Study Reveals Men Are More Likely Have Unprotected Sex With Attractive, Sexy Women

A new study reveals men are less likely to use a condom on attractive sexy women. That’s some hell of some dice to be rolling in these days and times.

Published in BMJ Open, the study, administered by a group of UK researchers examined 51 heterosexual men ranging in ages 18 through 69.

Along with obtaining particulars about the men’s sexual history, the men were each shown 20 black-and-white pictures of women’s faces. They were asked to assess how attractive each woman was and how willing they were to have sex with her. They were also asked to assess how likely they felt each woman was to have a sexually transmitted infection. Finally, the men had to answer the likelihood of them using a condom were they actually able to have sex with the woman pictured.

Researchers concluded that the men’s decision to use a condom depended on the attractiveness of the woman even if he thought she was likely to have a STI.

According to the study, “Men who are more attracted to ‘riskier’ women are just as disinclined to wear a condom when they have sex with these women as men who are more attracted to ‘safer’ women.”

Don’t they mean “safe looking woman?” If you’re out here raw dogging based on looks then you’re probably already got a load of something unhealthy. And to the women if you’re out here letting yourself be raw dogged by every Tom, Dick (no pun intended) and Harry then you probably already got something “up in there” that’s gonna stop a lot of this raw dogging — albeit not in a healthy way.

Gut check time! In this world of debilitating and fatal STDs this is human Russian roulette and straight irresponsible and somebody eventually pays a price behind reckless behavior of this nature.

Take heed — if you don’t know the delivery person — and the package isn’t wrapped (no matter how hot it looks) — don’t accept it.

The ass you save may be your own.