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Pay for the damage you do!

Proposal for new economic value system

Floris Koot
Aug 19 · 4 min read

It is insane if you can make huge profits while harming life on this planet!

How could we ever have allowed this? If we only keep valuing financial profits as good results then we keep killing our ecosphere. Then the warmongers, the oil frackers, the plastic producers, the insecticide lobbies, etc, will keep on pushing regulations and political actions that make matters worse, not better.

And we all will pay the price for that, even the billionaires. 7 billion people all living at the cost of nature, rather than helping it thrive is madness and we know it. Corporations keep polluting, yet having every one else pays the price. This is clear and utter madness. Time to shift.

New Regulations We Need.

Thus we do need to install regulations as soon as possible. The most logical simple one should be: the more damage you do to planet and people, the higher you get taxed. Simple. It makes no sense that companies can chop down primal forest for profit, and everyone else needs to compensate the replanting in taxes.

It makes no sense that nylon clothing pollutes the oceans with each washing, and the companies keep on doing that without paying the price. It makes no sense they aren’t held responsible for the cancers, dead sea life they cause.

It makes no sense knowing what plastic does in the oceans, what insecticides do to wildlife and insect life and they may continue their insane actions, because it would be economical unrealistic to ask them to change?? Who is unrealistic here? Who is corrupt here, we sadly must ask as well?

It makes no sense that governments fund (read corporate socialism) corporations for activities like fracking that add huge costs in health hazards, pollution clean ups and environmental destruction. And that we all pay and suffer the consequences while they pocket the profits. That’s piracy.

It makes no sense corporations benefit from making people addicted to pills, make more money when people are longer sick. That is a crazy system. It should be profitable if people and planet are as healthy as possible. It actually is for all of us beneficial, except the corporations benefiting from war, disease and injustice. And that is crazy and criminal.

Reward those that heal the planet through their actions.

Those that damage should be held accountable and pay for the damages they do. Companies that regenerate nature, make it flourish, save species from extinction; only they should be exempt from taxes.

So the more you contribute to the health of the whole ecosystem the lower your taxes. The more you (consciously) do damage the higher your taxes. And when you lie and cheat to prevent such cost, or continue damages.. Well, our souls know that’s criminal. So when does our law make it such?

So does your company do stuff of significance to make a difference? Or does it defend a status qua that damages the planet as a whole? We should rate companies on this and stop the destruction of the planet. The life style of 7 billion people need to change, and law should help/push/force companies to take the lead. Which politicians have the vision and guts to make this a spearpoint of their campaign?

Shift or be shifted.

Too many corporations and billionaires have been consciously lying long enough about the damage they do, corrupting politics, advertising falsehoods to the people to start being much stricter with them, then before. I fear they’ll probably will resist all attempts in this direction. For once, people within those organizations, worried about your kids future, wake up, wake your bosses up, wake the owners up. You can’t eat money and you can’t breath oil.

“We are a natural part of the Earth. We must take care of the Earth.” ~John Trudell, famous Take Back the Earth 1980(!) thanksgiving speech.

Timetable based on demands of the youth.

We give our governments and the corporations 6 months to shift. Hey, after Pearl Harbour the USA only needed 3 months to shift to a war economy. So 6 months to get towards a regenerative should be enough. Our children who demand a future count on your support. Tweet this article with #shiftyear2020

Thousands around the planet are working on plans in this direction. They push such legislature, invent models, write blogs, run NGO’s, expose criminal and insane company politics, etc. Millions want this to happen, foremost and most importantly children.

Where to Begin:

Just a few examples of people pushing for this I only read within the last few days. Add others in the comments:

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