1. What unites these people? What story do they share they all would agree upon? Are these: A: Lebanese Muslims, B: Lebanese diverse religions, C: Australian Muslims, D: Successful refugees in Denmark, E: Proud relatives of Dutch national football players.

Who are these people?

Why generalizations cannot help but fail!

Nationalities, political stances, gender identification, sexual preferences, social class, color of skin, family history, character traits, level of consciousness, and so much more aspects make the generalization upon one aspect rather silly.. or a purposeful framing for political reasons.

I think we should be highly suspicious when a large group of people are all called being the same.

Can you guess who these people are?

2. And what unites these people? What would they agree upon that is the same? Are these: A: Former French Legionairs, B: French Maroccan Railway workers, C: Egyptian Christian Men’s Choir, D: Arrested Turkish people smugglers, E: Iranian Engineers Union.

Switch on your bias and let’s see if it works. Take the quiz and enter your answers in the comments. :) Then let go of them again.

The overwhelming majority of people around this planet are locals getting by, or trying to.

Are the Iranians dangerous, or in danger? That’s a matter of perspective. And it seems, given the popularity of this meme on the internet, even many Americans know they’re being lied to about this.

Each time the USA declares others as an enemy, they’ll have a lot of people within their borders, who either become suspects of potential treason, become victims of harassment, and or get into a loyalty conflict they’d much rather not be in.

Is there a fair singling out of a whole people possible?

3. And what unites these people? What story will they agree upon? A: Algerian Christians, B: Catholic Costa Ricans, C: Cuban Family gathering, D: South Africans, E: Fresh USA citizens of the Hindu faith.

Blaming all for the actions of a few cannot be other than false. Claiming to protect all, by denying the actions of this few is also not helping at all.

4. What unites these people? Is it all nationals, or are there tourists among them? A: Brazilian party, B: Israeli Latin styled party, C: Lebanese Latin styled party, D: Dutch Muslims at Latin styled party.

We can’t point to a whole group with one word. We only may point at a group, describing them as everyone who ever experienced a certain something. But know, their responses and future choices based on that may differ very much.

Who profits from framing a diverse group of others as one?

5. These people will agree they’re on the same beach party. But in what country? A: Syria before the war, B: California, C: Curaçao, D: Rio de Janeiro, E: Israel.

Everyone wanting peace around this world, needs to stop blaming a whole people for a few members within. Rather beware of those who are handing out the orders, those consciously propagandizing their public, and or those consciously creating conflicts no one in their right mind among the general public ever wanted.

Picture 6. And what unites these people? A: They’re UN employees in New York, B: They’re Dutch C: They’re South Africans D: They’re from a international Acupuncture Association, E: New US citizens with high quality science educations.

We all know this, but the propaganda reasoning for war can be quite convincing to think otherwise.

History is full of ‘Piracy Wars’, these are wars claiming to liberate, to bring religion or democracy, yet ending up enriching only the leaders of the invaders.

“When the White People came they had the Bible and we the land. After that they had the land we the Bible.” ~African Saying

Stop false separations, embrace diversity and dialogue.

Picture 7: And where do these girls live, and what unites them? A: Lebanese girls, B: Israeli girls, C: American Jewish girls, D: Argentinian girls, E: Italian girls.

We lie to ourselves by blaming our own victims. Because, well, it’s so much harder to admit our own wrong doings. Take Global Warming. Who is to blame? We all are.

Picture 8. What unites these people? What is a same except being humans on Earth? They’re all: A: Iranians, B: Arabs, C: Middle Eastern from Turkey to Pakistan, D: Christians in diverse Muslim Countries, E: Diverse Syrian Refugees.

There are no Jews, Dutch, Chinese, Africans, Democrats, Hippies, etc other than our own willingness to bunch them up into one group for a probably suspicious purpose. Real bunching people together within an easy frame is mostly propaganda.

Make friends around the world to create peace, better understanding and dialogue when things seem to go awry. Question all propaganda and claims of whole races, nations or religions being the enemy.

Where are they from?

Throughout the text I’ve posted pictures giving you the option to recognize certain groups. Add your answers in the comment section.

Picture 9: And what more than being children unites these children? A: All refugees from European wars, B: All illegal immigrant children in the USA separated from their parents, C: All migrant and refugee children according Unicef, D: Turkish children of diverse tribes E: Israeli Jewish children of different ethnic groups.

I’ll give the right answers when over 10 people give their choices in the comments. And to be sure, I made some choices you wouldn’t expect. :) So consider that many doubts already should have you doubt framing any of a certain kind of foreigners as all the same, or as ‘the enemy’. Because as said before, the massive majority of all of us want to live and peace and safety. Only predators, pirates and the paranoid start wars.


And finally what we seek to prevent:

Any pro-life Americans reading this? The next one should worry and activate you, if you don’t have a double standard.

Picture 9: And what unites these children? A: All victims of Isis & Al Qaida. B: Leaked pictures from ICE detention centers. C: All victims of Assad D: All victims of American Drones. E: All victims of the civil war in Yemen. E: Who cares? They’re from far away. F: WTF? Who cares!? Bomb the shit out of who did this!, eh, I mean send an army to stop this! G: Court martial the culprits in the Hague for war crimes! H: I don’t know, but perhaps we all need to divest from the arms trade and piracy wars over natural resources.



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