The imprisoning convictions of the USA

How to make the USA truly great again!

It’s called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it…” Quote from “The American Dream” — George Carlin

Part II “The Robbery of the USA” is here. It’s a shocking list of many scams the corporations pull off to enrich themselves at your cost.

Oh Boy,

If you’re an American, many of you may think you live in a free country. #Sad. The difference with most dictatorships being, that many of you applaud the high jackers of your country for their service, or are distracted to apathy, and don’t even notice. That’s the power of propaganda my friend. You’re kept in the Matrix. If you already disagree or are close to steaming with anger to my ‘lies’, you believe that this Matrix is true. But now you have a choice. Explore or Dream On. The choice is yours.

(2020) And now even the red pill waking up has been highjacked for the far right convictions that.. I don’t even want to go there. Just to note this was all written before that.

Choose the blue pill and dream on: leave this page now……….. Red? Read on.

The Lies You(‘re led to) Believe:

Here’s what the blue pill, read FOX & friends (including CNN, MSNBC), tells you:

Lower taxes means less government and less government means more freedom.

Success comes from hard work. If you don’t succeed, you yourself are to blame.

Wealth is earned. Personal wealth equals success (even when daddy gave you that money).

Socialism is evil. Individualism is good.

Our military power defends our freedom.

Other countries envy our wealth and freedom. The USA is a democracy endangered by terrorists from outside of our borders.

God loves (White) Americans more than other peoples.

The USA is the pinnacle of civilization on planet earth and may do anything to keep it that way.

Wake up to the Monster Corporatocracy,

Let’s reveal the prison crony capitalism has locked you in. Many things you consider normal are actually a travesty.

“When you feed on something that is not real (money), you don’t have a heart.” Laundi Keepseagle

Native American mythology speaks about the Windigo, ravaging cannibal giants, who get bigger and bigger, and more hungry and hungry, the more they eat. These ancient monsters resemble way too much the capitalistic corporate giants. And Windigo’s Insatiable Hunger never stops, for within are frozen humans, whose hearts have frozen. No compassion, no evaluation of disastrous consequences for others can be expected.

While the CEO’s look at balance sheets, measure progress by profit, reality dissappears from sight. People become numbers. Poisons are leaked into the environment, banks steal from you, only limited by restrictions made by the law. And often with lobby groups seeking to take away the restrictions, or through sneaky ways do it even illegally. In many places nature is dying, being replaced by concrete or artificial food industries. Our eco systems are increasingly decaying. We need to act. NOW.

Why don’t the corporations stop their destructions and invest hugely in alternatives? To be honest some do. Yet the monsters among them (and the link only shows the worst of the lot) feed on non natural food. And when you eat without a heart, you don’t have a heart. And since they feed on emptiness their hunger grows even more. They don’t stop eating, as they never get truly nourished. And while humans with hearts might be at work in these corporations, while these humans might worry for their children and grand children, they keep supporting the system they’re part of, because they have been taught, ‘that’s how it works’. And for all reasons given in Homo Ludicrous.

The biggest threat in the world is currently a system driven by the search for financial profit..above everything else. It has become a show run by money and a billionaire elite. Here is a short overview of how things are getting more and more rigged to their advantage. Two major factors make this possible. 1. Ownership of the USA Government (yes, money in politics) and 2. the Corporate Media (the guys paying the salaries deciding what’s shown and what’s not) spreading news that protects interests, not news that tells the truth. This combination is truly powerful and is used to rip off the American people, enslave them in lies, prisons (especially minorities), debt and (fear of) poverty.

Dumbing You Down = More Control?

The dumbing down of US citizens through fuzzy media and bad education really gives the elites better control over the people. What they don’t understand there are side effects.

  1. Dumbing down the masses, is bad for competition in the long run. The USA has to import academics to get things done, they can’t find enough locals for. The people also really believe sillier en sillier things to be true. As if the amount of gay people influences climate change. As if kneeling out of protest over violence towards minorities during an overly nationalistic ritual is the threat to national safety, rather than the injustice itself. And then consider what happens when people, with such convictions come into power. On basis of what lies will they take decisions that should help the country as a whole? Already we see the damage this is doing.
  2. Nature really is in danger. “Only when White man discovers you can’t eat money will they change their ways.” Native American prophesy, made in the 19th century, getting more real by the day. Perhaps lock up the 8 billionaires that own almost everything in Fort Knox with a few billions in paper and plastics for a few weeks? After that they might consider saving the planet to safe their own asses. Because when the eco system collapses everyone goes down. One can learn from the Dutch, who know, when the dykes go down they all drown. That insight shapes their collaborative attitude. Those who still believe ‘it’s either you or me’ should get the ‘it’ll be all of us.’ under their skin.
  3. Smart people aren’t dumbed down as easy as you think. Consciously manipulating people creates it’s own dissent. Belly feelings tells people they are being had. And while the believe in science may be plummeting, millions of millennials are investigating and considering what’s real. They don’t like this Matrix as it is presented. They do turn to voices as Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges and Bernie Sanders to focus on what really matters. Others step out of the golden tower of a servitude to the corporate dictatorship career, and start alternative lifestyles. The circle of those, and thus the power base of the corporates is getting smaller and fewer and fewer profit from it. And those that drop out and know the game, begin to speak out. And the arrogance of the super rich, who seem to get away with everything becomes more and more like Louis XVI (read pitchforks).

Change the Paradigms you get daily told!

So, all these scandals add up. And how they’re all connected is not enough in the news. The news deals with daily killings, and scandals, all to distract or misinform you. As I told in the opening, the main convictions FOX & friends massage you daily are a huge hinderance to sensible change. Here are alternatives:

“Less government means more freedom?” Yeah for companies to fraud, cheat, steal, sicken and hypnotize you. For you it means more poverty, worse health care, rotten education, less safety in your cities, or even drinking water (Is the Flint thing solved? It isn’t, isn’t it!) It also means that huge corporations need to bribe way less people, with more effect. So a better government may help those in need better. It’s not the size of a government that limits freedom, it’s their intention.

“Lower taxes means richer people?” No, it means less government to control the richest companies. More and more laws are protecting corporations and give them rights to cross borders on insanity towards environment and or health of people. (And I wrote this before Trump killed the E.P.A.) And if not, the government lacks to funds to control them. No, your government rather loves to manhunt some druglords. These visible crimes make actually way less victims, by now, than the invisible corporate ones. Just for fun, add up murders and drug overdoses (crack and heroine) and weigh it against amount of people dying of obesity, bad medicines (including overdose through prescription drugs with opioids), lack of health care, poverty, bad food, lead in drinking water, broken infrastructure, homelessness, etc. Taxes also pay for hospitals, bridges, roads, schools, busses, and much more. Solidarity arranged by a good government makes all those things way way cheaper, than your private money can buy.

“Success comes from hard work”. Yeah, like Ivanka Trump knows how to become successful from the bottom up, let alone can speak for blacks who grow up without real parent support, due to poverty and racial targeting. Good and influential relations do make a huge difference. Some will have them as relatives, others must build them through integrity, contribution and empathy. Success comes from having relations you can build on.

“If you don’t succeed, you yourself are to blame.” Of course, no one is stopping you, except all those convictions messaged into your brains and attitude in school, by the media, by people caught in the system. Succeeding is a matter of social conditions, you, luck and relations you can build on.

“Socialism is evil, individualism is good.” The whole way all other rich countries made things like healthcare much cheaper is destroyed by this idea. We can’t unite as a people to develop pressure against this, that would be, ooh gruesome idea..socialism. Exactly what your leaders wanted you to believe after over 80 years of propaganda against it. But gathering to put pressure on injustice or scams isn’t socialism, it’s smart. Socialism is soo much different than that and has so many grades and nuances that Americans have never been told about. But most rich (Western European) countries mix some socialist ideas within their capitalism and that works very well. Uniting against falsehoods and scams is the right thing to do. Uniting to get a better deal for medicines for everyone is the reasonable thing to do.

“Wealth is earned.” Yeah, then why can rich people do nothing and get richer doing that, and poor people do nothing and get poorer because of that? True wealth is actually having space for a social life and family. True wealth is having not to fear poverty.

“Personal wealth equals success.” No. Wealth is only possible when the whole society is rich in matter, opportunities and social life, while earth around them is a natural garden. You’re actually quite poor when you have to hide in a few houses and walk around with guards wherever you go. True success is the amount of people whose life you touched in a positive way. Success is playing a meaningful role in helping our planet to flourish for at the least the next seven generations.

“Our military power defends our freedom”. No, they defend corporate interests. Watch this clip from 3.10 to 4.40). Since the war on ‘terrorism’ attacks have gone up with thousands of deaths!! Not even including innocent victims by American drones, and such. And nobody discusses an alternative approach, because people fear changing the strategy is dangerous. But war in the Balkans and Northern Ireland ended. Because of peace processes and a way out of poverty. Just like Germany stopped being a danger for the world, because of the Marschall plan. Freedom is protected by other sides having good enough living conditions. Freedom is protected by sharing the foundations on which it is build.

If the war on terrorism makes a difference for people around the world: this is it.
What’s not daily on American TV, but a daily reality and thus news for many.

“Other countries envy our wealth and freedom.” No, they want to live in peace. Many Pakistani, and I guess most people around the world, are so proud of their own country they’d never move. Many African refugees who try to get to Europe, do so out of desperation.They want to be as wealthy as Americans on tv, not as poor as the American homeless, that are not on tv. Other countries and peoples just want peace, food and ways to develop themselves in safety.

“The USA is a democracy endangered by terrorists from outside of our borders.” No, the USA is not a democracy any longer (say even Harvard and Princeton) and the thieves run the White House. Thieves who create wars to protect their interests.

“God loves Americans more than other peoples.” Hahaha. That’s what the Jews, Muslims, and probably many other groups are saying as well. God either favours no one, or everyone. The core of the issue is that thinking you are special is a hinderance for your own growth and that of others. It makes you lazy and arrogant. God loves those who seek to help and deal with their own and other peoples (inner) pain.

“The USA is the pinnacle of civilization on planet earth and may do anything to keep it that way.” Might doesn’t make right. A small top of people running the show can’t know what’s best for everyone, even when they believe they do. They are opinionated by their interests. Their knowledge, as of the average American, is way too limited. There are things we need to relearn to see. Millions of people, including many Americans, are rediscovering the wisdom of indigenous people, let alone systems science of our ecosphere.

How to make America really great again.

True civilization builds for a healthy distant future. True civilization supports it’s life systems, natural cycles, invests in dance and rituals that keep the presence of spirit alive in everyone. It’s leaders seek to voice the higher truths, that keep the foundation on the whole sound and healthy. They look reality in the face and don’t manipulate to protect their own interests. They can even be challenged when ego or greed seems to take hold of them. And they’ll listen to wise elders and awake children for all corners of their land, where they can more without fear, because everybody naturally respects their position, and knows they can be freely spoken to in times of need. True civilizations understand that the opinions of a few, can never see the needs and situation of the whole, and that all voices and viewpoints (read diversity, inclusion of minorities) must be included in decision making. Because only the whole, can see the whole.

Final Statement.

But whatever you think or like about all this. The USA may well be the most powerful, most dangerous empire in history. It may change shape. It may self destruct. Wherever it goes, we all are tied to its destiny. And what we all need is focus on restoration of the damages done to nature, and work together to make that happen. Because in the end, even when you are an US citizen, it’s not about the USA. We are part of a bigger story, much bigger than that of the USA.

We are all Children of Africa. And there’s no alternative world, where you can walk freely outside, enjoy forests, wildlife or even skinny dip in rivers, for millions and millions of miles around. We are life, shaped in many forms, all connected, interrelated, interdependent, coexisting on this one spaceship called Earth. Making that work together, might be the highest principle of all.

edit november 2017. Part II of “The Robbery of the USA” is published here. It’s a long list of scams the corporations pull off at the cost of the American and Global people.

edit summer 2018: RT America airs a bit with a very similar look at the same topic, more basic, just as revealing.

More on both the urgent need to be prepared against further scams, like removing liberties by putting the blame on disasters on outsiders, and on how to act is also shown in this short video by Naomi Klein or off course in this blog.

Special links for the elite, or intelligence people, considering how dangerous this blog is ;), or people who can speak to the elite and somehow reason with them, are the following: Understanding the danger of arrogance when in power. And What the top 1% can learn from the Dutch. And for elite that is interested to learn (one can hope): lesson from the Tao.

For those that still don’t get it: our leaders are not our leaders anymore. and The Roman Empire still rules. (yes the USA is a Roman Empire+)



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