Gladys Knight’s Son F***ked Up Parents Co-signing For Kids

I wrote an article that’s HERE about warning against burning bridges that we have already crossed. Damned if I knew that I needed to write a cautionary article for those foolish enough to burn a bridge their ass is currently crossing.

Such is the case with legendary R&B diva Gladys Knight’s son, Shanga Hankerson.

Agents with the Georgia Department of Revenue, with help from local authorities, raided all three Metro Atlanta locations of the restaurant as well as its corporate headquarters — all operated by Knight’s son, Shanga Hankerson.

The Georgia Department of Revenue is accusing Hankerson of theft and tax evasion. The agency stated, “Hankerson is accused of stealing $650,000 in sales taxes and withholding taxes owed to the state, after the penalties and interest the total is over $1 MILLION.”

Authorities issued seven arrest warrants for Hankerson . He is charged with theft by taking and theft by conversion. [SOURCE]

Now while most kids hit a brick wall trying to get their parents to co-sign for a car, this “heah” boy’s momma done lent him her famous name and I suspect quite a few benjamins to boost his come up and he turns around and fucks it up by allegedly holding back on taxes.

“Ms. Knight was not involved in any way with the operation of the restaurants,” said a spokesman for Knight, “and she is sure that her son and his business partners will rectify the situation. As always, her main concern is for her family’s well-being and she is making sure the family has the guidance they need to assess the situation and move forward.”

Nice statement a probably true but I suspect Mama Knight chewed him a new asshole if she didn’t outright beat that grown ass.

All locations were closed because of the incident.

The take away from this incident should be obvious. If someone is nice enough to help you with your come up — don’t fuck that up — definitely don’t mess them up.