USA, United States of Abomination II

How Crony Capitalism robs and imprisons the USA and gets applauded for it.

Get down the rabbithole and discover a list of some of the major scams Crony Capitalists pull on you. In each scam will be several links to sites and numbers to dazzel your ears. And then you can consider yourself lucky to be rich enough and have enough spare time to go through it. And then, hopefully, wake up and act!

Note: Oh, and I might have some facts wrong or believed a less reliable site. Just look at the picture on the whole and see what emerges. There’s a way out! For progressives there might be arguments you know, arguments you need and facts that might even disturb you. I try not to be left or right. I try to reflect back what I see on a deeper level. By the way, if you wonder if you should read this, you might belong to the 85% who should be interested. :)

THE LIST OF SCAMS. (not even all of them)

This list hasn’t been updated recently. Yet matters in all aspects mentioned only have gotten worse.

The Prison System Scam

How to incarcerate minorities for profit and power.

Welcome to United States of Avengers. Hollywood and news media showed the people for years how criminals are bad evil people who need to be locked up. Crime needs to be revenged by the state. Thus the people voted for harsh laws. Now the USA has the biggest prison population in the world! Could it be, because the USA has a private prison system, that loves long lock ups? This system has three advantages for the elite. It keeps the minorities, now including illegal immigrants, in check, as they mostly get sentenced way harder than whites. Criminals (read many minorities) lose their right to vote. And it adds nice profits for the corporates making money on the prisons and on the cheap labour the prisoners do for many corporations. In short new slavery. And why do so few protest? Corporate Media.

Note, feb 2018. It got way worse: immigrants can be denied a hearing and be hold indefinitely.

Over and over again other countries show that when crime is approached as disease, or lack of moral awareness, or the system is made much fairer, that crime rates drop way way more. The Netherlands recently closed 19(!) prisons and rents out cells to other countries. Thus you can fight crime way more effectively. It makes crime fighting much cheaper in the proces. But then again, that wouldn’t benefit the elite, would it? And thus the Corporates get richer, and you applaud the government for their fierce (state revenge) stance towards criminals.

The Opium Scam

How big pharma earns money totally the wrong way.

Welcome to United States of Addiction. The corporate media has shown for years how the Taliban (who when they fought the Russians, where heroes in the West) are basically terrorists. These terrorists actually stopped the poppy production. Isn’t it strange though, that now they’re gone the poppies and thus opium is totally back? And isn’t it strange that opiate addiction through medicine took such a flight in the USA since then? Why does nobody wonder about the connection? Might it be, no mainstream journalist is looking or reporting. And in the mean time, Big Pharma is making big bucks with opiates in medicine, and others (or the same) are making big bucks with heroine on the market. And somehow the FED’s help by prohibiting alternatives. How’s that possible? ;)

How can it be, that the corporations that should be most interested in healing people have a huge vested interest in huge amounts of sick people? How sad they actually act on that incentive in disturbing and sick ways? Here’s eight diseases they invented to treat. It tells me we organised their incentive all wrong. But they play the game as long as they get away with it. And thus the Corporates get richer, while you stay happy you get your sleeping pills on time.

The ‘Liberation’ Scam

Fun that tells a hard truth, the USA is already a dictatorship.

Getting richer from ‘justified’ wars

Welcome to United States of Aggression. When dictators support corporate plunder of their natural resources they have US protection (Saddam, Ghadaffi and many South American dictators had that ‘honour’). Then they are hardly mentioned in main stream media or it’s said they help fight commies, terrorists, pirates or evil foreign powers. When they, like Saddam or Ghaddafi, at some point, turn against US (corporate) interests, then suddenly their countries must be ‘liberated’. With false flags (Vietnam, Iraq and many more, probably the gas attack in Syria too) reasons for attack are sold to the general public. And with every invasion the arms industry, and the corporates fying for natural resources get richer. Meanwhile the American populace pays for these wars and sacrifices lives for it. Wake up to the flawed logic tells the people it’s all for ‘good reasons’. Even the veterans that fought those wars, get treated very poorly, except when they are needed to parade to sell more war. Then suddenly they’re heroes for as long as they’re needed. And if it’s not war, then manipulations of foreign elections by the USA are multifold. But you don’t have to believe me, you can enlist today, after watching this warning.

It seems the USA only loves democracy around the world, if the ‘people’ choose leaders that support American corporate interests. The Bush family actually robbed the American people 3 times and isn’t even persecuted. They led them into a false war (Iraq, twice), they made the American citizens pay for it, and most military contracts went to the Carlyle group, led by Bush senior, which made the Bush family, and thus the Corporates richer, while you applaud your ‘awesome’ military keeping you safe.

Actually while the USA is shown as green,yet only the corporates make the real money. Since veterans are treated badly, many families will have lost ones too, either through enemy fire or trauma’s that make healthy relationships impossible.

The Education Scam

How the elite educates and manipulates you to serve it.

Welcome to United States of Analphabetism. American education is in decline. Whomever read Gatto’s view on the terrible manipulation behind the system already had enough to worry over. Education was basically a training socialize behavior, at best to find a corporate job and seek to rise within the system and never complain and ask questions. Now with the added dumbing down of public schools and corporations more and more in control of education things get even worse. You end up deeply in debt, thus working for the system, as hard as you can, just to stay afloat. Which means your employer has enormous power over you, for fear of you losing your job, which would making pay back debts impossible. Or you drop out with little sense about the world around you. And that’s even before Betsy deVos started really making matters much worse in education. A recent poll showed more Republicans distrusted higher education and science. WTF?

This one already has started to bite the USA in the tail. Very educated Immigrants don’t think the USA is the best place to move anymore. Thus a brain drain is happening. With a faster and faster changing world, the USA is deeply in need of brains to stay ahead of the crowd (read China, India, Europe, and upcoming countries). But who cares, because those student debts and corporate education scams keep resistance low while profitting from it.And with such bad education on average the people just become easier to manipulate with propaganda. And thus the Corporates get richer, while you learn in school all is as it should be and you applaud the great corporations supporting your ‘education’ (read manipulation) that will help you get a ‘job’ (read shitty paid servitude in their machine).

The Election Scam

How elections make you volunteer against your own interests.

Welcome to United States of Arrogance. When even Harvard university concludes the US elections are the Worst of all older Democracies in the World, you know things are heading in the wrong way. And that was before updates after Trump was elected. But then USA is an olichargy.

Most voters think success of a candidate equals the results he’ll bring you, when elected as your president. Hell, many work their ass off, to get their ‘winner’ chosen, at times even helping cheating to make it happen and thus weakening the whole system. There is namely a huge misconception. When a super rich billionaire promises to take care of you, he will use your vote, to take better care of himself! Berlusconi was the best example, now Trump is. They’ll even arrogantly celebrate their ripping you off after one more law or presidential decree scams you even deeper. Is this the mistake of the voters, who put hope in shining successes? No. But as long as voters, and volunteers play along with the interests of the powers, and help rigging, only those at the top are favoured. Or is it just the legal bribing of politicians?

In his outstanding TED talk Lawrence Lessig showed that funders money dominate political outcomes and in a very bad and corrupt way too. And that was in 2013. In 2015 he showed that the general public had a miniscule influence on outcomes. Given the options in 2016 of mostly terrible candidates it’s clear, it’s only gotten worse. A few billionaires (Koch brothers, Mercer) fight over who gets to what president chosen and will put their agenda forward. Trump, who was going to drain that swamp, is now more than neck deep in. Yet the call for you to vote stays as strong as ever. Because there’s worse than you voting for an unwanted guy (Bernie?); it’s you massively demanding a fair system: money out of politics!

And then november 2017 it turns out Hillary Clinton also totally rigged the 2016 primaries of the Democrats. Also interesting how this was hardly covered or didn’t lead to big changes in politics as yet. Why? In whose interest would that be? Clearly not of the owners of the decision making process.

It’s so clear how huge government bribes, promising you lower taxes, have come to means letting billionaires totally of the hook. The billionaire class bribes give unfair advantages to the corporates. And now they just not only pay of politicians, in many cases they are the politicians. Having you think, their money, their success is proof they can and will help you. Hell even some of them believe they’re helping. While others, both Dem’s nd Rep’s continue with Gerrymandering, voter suppression or purging by the thousands, or just admitting they rig things in their favour. And thus the corporates get richer, while you applaud your country for being ‘home of the free’ (hahaha).

The Geo Engineering Scam

Buying medicines, with dangerous side effects, from the people that made you sick.

Welcome to United States of Apocalypse. Is it hopeful that finally some big corporations start to agree there might be such a thing as Climate Change. but they might not agree with this in order to safe us all. It’s just a new gold mine, more deadly than everything you’ve seen yet.

Climate Change is the next opportunity to score mega contracts that should cure the effects of a cause we don’t treat at all. We should, all of us, be changing our ways. Instead very soon, the corporates will make you, the tax payers, pay for the very profitable medicine they’ll offer. Medicine to battle all the pollution they themselves created at first making the planet sick. Yes, read that again. It’s going to be like you’re buying medicine from the guy that is poisoning you. And we should admit we behave like a very obese guy eating all the wrong food. We seem to rather swallow medicine, than start eating healthy and start training. Even though medicines are one of the biggest killers in the USA. And this geo engineering will have the same kind of dangerous side effects as pills. But the corporations don’t really care. They pretend to help, and we all pay the price. We are really in danger of waking up too late to stop this madness. And here we see, how our unwillingness to change might be the thing killing us all.

Corporates must know there will be side effects. Hey, they don’t care. These too are business opportunities. And this while greener healthier better alternatives for better global life styles are already available and would provide income,safety and peace much better. Will we invest in that? I fear the big lobbies are not interested in safe, they are interested in mega bigger…and thus the corporates get richer and you applaud them for helping you stay safe, as far as you know.

The Treaties Scam

Improving trade by swindling and pressuring governments

Welcome to United States of Acquisition. the American Government loves treaties. It’s a doubled edged sword for their own use. If the other side breaks them, punish them. If you break the treaty, hey new realities came up. The US government broke over 500 treaties with native Americans.

Now they export this attitude to the world. And it’s really scary, how much power the corporates may get because of it. While the USA seems to protect free trade, it only does so, when other countries threaten it’s own corporate interests. So to make ‘free trade’ easier, they try to create trade alliances. And hidden in those alliances is US corporate power. And while TTIP is down, other perhaps worse treaties are on the way. Here’s one awful trick. When huge corporations estimate a certain profit, but then make losses, because some silly government puts limiting laws into place, say to protect the environment, health of the people and or nature, then these companies must be compensated for their losses. That could mean you could end up paying for corporate losses of products you might not even ever wish to buy.

Really watch any of the video links. And seek out more, like how these deals also damage the environment… and thus the corporates get richer, while you applaud the Corporatocracy for winning treaties making America richer and more powerful (while you should read making the top 1% richer, not you.)


By now I’m getting depressed. I’m not going to write such long pieces about all the next things. I’ll look for one clear link an you do the calculus on how bad you’re ripped of. And then at the end, there’ll be a few tips of what you can do.

The Foreclosure Scam

How Big Banks kick people out of their house.

Welcome to United States of Amortization, or rather the “inviting you to ploan and pay back, and them making it impossible for you to actually pay back your loan”. Watch anything about the crisis of 2008, like this documentary called Meltdown, the biggest con job in world history. And wonder about this. When people are kicked out of their houses and become homeless, and the houses aren’t resold they’ll rot away. Who pays for the lost value on that? Who benefits how from that?…

And should banks be controlled? Bankers be jailed? Iceland did so, and left the crisis fully behind. The USA is stripping down all regulations and will repeat the same mistake, but in the meanwhile the profits are stakcing up at the top.. ..and thus the corporates get richer, while you’re just happy the banks don’t topple with you money in it.

The Wall Street Scam

How the people pay for the gambling by big banks with their money.

Welcome to United States of Accords. You are still paying off the last crisis, and the next one is coming, because not much changed. Watch Overdose .. Google Chase Morgan, or watch Trump listening to his Wall Street friends. And don’t think hillary would have been better. She too was bought, by more or less the same people.

.. and thus the Corporates get richer, while you applaud all news with stockes going up, thinking this is good news for work and you.

The Food Scam

How your food culture and regulations are not good for you.

Welcome to United States of Artificiality. Your food is less and less real food. And don’t think you’re not to blame. Your meat eating habits mean chopped down rainforests, more methane in the air, and more cancer, because of the crappy quality you accept compared to the French. You desire for cheaper food in bigger numbers, you choosing politicians who chop down regulations that cost money, like food control, you not being worried with lack of prohibititons on certain additions, makes you eat bad food, that makes you obese with very little real sustainance in whatever crap you eat.

Oh, and even health food, well, eh, it’s business.

So, you’re paying for something that is less food and more junk…and thus the corporates get richer, while you enjoy all advertisements selling you crap food as real.

The Health Care Scam

How the profit drive creates health care that likes you sick.

Welcome to the United States of Alzheimers. Yes, what? Huh? Well most American forget that US citizens pay the most for their health care, paying insurence companies of which many have lawyers employed seeking reasons to not cover you, ‘but thank you for all you paid us’. They forget that free health care is possible and affordable in many nations, except the USA. The fear of socialism propaganda really pays of. Now the Americans pay the most of all wealthy countries, even though more than 50% of the Americans have financial issues. And do they get value for their money? The costs of bad medicine is killing so many people, you’ll be stunned.

And true, Trump, who promised affordable care clearly lied to you. He strips it even further down, giving free reign to Big Pharma price tagging to their liking even more…and thus the corporates get richer, while you…yes why would you applaud this? Given that most of you don’t, how come you have a government that doesn’t give a shit about your opinion?

The Federal Reserve Scam

Why you keep paying millions to a private owned bank.

Welcome to United States of Assholes. The Fed is owned by a few people and you suffer daily for that fact. Yet no president has ever been able to change that. Here’s the Con explained within three minutes. Find out more everywhere, except from your government.

and thus the corporates get richer, while you may not applaud this, you have no clue what to do about this massive hold on all your money.

The Self improvement Scam

Why working on yourself benefits the corporates.

Welcome to United States of Attacking. Progress, work harder, get more done, become a productivity ninja. Attack that new stepstone model! Attack that goal. We eat those books and courses. But they are scams. And, I think they do two things. 1. They make you work harder in your job to get ahead. Thus your boss is more happy, profits go up and you get a burn out, or are replaced when you stop playing along or just get too expensive. 2. You lose self connection. Following lists and tips, and exercises can help you forward. But living by a list actually results in the opposite. But since you think it works, go ahead, find a new magical formula to become successful. And stop wondering why your country gets poorer, the corruption worse and you more alone. Because they feed of you, working on yourself. The Self Help is an industry like all others. They don’t like you questioning things, they prefer you working on yourself as if you are inadequate as you are

and thus the corporates get richer, while you spend hundreds of dollars to feel better about yourself and feel more liberated (as if that’s only a individual thing)

There’s probably a whole lot more, like the Arms industry scam (few people getting richer by making you fear groups we need to arm ourselves against, after they armed them first to the point of armed violence), the Gambling industry scam (getting rich by distraction you), the Patent Industry scam (getting rich by protecting ownership of inventions, even when making them free, might safe millions of lives), the Marketing Industry scam (the science of selling you crap and have you believe it’s cool), the 2 Political Parties scam (letting you believe you have a free choice, and your vote matters), the Changing the Law scam (if the law says it’s okay to bribe politicians, than who can complain? If the law says it’s okay to..) the Intelligence Industry scam (secretly protecting corporate interests, with all kinds of dirty actions, crossing many un ethical borders, but hey you believe it’s to protect America), Russia and perhaps even North Korea scam (Isn’t it great to have a danger you can make deals with, while the people feel something must be done and don’t look closer to home), the Religion Scam (making a few people very rich, and steering the anger of many Americans towards problems they can relate to. Have anyone gay in the family, or in need of an abortion. OMG!!!..if that’s the biggest issue, after you read this whole list), the One Nation under God scam (making you believe it’s one nation, while fellow Americans rip you off, while you proudly wave the flag as a patriot)..etc.

To get a clearer look best take a step backwards. Take issues like war in the Middle East, trouble in Latin America, or trouble at home like racism. Those in power are not really interested in solving any of these problems. They just want to squeeze money out of their donors, to win another round of politics. For some it’s even important to continue trouble in the getto’s, as ‘war on drugs’ purposed to do. This is how the US elites reign; we can see the trick repeated everywhere: destabilize the country (Venezuela), the region (Middle East), the community (Blacks). The ‘trick’ is used against any group they fear might grow strong. Destabilize them! This way they keep blacks and other minorities down. This way they legitimize robbing resources all over the world. This way they seek for socialist countries to fail, to stop people at home getting any ideas and vote more left.

And why don’t we see this whole picture?

Why do so many Americans still trust their leader, at the least their Dem or Rep leader?..Because this scam may be the biggest of all..

Resistance against mainstream media is growing.

The Illusion Industry Scam

Welcome to United States of Alternativity, or a world of alternative facts and reality; indeed the Matrix for real. Your consent with the way things are is manufactured. Noam Chomsky explained that even before it became a big data science to manipulate elections with. Just think. Many people are actually employed, to consider how to better manipulate your actions and choices. They aren’t thinking how to get a better, fairer, more healthy world. The consciously help hide gruesome facts from you. They consciously let you look the other way. And many of those doing this, even may think, it’s better this way for all of us. Because a crazy paradigm of ‘normalcy’ rules our idea of the world. Live a year out of the box, and you’ll come back as an alien. You’ll wonder what y everyone is so upset about. And they, being the masses, will think it’s you and a few hippies (let’s put alternative thinkers in non attractive boxes as fast as we can) who are crazy. Because they fear the waking up.

So how does the illusion industry work (and really find online so much more detailed information on this)? Firstly they offer you to get your big emotions through sports, porn, drama, action movies, horror. That depletes your emotions, leaving little for real issues. It’s really like bread and games in ancient Rome. And then we have the ‘news’ and talkshows. When you want the ‘news’, there is FOX & friends (read all corporate main stream media) happy to tell you what an evil place the world is. “You are so lucky to be American, living in the ‘free world’.” Many American citizens will get very angry at anyone saying otherwise. These shows will tell you daily how important the by far biggest army of the world is, to protect you from a few thousand terrorists, and… lots of people defending their homes. (If they are so powerful, why con’t they win? Well because they need enemies and unrest and it’s really hard to defeat a people fighting for their homes, or get soldiers defend the wrong things all the time. Watch many more veterans like this on Youtube) That’s the power of propaganda on a massive scale. The media also keep remembering you how criminals must be locked up, never wondering how mass poverty might have been organized theft. They’ll tell you that the American healthcare is the best possible for such a large country. They’ll make you afraid on non issues like gay marriage, rather than look at large scale issues that question the total narrative, etc, etc, etc.

But there’s the alternative media and they discovered the internet. They founded online channels to voice it’s criticisms on Youtube or started forums on many other sites. To fight this the whole fake media story is now used against these channels, let alone if they are fake news or not. On top of that the powers that be, also fund alternative channels. Some clearly protect their interests, others go so far over the top you wonder if it’s real. Sadly there’s people who believe those sites, believe the over the top sentiments and will quote them as facts on their own channels. This creates more radicalism. But hey the corporate media love crazy and big (Trump) better than reasonable and focussing on real issues like climate change (Bernie).

And who can continue staying greedy at the cost of millions? Who even earns millions through audiences loving their distraction? Right. …and thus the corporates get richer, while you are happily distracted with sensational stories mixed with brilliant propaganda and lots of series on Netflix & friends.

Final Statement.

By now you should realize the USA is an Empire, run by crooks, whose main interest is keeping their profits safe. They con you daily with all these scams that add up. Billions for them, nickels for you. Billions for them, nickels for you. Every hour of the day. Main stream media lies to you. Your doctors lie on orders of Big Pharma to you. Intelligence agents lie for them, thinking it helps keep the country safe. Scientists lie for them, manipulating facts or convincing you with the newest psychological marketing tricks.

Four Horsemen ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world, which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions. Because, to end with the same words as part I:

We are life, shaped in many forms, all connected, interrelated, interdependent, coexisting on this one spaceship called Earth. Making that work together, might be the highest principle of all.

edit november 2017 “The USA, United States of Abomination I” can be found here.



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