The Matrix is here

To liberate yourself, let go of the stories

Floris Koot
May 15, 2017 · 5 min read

Most of us loved the Matrix movie. Many also know that the Wachowski’s, who made the movie, put Buddhist concepts in. What we think is normal is indeed a story. A clever story with several main forces driving you to believe it. And unlike the movie, to step out of the story is a much smaller step, than you might fear. So what’s the story and how to get out?

“If you’re ready to wake up, you’re gonna wake up” Alan Watts

Signs that should tell you to get out.

Are you depressed a lot? Are you heading towards a burn out? Or coming out of one? Are you on medication against some emotional unbalance? Are you fearing an invasion of whatever people? Are you always in a hurry and lack time to stop and think? These are all signals you aren’t living your real life. They all mean your caught up in a life and world, that’s not yours.

Why it matters to wake up.

Look up most important regrets of the dying. So when you aren’t living without regrets, or postponing taking care of them, chances are you are lost in suffering now. You suffer for a future that has to do with pictures in your head. And those pictures are the Matrix.

The real Matrix are all pictures and stories created by advertisers, politicians, peer pressure, family, cultural bias and especially by your own brain. Your brain thinks it’s trying to prevent you getting hurt, or feel socially awkward or even cast out. Yet, not learning to take the risk, the avoidance of anxiety is a addiction in itself, masterly preyed upon by marketing and propaganda. Fear this! Avoid that! Be safe by buying this, by voting that, by praying here. All story. What is happening here and now?

Waking up.

You breathe. You read. You may consider how it applies to you. You may play scenario’s of different options in your head. You may think of changing everything and people screaming at you when you do. Such scenario playing creates anxiety. But the real ‘unplugging from the story’ doesn’t need to be that big. Breathe. Read. Be here. Now. Repeat. This is what Zen is all about. And meditation is just the practice of practicing that. Breathe. Be here. Now.

All those stories, that tell you to get wherever you want to be, you have to stop living in the now? They are lies. The stories are the Matrix. It is as simple as that. Even when you think you’re alone, you can play, feel love, call a friend. And beyond the here & now, yet totally connected to it, is the experience of oneness. There is no you. There is breathing. There is action.

Living in this world.

Become true to yourself. More accepting of inner sides. If you want to play, play. If you hate your job, stop it, or change how you are present in it. If you feel the need to make a difference, volunteer, help, start giving. By the way, giving and helping are the best depression fighters ever. It’s the worrying about yourself (story) that takes freedom away, rather than offer it. With worry there’s only two choices, accept or act.

For some, ceremonies with magical mushrooms or ayahuasca can help experience or deepen the sense of oneness. I’ve never done it myself, only seen results, good and bad, in others. Such experiences may radically change your experience of reality. For many it’s a beautiful wake up, others get depressed, or unhinged. So don’t go there when not grounded enough and without very experienced trustworthy guidance. For me the sense of oneness is already in feeling connected very often. How and why? I don’t know. It feels like a grace coming with living my true nature. Mine. Not yours, so telling mine isn’t any guidance in this matter at all.

So here you are. The world is open. You are still breathing, otherwise you’d not reading this. You can go back to the Matrix and plug into the stories TV, Social Media, worries friends feed you. You can accept the targets that give you stress or.. you can see the openness and possibility in every situation. Breathe. Experience. Express. Have fun.

To further get out of the Matrix, here are some other helpful texts within the Gentle Revolution.

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Here are some outside links that may be very helpful.

  1. Go into nature to get real. Or start doing yoga. Or do both at the same time. Go meditate. Go sport. Take a risk outside. etc.
  2. Listen to the best Alan Watts video’s on youtube. Consider what’s wrong with our culture. Better stop worrying about the money. Dream who you really are. And find the real you.
  3. Start following Christopher Chase. His blogs are a mix of whole systems consciousness, tao&zen, scientific insights and our collective stories we live by (good and bad).
  4. If you’re young, try a different kind of education, like Knowmads, where they do train the courage to live a life true to yourself.

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

Floris Koot

Written by

Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

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