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You Are a Mutant

Why and how believe in magic matters.

Floris Koot
Oct 8, 2018 · 8 min read

#scientists should read this too.

Magic Stories in Abundance

Since a while I stimulate people to share stories of the inexplicable in their lives. What I get to hear is an array of foretelling dreams, meeting angels, seeing spirits, amazing physical energies, sudden deep understandings, magical meetings, impossible odds and more. Many people experience the inexplicable, yet all too often are understandingly shy to share. In our scientific age, anything that belies clear cause and effect is taken as fantasy, until proven otherwise. Thus many people stay silent for fear of being considered unrealistic, crazy or lost hippies. I claim this not only impoverishes our reality, it also stops us from developing into something more.

“The thousands of books on inexplainable events in ordinary peoples lives must point to something beyond reason and must contain grains of truth, many in our society hunger for.”

Why hasn’t science proven magic by now?

Now, most scientists avoid the ‘supernatural’ like the plague. Taking it serieus may result in losing credibility in the scientific community. And almost all research came up empty. Why? Because they don’t understand the reality of magic. Take this famous research into paranormal activity of mind reading. People had to guess from a closed room, what card someone in another room was looking at. Turned out people couldn’t. No wonder.

Does the incapability to guess what card someone is holding in another room disprove mind reading?

What seems paranormal is actually understandable, when you look a bit more down to earth at it. People, who can’t deliver in closed rooms, often can feel what is happening within others when more fully in touch with others or surrounding environment. That is because our bodies are the receiver of many many signals all at once. And it takes years of training to get better at reading them, or have the hot right guess, when signals are strong, often because of personal interests in the matter, or because that day you are just way more receptive.

The liturgy of science declares separation in order to investigate as the dominant dogma, yet reality exists as a multiverse of interconnections. It is precisely when the amount of interconnections is multiplied that more ‘magic’ happens. It is those people who open their bodies to higher levels of physical receptiveness can get kundalini, or other exalted, experiences. People who deeply involved in issues may dream answers. Hell, many scientists dreamed the solution they were looking for. Writers got chapters of their book dictated in their dreams. Isn’t it weird that scientists rather treat that as funny anecdotes, rather than as something very telling?

Beyond Healthy Scepsis

One huge argument against my story here is what is called cold reading. I think that cold reading is underestimated. A cold reading artist may be both a hustler yet at the same time, he triggers reactions, that his own subconsciousness reads. That part is, I think, the reality of intuition. All of us can sharpen our deeper reading of the complex input we get in any kind of interactions with others or environment. In short I think what we consider magic is just being deeper and more interconnected involved with what happens around you.

Tarot is a dance to get intuitive clarity through clever storytelling, randomness and who knows what.

An equally strong sceptic argument are the fantasy stories we create in order to explain the illogical or magical into a explanatory story. True, one only needs to talk to a few New Agers, to get a belly full of air tight logic that explains all. “Everything happens for a reason.” “I am guided by higher energies.” “We can imagine up our own desired reality.” etc. And indeed most people daily invent myths to explain their choices, circumstances or hopes. Take Tarot. We rationalize the cards into magical guidance, either by feeling confirmed by the cards, or by manipulating the meaning of a card until it ‘fits’. This manipulating the card to fit, actually helps people outside of the box of their normal thinking pattern. It almost enforces or helps find new perspectives. Thus, even when there might be totally no magical synchronicity to it, the cards are a great tool in finding new understandings!

Chances are, in the story making of fitting our story to the cards, we are guiding ourselves from our deeper selves. The art is to learn to distinct between wishful fantasy and turning subconscious understanding into clarity and insight. That takes long training and then still one may not always be able to tell the difference. So, when even Tarot may not be real magic then what is?

Bringing ‘Magic’ Down to Earth

The real magic is everywhere. Wim Hof astounded scientistic with his method to survive impossible odds in ice water and strengthening his own nervous system against invaders. His method is now a global phenomenon. I predict we’ll find many similarities with other interesting gifts people have developed. While science can’t prove the influence of ‘energy’ or ‘light’ workers, they do heal people. Even if that is all placebo, which is not yet truly understood as well, it turns out that storytelling does influence reality. Heck, veterans who lost limbs make up stories to live with that new reality do much better, than those who embrace bitterness. So stories can be magic too.

So I think that what we call magic is just deeper levels of reality, that are already present, but not fully understood. Among ‘mutant’ superpowers are skills that can be developed, like the Wim Hof method, and gifts people are born with. We all know people who have a calming influence on everybody else. Or those who always make people smile, have hope, experience a sense of love, etc. No school acknowledges such gifts, for they escape our approach to grading and success. Yet no society can live without people with such gifts. And I am deeply convinced we should acknowledge those who show such capacities, and help them make better use of it, in service of our communities.

Science has discovered hugging releases many beneficial hormones. What more unseen healing are we capable of? ‘Healing Hug’ CC by seirenity

The Reality of Mutants

We are all born with biological variations in character and life style. Nature loves to be prepared for anything and finds resilience in diversity. Take the inborn variety in flight, fight or freeze reactions. When our ancestors were attacked on the steppes any one reaction would surely lead to the survival of some. The fighters might beat the enemy, the freezers would surrender and might be taken prisoner or those that fled survived all those that stayed. And many of us have deeper gifts on top of these basic attitudes, like aforementioned calming effect. In short we are possibly all mutants with a special attribute that may strengthen the tribe or community we are part of.

Two aspects lead to stories like the X-men mutant movies. The first is that so many of us can relate to being different and feel laughed at or dissed for being different. Most still want to help society, and yes, some turn bitter if rejected. Our inner sheep wants to be like all others for safety within the group. Our call is to dare being different. Hence all fairy tales about princes and princesses with a destiny to claim a country of their own.

The second is the fear of society for what is different and cannot be controlled. Therefore we created an educational system which rewards controllable and definable skills. But still people stand up with shamanic, paranormal, out of the ordinary gifts. Because nature and our society needs those much more than most care to admit. Those that are in touch with deeper realities, much deeper connected, see so much easier how our modern society is destructive to our planet. And such voices are not in the (short term) interest of those that want things to stay as they are.

Unleashing Your Inner Mutant

The title of this paragraph could also have been, unleashing your inner destiny/prince(ss)/shaman/healer/witch, etc. For this is what our inner nature calls us to do, what dreams, intuition, star signs and fairy tales call us to do. This is often also the escape from burn out, depression, apathy, inner pain and even sickness that happens when we don’t follow our inner or higher calling. Starting to develop and listen to our unique difference, our special gift, we can help others so much more than through sorting documents, or selling plastic gadgets. We are all gifted mutants, read variations, capable of enriching the bigger whole.

The documentary CrazyWise tells about the difference between Western and Indigenous approaches to ‘being different’.

Often people are called to their special gift through a traumatic experience. Often starting to listen within first a lot of pain is released. This hurt is often about becoming aware how lonely, disconnected you were for a long time, or can be a release of all shit you’ve put up for too long. Here we must add that indigenous people often see people with epilepsy as their shamans, help their dreamers become visionaries or storytellers. Thus unleashing your inner gift can be very painful at first, but within the wound lies often the gift. Those who overcome their loneliness often can help others overcome theirs. We can all wake each other up to become something better, more humane, more in touch with our deepest nature. That is the promise of our inner gift.


Developing your inner gift can be a treacherous path. How to tell fake healers from real ones? How to distinct spiritual guides who are helping you from those that are leading you into his or her own fantasy or control? In general if the path improves your relationships with your family, especially your parents, it is good. It is those that seek to take advantage and control that often widen gaps with your environment. Also training yourself to listen to your inner compass, your inner guides does help. Also whatever work you do, if it makes you feel shine more, it might be right. But the main point is, doing inner work, that deepens your contact with the world, with nature, with your deeper self, your higher purpose is more than worthwhile. It well maybe the future of our world depends on it.

Welcome to the Enchanted Reality

And finally what did I learn from sessions hearing personal stories of the inexplicable? I found that people tend to start feeling embedded in a bigger reality. They feel like something is carrying us. We just shared our individual stories, no need to explain or frame what really happened. The sharing helps to feel that life is beautiful. We experience there is hope and a reality beyond what we know, can explain. I feel part of that. And that feels rich, magical and wonderful. And while it doesn’t take away my troubles, weaknesses or solve setbacks, it does give me purpose, like I am connected to all the threads that hold the world together. I’m being pulled, I pull, I am just a small particle, yet gifted with play and dance within this field. No drugs needed. Just natural magic. Wow.

As an extra here is a magical story by me and a dear friend, Charles Davies, that happened in a session about creating our own podcast show:

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

Floris Koot

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Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

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