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Uniting the World for Change

How to unite the world without making it more chaotic?

So there you are, working to make a difference, yet you may wonder why can’t we unite to make the difference needed? You may feel not enough understood, let alone not supported enough. Why aren’t others joining the cause? Let’s see.

There are many projects all around the world, seeking to unite the people to make change happen in order to protect our future. And we understand pressure on the status quo is needed. We may seek to unite people willing to make change happen. So, often we hoist a banner, rally cry our solution and seek to gather people to follow us into action, let alone we start to follow a cause started by others. This all makes sense, yet it’s not that easy. At times we disagree harder among ourselves than collaborate smarter. Let’s see why and what can be done.

“Most chaos is the result of people seeking to have control over things.”

I find, or even National or Local:

  1. Most of us tend to cry, “Unite under our banner, we are the most important one, we have the solution!”, which puts many people of. “Why should you lead this?”, people wonder. It’s too often self centered even, much like politics: “Only when you start helping or funding us, we can help you.” Yeah, right.
  2. Like when our jargon belongs to a sub culture, we attract only those people fitting our culture. New Age people speak a different language than Ecological Scientists, who speak other than Social Activists, other than Intellectual Students, than Governmental Communication or than Political Rally Cries. And that’s not even including the language barrier, education levels, local pressures or animosity between nations, peoples and social classes. Even this change we need has different names: the Great Turning, The Shift, Thrive, The Better World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, Blessed Unrest, Gentle Revolution* and more. *) Yes, I made this mistake too. How can’t I?
  3. Often we can’t agree on the core issue underneath it all. Is pollution the problem? The greed driving it? Capitalism as a system? Our spiritual disconnection? Illuminati? So we all have different understandings what is the true cause and therefore what might be the best solution that needs to be acted upon first. We also have ideas we discard, reject, or simply not believe (“Climate Change is a hoax”) limiting our scope to collaborate.
  4. For a socialist, the solution probably will be mostly political. And for a scientist it may be technological. Believers will adhere to their own religion first. Etc. Also often, we can’t just help. Most helpers are bound to our economical system. Take NGO’s. They depend on their funding. Thus (for instance the Red Cross) are often limited to help the victims of the system as it is (read healing and saving victims). Too often they are hindered in solving the real cause (like stop a war in the first place). So many, in order to help, first need to guarantee an income, or means to secure their work and offer ideas accepted by their own society.

So we live in an insane world where one can get richer of destroying the planet and get poor because of seeking to make a difference. And we live in a tower of Babylon of mixed realities, solutions, languages all shouting in miss matched debates seeking to be the one heard and followed by all the others.

Clear goals supported by many, money and big organizations will get more done. Whether they are the best solutions, whether people believe in them, or just work for them is another matter.

What can we do?

I. Free exchange of ideas, mutual inspiration and wonder.

We can learn from high points in history and religions. Religions have had the same debate across the planet too, and often still do keep it going. “Our religion will truly save you. The others are false.” But where do we see the greatest exchange of ideas and see humanity and art flourish? Exactly in those places where religions treated each other with respect and saw the mutual messages within the others. Where we look beyond form to essence. Where diversity of ideas is embraced. Think places like Constantinople, Muslim Spain, Rome, Renaissance Italy, Academic hallways, 17th century Amsterdam, New York, Ancient Greece, Ming China, Indian Gupta Age and more. Read all those places rich in free exchange, read everywhere Use the internet for this too. Tip: don’t shout, always seek to help things forward, with links, ideas, constructive feedback and an open mind.

II. Adapt a positive personal open mindset.

We can adapt to a new personal mindset. I personally connect a lot with open minded people, considering everyone who ‘helps’ an ally, whatever their field, issue or approach. And consider the issues to deal with, are aspects like greed, pollution, damaging structures, willingness to hurt others at the cost of self, and such. I found (even accepting some need for income is needed in the current system). Thus also invest in yourself. Deepen your connection with the planet, with being sensitive* to what is needed, what you are called for.

*) Many people who are insecure, are actually very sensitive and care about the impact they have on others. These are actually the leaders we need, rather than those who take ‘tough decisions’ at the cost of others.

Edward Norton Lorenz is best known for pointing out the “butterfly effect” whereby chaos theory predicts that “slightly differing initial states can evolve into considerably different states.” Thus we all may have a reach beyond our wildest dreams.

III. See we are all part of the solution within a complex whole.

Accept Chaos and Complexity as reality. What I mean with this, is that all issues are valid, all solutions on all levels are part of the solution. There cannot be one solution. There’s just too much to oversee it all, too much to do, too many side effects of our actions, happening beyond our own scope, that we have to trust we’re helping, open minded to feedback. Even the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals*) as formulated by the United Nations seeking to offer a full scope solution have limits; although they are perhaps the most over arching global approach yet. (I know, some religious figures may claim that their fundamental convictions are the most over arching approach. Or catching all secret alien overlords, or .. see how quickly we’re back at ‘Our Idea First’)

*) There are other over arching solutions like project Drawdown.

IV. Play your part, whatever it is.

When and whatever you organize, accept that you have a limited role. To solve everything is too much. Be as bees. Bees dance their solution. They dance more enthusiast if they found a place rich with flowers. Many bees will follow them there. They dance less impactful for lesser fields. Thus less bees go out and check there. Thus all fields of flowers get a coverage that fits its amount of riches in honey. So, . Express what problem you see and your solution. We hit the mark when many rise and follow. If not, well if you believe it on your own, then work alone. That’s okay too. Because . Those that climb a mountain to save a marmot species of extinction are part of the ecology of making a difference too, even when you think raising the alarm about climate change is the foremost action needed now.


Thus see how you can be part of the ecology of change. See how you play a role in bigger streams. Work and act where it moves things forward. Accept that others have their role, opinions, priorities. Stay open for feedback on your actions. Act as a bee, support all that helps our living planet to heal and flourish. Find what you can do, where you do it best. Your impact may ripple out, who knows how far and wide.

To stay personally sane and or hopeful, here’s an added advice. Don’t be attached to outcome. We have no control over that. Just focus on what you can and want to do, that fits you and that helps (the world, your family, your relationship, whatever). As long as it heals, helps, beautifies, deepens, increases love it’s a winner. ;) And play, play the change.

Control is nothing. Making waves is.

some LINKS

Understanding your role in the system better: Maslov Revisited. Imagining a better world is part of the solution: the great Green Overhaul. Learning to making a difference together: Learning Societies. Dealing with the complexity: How to live in a complex world? And, whatever you believe, here’s a way forward: Life lessons for every belief. Activist training: Gently Rebel



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