Ed Hartwell Files For Divorce From Keisha Knight Pulliam 8 Months After Marrying Her

Some married spouses get what is known as the seven year itch where they come to a point “this fool here just ain’t doing it for me” and proceed to exit the marriage via of divorce or simply saying bye, kiss my ass, or just disappearing.

I’ve never heard of a 8 month itch until now.

It must have been a pretty intense itch for Ed Hartwell.

The former NFL linebacker has filed for divorce from his wife of 8 months, Keisha Knight Pulliam citing the standard run of the mill divorce reason — irreconcilable differences.

It’s reported the couple dated four months before getting hitched in a surprise ceremony sprung by Hartman.

All this rush to hook up has thirst overtones if you ask me.

Then there are some blogs like this one that are suggesting the break up results from Pulliam not spoiling Hartman.


Yeah hit the link — just come back here and finish reading where you started reading.

This is how it starts

Maybe somebody fell victim to a thirst trap and discovered “the cup doesn’t runneth over”?

But wait.

Pulliam is pregnant.

Hartwell doubled down on the heaping he put on Pulliam by telling TheYBF.com through his rep, “Right now, the only thing I want is a paternity test for the baby.”

WTF? Is he implying his Pulliam cheated with someone? When dudes start dialing up paternity tests they damn sure think or believe another car was in that garage while theirs were away.

This is shaping up to be some real Maury Povich wait and see drama. When a man attempts to deny he unloaded the jackpot load and it’s proven he really did via of his own requested paternity test, he comes out a bigger ass than he was for leaving a woman and a child in the first place.

On-the-other-hand, if a paternity test proves the manicured and polished index finger fingered the wrong guy — that guy being the guy said finger is married to — oh shit and oh well — hoesim can be messy.

Pulliam and Hartwell have been mum on elaborating about what the hell is really happening here.

We do know the former Cosby show star who played the character “Rudy” is a grown ass woman, pregnant and about to be kicked to the curb by a man she was only married to 8 months. Eight months is a short time to deem anything irreconcilable. Eight months is hardly enough time to start fucking up real bad — unless somebody dipped and tipped in waters they had no business.

#Staywoke on this one. At this point I can’t call it — dude wants out in less than a year and demands a paternity test — hmm. I dunno ya’ll