Not only Governments can manipulate the truth. Corporations as well. cc DonkeyHotey

The News is a Mind Altering Drug.

How ‘Deep Propaganda’ Affects your Brain and Attitude.

Floris Koot
Jan 31 · 11 min read

“If I beat up those who call me a monster, I become what they call me.”~ The Witcher in the Netflix series.

Here’s a warning. The more this text triggers you, when certain politics are mentioned, the deeper you must assume you’ve been indoctrinated. This line in itself is already manipulative. Now you may be more suspicious. ;) This text also may help very much when you hate all the name calling, and easy assumptions and wonder what is happening to these people. ;)

The News is a Mind Altering Drug

Those that watch news catering to one side in the USA, live in a different bubble than those watching the other side!

..and Then It Gets More Messy

So what these channels do, is to trigger bias confirmation. They make you think: “See, I knew it, I was right!”. For them it’s just sales, ‘Here you get the truth YOU believe in!’ And every episode you step deeper into that narrative.

How the Biased News ‘Drug’ Affects You

How deeply are you set in your convictions? Why is what the other side believes false bias and yours the evident truth? Can you even question that? Let’s find out. What is more true? ‘Bernies (half baked) socialism = Stalin’. Or ‘Trump = stupid crook’. Think about that. What’s wrong with both pictures?

How Your Own Brain Plays You: Intelligent People On Both Sides.

If you believe in media fed untruths, you’re imprisoned in a way. CC DonkeyHotey

What We Lose in the Fight

Subduing doesn’t need to be to forbid it. It can also mean distraction, reframing, lying, hiding facts, etc. Picture CC DonkeyHotey

We Become the Monster that We Blame the Others Are.

So, if opinionated news frames your mind in manipulative ways, can we then get some wisdom from Netflix? Let’s test the Witcher’s quote above. Indeed. Among those most freaked out over Islamic fundamentalists are Evangelical Pro Life Christians. Many Pro Lifers hardly can (if at all) embrace the idea of Ilhan Omar being an American Democrat and not a terrorist. Then there’s those that will start shouting while reading this, “You lefty Communist.” (already assuming I’m left). Told you: you being triggered is a sign of being propagandized. Just for fun, let’s test the Witcher quote with that trigger. ;)

Let’s Play: ‘You Become Your Enemy’

What do the Trumpists have in common with communism? A shocking lot: 1. One party (ours) should rule. 2. This party claims to represent everyone, yet many feel left out. 3. Everyone unite behind the leader. 4. The leader is the glorious beacon who knows. 5. The leader has all the benefits. 6. Dissent leads to anger against dissenters. 8. Dissent within the party is punished with loss of access to benefits. 9. Lots of flag waving. 10. Lots of slogans on walls. 11. Anyone not agreeing with the party leader, betrays the country as a whole. These simple statements (much like MAO’s red little book) are repeated over and over (now called talking points on TV). I bet many more can be found, if we try. ;)

‘Good guys with guns’ make matters worse.

Does a TV show like the Witcher offer us a way out? Is it pure distraction? I wonder. Sadly most heroes in movies, much like the Witcher or Mandalorian, are psychopath heroes, alias the mythical ‘Good Guy with a Gun, eh, or Sword’. They aren’t bothered by distracting feelings like “Oh my God, I just killed someone” nor get PTSD. They actually often make more victims than the bad guys. But hey, being the good guys they’re justified. Yes, if we frame our monster as the hero, we’re good. With this same logic the USA lets their own war criminals walk. ‘Our monsters are the good guys’. And with the same logic ‘You’re a hero when you kill bad guys.’ a certain amount of extreme right wingers call to be ready to shoot Bernie Bros, because they want to turn the USA into Venezuela. (Really? Millions of proud Americans wanting to make a mess of their own country?) They seem oblivious to the fact this scares the shits out of the other side, who now see the right as the potentially violent ‘bad guys’ (fascists). The mix of stoking and bias confirming news, with overdosed movies about cold blooded heroes really makes the world one of Good (us) vs Bad (them). The one good lesson from the Witcher is that he doesn’t fall for appearances and saves lives this way. So perhaps some good can come of this, when you keep that in mind.

If corporations can set the rules, change the algorithms of what you get to see, determine what gets to be set most and calculate impact if how to change your ideas, you’re in trouble. cc DonkeyHotey

The Propaganda Laws

The Thrilling End

And now imagine those ‘others’ with those idiotic believes coming into power. Your whole world will be endangered, when their awful convictions become policies. Just imagine the Climate Crisis was real and not acting insane. Then Trump is totally the worst. Imagine Bernie was indeed a Russian Hack and wanted to turn the USA into one big gulag. Can you see now, your side being in power freaks other people out? Can you understand that those in power feel the need to dig in deeper, grab more power even, because they feel attacked? Can you see how all the news, makes matters worse though confirming biases and or mainly catering the interests of one side? Can you see, how your political view, makes the news of the other side biased (to little honest exposition of your side) and your news the best (telling it like it is)? Can you see that the more you bite into that, the less you’re open to dialogue?

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