the ‘Christine and Wally Mochier’?
Barkhad Abdi as ‘Diric’?
or Nolo Phiri as ‘Londi’?



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