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Sing your part in the “World Song”

Acting more clearly in times of confusion.

Floris Koot
Jul 17, 2018 · 6 min read

We live in a time with a lot of distrust towards governments and media. How can we then, make a civilization together? How can become free from our surge to be guided all the time, and find our own contribution in a way that helps? That’s why I want to introduce what I call the “World Song”. I think it may be important in a time of increasing complexity and confusion. Now that I think about it, it might relate well to the Aboriginal ‘songlines’ (but haven’t checked). This article relates to most of my earlier work, but says it in a very new way, with also practical exercises for trainers at the bottom.

What is the World Song?

I recently start to frame it more like this:

We are all singing our part of the ‘World Song’ and we all can help make it sound better.

The question is: how to ‘hear’ the world song and how to contribute? The ‘World Song’ is our collective human enterprise and our whole eco-system. It comprises all our real world assets, like cities, oceans, nature and all our stories, convictions, rules and songs about it. Each clap with a hammer, each joke told, each moment of love is a note. And our notes can be false or make the whole more symphonic.

“We can not only adapt but fly, riding the air currents to higher heights while weaving new story patterns and harmonizing our aligned efforts.” -Thea La Grou

Our Personal Journey within the Collective

To me, I’ve been experimenting with this, this is both a very simple concept children can understand easily, as it is a very deep understanding and connectedness to our lives in this world. Like I now hear a party band playing on a square nearby. It’s a hell of a noise, yet, I also hear the pleasure they bring to the audience. Thus I feel this music contributes.

In many workshops I offer I work with a circle song exercise, where we improvise the music on the spot with our voices. I’ve used it as icebreakers, team building and as collaboration training for co-creators (volunteers) of a festival, where it led to some 200+ people improvising a swinging song, which is very hard to achieve. In the singing people have to balance their own input, read vocal expression, with listening to what is needed and if it is music we’re making. Too much ego or willing and we get chaos. Too much listening (read often fear to express) and the music dies.

To contribute to the World Song yourself, ask yourself: How do I give meaning to my life? In the metaphor of music, do I add a base or rhythm, do I do solo’s, or do I add the interesting unique little sounds that liven up the music? Am I expressing enough my true self in my life? For this is the good news, your true self sings best when it’s expressed most honest in places where people receive it with open arms. Go find them, if you haven’t already. Or it may be, you sing to soft or too loud, then adjust until people start complimenting you on your presence alone.

Our mental capacity to understand all of it, however, is not enough with the current overdose of manipulated information, the forests of rules, ideas, regulations, shocking news daily hammering down on us. Here the Fool and the Swarm come in.

“How can I activate the future potential of the present moment by living a more beautiful world today?

The first step is to be aware of what we are activating in the world by the power of our attention and the story we propagate through our thoughts, words, and actions. We all are, already, shaping the future of things to come..” Daniel Christian Wahl

The Fool and Collective Intelligence

We need to learn use our whole system, our being part of. That demands a deep connection to the world in an integral immersed way. Think everything that helps you to feel more alive, enjoy nature, being active part of community. Doing bodywork helps. Dancing helps. Play helps. Contemplation in nature helps. Learning to listen to your intuition and your dreams helps.

The deeper questions of personal development are: What’s my purpose? Am I tuned in to the needs of the world, or my community? Am I of service, part of the solutions we seek? This is the collective part. Mark how different such an approach would be in education, how different it is from career or ambition thinking, let alone focussing on grades.

So what do I listen for? Are people here expressing freely? Is it tuned in? Or are they too stifled? Perhaps not listening enough to others? When trained, we can hear this in groups and as facilitator, I found, I can act much more precise, without understanding everything. The fool side of me wonders: Do I offer my contribution with enough lightheartedness or playfulness in tone?

The fool is all about enlarging your freedom to act in many different ways. A (wise) fool means being free from judgement and may act in any way, even when it may look silly or breaks tradition. A fool dares to speak the truth where it might lead to upsetting the status quo. The fool is a system healer. Makes light what’s taken too heavy, gives more weight to what’s taken to lightly. The fool scratches where it itches. Thus makes the music more balanced, even when he seems to break the rules.

As a free agent (fool) we can add new sounds, when it gets boring, and add structure or better listening when everybody is too busy singing their own tune, read is too self obsessed. A fool may even screech falsely, so people will help him listening better, by starting to listen better. Thus balancing behavior around you through intuition can become a very local way, to help whatever situation you’re in.

note: systems without fool, space for freedom sound boring, dull, stifled. Systems without collective consciousness may sound chaotic, confused, too individual and with lack of compassion.

“To make the world work in the shortest possible time for 100 percent of humanity, through spontaneous cooperation and without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” — Buckminster Fuller


Thus both play and wisdom (read non-attachment) can both be the liberators from our biological fight, flight and freeze anxieties. Thus becoming better at being a singer in the world song, means getting closer to enlightenment and service to the health of the whole. Mind you, wisdom isn’t confined to age. Wisdom is a light, like play, that shines through and helps to listen better and find those notes that do most justice to what the music as a whole needs now.

Let me hear you.

Extra: More on Swarming and Collective Intelligence. More on Play & Fools and a logical follow up post, diving deeper into this from a dance perspective is this blog.

Practical exercises to train awareness in this direction. Practical exercise that help groups work towards their ‘world song’. A piano play method that helps to hear, how the search for the music is the music. A meditation method for groups to tune deeper in, without losing yourself.

This article by Thea la Grou overlaps mine from a scientific angle, showing the art of murmuring among starlings as the sweet spot teaching us about change between chaos and order.

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

Floris Koot

Written by

Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.

The Gentle Revolution

Towards a revolution we all want to dance in, for a flourishing planet.

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