Original metaverse, double work lives, gig mindset 2021 & more

The November edition of the Bold New Breed newsletter is out and includes the topics in the title above. You can read it in the full version on Substack.

Here’s an extract:

Snow Crash — the birth of the metaverse

I’m reading Snow Crash, from Neal Stephenson and loving it. He created the term “metaverse” in 1992. I’ll give you 3 examples of what happens in his metaverse and you tell me if they sound familiar. Remember, this is 30 years ago!

  • There has been a worldwide economic collapse and the federal government of the United States has delegated power and territory to private organizations.
  • Hyperinflation has led people to using encrypted electronic money.
  • Refugees from Asia come in waves across the Pacific in flimsy ships and hope to build a new life in North America.

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