If this is reality, then what game would best express that to help us save our own planet?


The Video Game the World Needs Right Now

Redesign global politics and economy to save the planet.

Too many games get you to start from humble beginnings and then start building your culture and conquer your way forward. You’ll approach nature as a commodity or obstacle. Forests get cleared to build onwards. Other cultures are enemies, or only allies until all other enemies are gone. These games seem to promote infinite growth capitalism all the way and you get to be the manager or CEO of a world eating process. And while war in games is fun, the people in war torn places around the world will tell you peace is preferable. And many wars are, like in games, essentially about access to natural resources. Also the game incentives to make one culture the dominant one is just sickening and fascist at the core. In most of these games ecosystems are cut away like they play no role. Meanwhile our eco-system is in danger of disastrous collapse. Our planet is in urgent need of a different mindset and different game play than what the game industry dominantly offers. Here is a concept for a game to offer just that:


Save the Planet, Beat the Greed Culture

Can you stop the greedy profit incentive? Can you save the planet and your country from eco-system collapse and or drowning? Or will you end up making matters worse? Can you become the World Healer our planet needs?

REDUCE, RECYCLE, OVERHAUL. Take down destructive industries, stop their lobbies influencing politics. Reduce the amount of products and stop what’s made just to be thrown away. Make sure everything can be reused and doesn’t ballast nature. Make the world green and let nature and its peoples flourish. But beware, huge powers will fight you all the way, as you threaten their profits.

Game Set Up

Once you start the game you choose a career. Start as politician, journalist, activist, terrorist, scientist or entrepreneur. You can also choose to play as grandmother, the kind of empathic wise leaders who need to sit in at every table where our future is discussed. Choose wisely and you become a global leader, the voice of millions. Fail and become (seen as) a scandalized liar. Or do you hope violent interventions can help, rather than make matters worse? Will you uncover the truth as journalist or scientist or get fired because of corporate pressure on your bosses? Will you speak at TED and inspire millions, or end up at the side of the road?

Also choose your starting country, each bringing their own advantages and disadvantages. Americans start strong, but their president is the worst for the environment ever and corrupt as hell. Chinese players must stay within boundaries set by their government. Russians are strong within their country, but often find little trust outside. Players from little countries will have very little influence at the start but may grow unnoticed by nasty big players, or, sadly disappear unnoticed, as happens increasingly in reality.

As you can guess, choosing color, sex, religion, age and nation all have deep impact. It’s a kind of a painful irony that playing a poor peaceful Senior Black Muslim Woman from a country at war may give you a much better/harder play challenge than playing a Christian White Rich Dude who is CEO in the USA. But then making that guy care, might be the hardest.

The real world game you have to beat, or change.


In the game you’ll have the following unique options, never or rarely seen in other games.

STOP BUILDING, START REDUCING. Stop the biggest polluting dinosaur companies, like oil, and install alternatives that don’t pollute. Fight their lobbies, war mongering and greenwashing.

CHANGE THE GAME. Change the rules of the game, in politics and economy. Can you change the money game so that profit at the cost of the planet doesn’t work any more? And you’ll also have to change our cultural DNA, that keeps us supporting economic growth at the cost of our fundamental eco-systems.

INFLUENCE IN DIFFERENT WAYS. From your starting position you’ll have to influence people with truth, politics, money and perhaps even lies and force. But beware, the more amoral your actions, the bigger the chance it’ll be used against you.

BUILD MANY ALLIANCES. Rather than build your own force, you’ll have to build global alliances with thousands of NPC’s and other players. You’ll have to lead a movement with many followers making their own choices. Beware, too much freedom and you’ll harvest chaos, too little and you breed resistance.

PROTEST, BLOCKADE, EXPOSE destructive organisations and governments. Go from one person protest to millions of people collaborating as a swarm to end destructive parties. Get away with whistleblowing, truthtelling on corporate media, investigations in forbidden zones. Get a new movement of ‘crazy grandmothers’ on the road, to stop their corporate kids out of the ‘machine’.

SKILL TREES for your player will include storytelling, negotiating, leading, business, research, convincing, spying, science, resistance, modern media, fighting and regenerative design. All aspects real change makers also need.

EXPERIENCE UNIQUE EVENTS. Escape scandals, blow up false media lies against you, survived biased press interviews, circumvent blockages to find out the truth, visit countries in turmoil in short avoid being murdered, scandalized, ignored and or put in prison. Expect all the highs of other games presented here as dangers directed at you. Avoid being murdered (Hitman), Black Ops programs (Ghost Recon), lynch mobs (zombies), wars (Call of Duty) and epidemics (dystopian futures).

TECH TREE. Perhaps only the tech tree looks like a modern game. Innovations will be essential to succeed. Problem is some successful new technologies may make millions unemployed, reduce the economy and thus weaken your power and popularity. For this social inventions like basic income, freedom of work, experience economy, tiny house movement are as important at the technological ones.

The Game works with a very fluid story tree. Once you chose your profession you get tasks and issues to solve. You’ll have free choice missions and urgent missions, events coming upon your path such as superstorms, draughts or oil spills. As activist you may save the whales, as a scientist prove the health damages due to fracking. The bigger you grow, the more resistance you’ll get. The longer in the game without success the more dire the situation your country and the world will be in. Losing is not an option. This game will be all too real for allowing that option.

Green Sustainable city. Plan for a livable, breathable, beautiful Paris in 2050 by visionary architect (and realist I’d say) Vincent Callebaut. How our eyes long for some green in our lives.

Real World Discoveries

The game will offer a series of real world discoveries. You’ll be educated through the game on real world issues (for this the game may be forbidden in certain countries, but we seek to make sure there are hidden paths in the game to circumvent local censorships, oops should we have said that?)

Balancing is essential too. Political diversity makes global trade better, but negotiations harder. Lack of diversity however increases arrogance of the most mighty. It also increases inequality and suppression of minorities. Yet through diversity more and better solutions may emerge, more people will feel included and therefore act to help. You’ll find real world activists already working hard at playing this game for real.

Diversity in nature is essential, but makes prices rise and may increase shortages of essential foods. In order to prevent that you’ll have to introduce the right innovations in time. Beware of corporate sabotage, for scarcities and monopolies increase corporate profits. You’ll discover that rainforests are such a richer culture than tree plantations. You’ll find that saving nature actually decreases the global amount of economic refugees and thus reduces taxes for general populations in richer countries.

Your road to success is dangerous in itself. If you use corporate tactics, you may end up being more of the same. To become a billionaire you’ll have to be a ravaging entrepreneur. To become a president lying and cheating does help. To beat a corporations out of a country your military resistance may be framed as terrorism and incite more war. You’ll have to find real world tactics that real activists used to gain big successes in this game.

We can only hope we never have to play this in reality. To prevent that change the dominant current games.


While we seek investors willing to build this game, we hope you start playing now…in the real world. Because there this game is already happening. Large corporations act as cancers, growing without restraint slowly sickening the body of planet earth. Our culture considers that ‘normal’ and doesn’t do much to stop them. Millions of activists prove alternatives are present in abundance, but ignored by media and politics. So what can you do to change that and become a World Healer?

Could this be Paris in 2050? Help prevent dystopian distasters by dreaming the best possible future now.

A broader investigation on game paradigms can be found here.



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